Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Strange Trial of Nycole Turmel

Golly. Who knew you could combine the McCarthy hearings with Alice in Wonderland and make a non-story sound so alarming?

“We all support our friends — that doesn’t mean we buy a membership for five years with a party that wants to break up Canada,” Dimitri Soudas, director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

“This is yet another worrying example of the NDP not (being) up to the job of governing Canada.”

So Dimitri, so Con, so ghastly, and yet so funny.

As yet, there has been no official statement from the Bloc Quebecois, but I suspect it would consist of nothing but the French version of "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

Because if I was a Blocker I'd laugh too eh? Declaring that former separatists can't become federalists may or may not win an election... in English Canada. But it's a sure way to lose a country.

Oh boy. Look, for the record, Canada is a complex country not a simple one. Just about every Québécois and Québécoise is a soft nationalist. i.e. a member of the Quebec Nation, in Canada.

A lot of people vote voted for the Bloc because it's a social democratic party, that couldn't do ANYTHING to make Quebec independent, being a federal party in a federal Parliament. Duh.

And as for Québec solidaire... it's a tiny feel good left-wing party/movement, the kind of group you would expect a decent social activist like Turmel to join.

Rather than working for independence for its own sake, QS works for an internationalist independence - an independence based on principles of social justice. For QS, independence is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Because even in Don Cherry's dumb Canada, nuance is important eh?

Which makes me wonder why so many Liberal bloggers seem to be jumping on the Con bandwagon.

Do they think that bashing Turmel will resuscitate their party in Quebec? When it will only make her TWICE as popular.

Are they mad or just DESPERATE?

I mean do they REALLY want to help the Bloc make a comeback? Who do they think stands to gain from painting the roses NDP as separatists? Or watching progressives fight each other.

And who do they think put the cat among the pigeons?

No. Not these cats.

Or this one.

Luckily she managed to escape from Great Ugly Leader's horrible Animal Indoctrination and Experimentation Centre, and was finally adopted. 

This one...

Yeah. Really. What a big pussy.

What a little story.

What a funny old country...

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