Sunday, August 21, 2011

Late Night at Simon's: Bruce and the Magic Ponies

Shortly after the gay blogger Bruce McDonald killed himself, I went over to his shuttered site Canuck Attitude, and stole his jukebox.

I was hoping to remember him by playing some of the old tunes and cartoons he use to run late on a Saturday night. But for one reason or another it didn't happen. So I thought I'd start tonight.

I don't have any cartoons, because the good ones he used to run were harder to find than I thought.

But I do have a sweet story about how a mother reacted when her small boy fell in love with a character from Glee.

Because I know how he suffered from being different, and how he was bullied.

I also have another cute story from Quebec City, where a mysterious woman in black, who "runs like a gazelle" has been hanging little ponies all over the place to chase the greyness away.

The object of my project is to make people smile. It's a wink to the generation we are, young adults and big children. A peaceful symbol, unisex, and fairy-like.

I live in a city that is a bit grey, a blasé lover, who only takes out its attractions on special days, and often goes to bed too early.

Because I know Bruce could relate to that, and depression was his killer.

As for the music, that was hard to find too. Because although I love retro music, I don't know much about stuff from the fifties or the sixties.

But I'm sure he would have liked this one, his good friend JJ found this week.

Because in his way he was a rebel too.

And I hope he would have liked this one because it's something new but also something old.

And every time I play this song it makes me feel happy...

Too bad Bruce never heard it. Too bad the magic ponies couldn't save him.

Have a great Sunday everybody.

I'll be back on Monday...


theo said...

Thanks, Simon. Nice.

Mark From Slap said...

What a great tribute, Simon!

I don't think I ever commented on one of Bruce's jukebox entries, despite how they used to brighten my mood. I guess I just assumed he'd be around for me to say something later.

Beijing York said...

This is beautiful, Simon.

I'm betting Bruce would have LOVED the ponies.

Simon said...

hi Theo...thanks. I enjoyed writing it.

Simon said...

hi Mark...I'm glad you liked it. I didn't start out to write a tribute, but the way he died still makes me so sad, I guess it just ended up that way.
I didn't give Bruce enough encouragement for some of the great pieces he wrote. But I did frequently praise the great cartoons he dug up, so that's some consolation... ;)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...I'm glad you liked it, because you were a good friend of Bruce.
As I told Mark,it just sort of wrote itself. But yes, I think Bruce would have enjoyed the ponies. And wherever his restless spirit roams, be BETTER like that video, because it took me ages to find the right one... ;)