Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Stephen Harper's Horrible Fishing Trip

Well I see Stephen Harper has surfaced at last, and I was shocked to see that he was looking a little pale around the gills.

At first I thought this might be to blame.

"I do think Canadians will find this disappointing," Harper said. "I think Canadians expect that any political party that wants to govern the country be unequivocally committed to this country. I think that's the minimum Canadians expect."

Because it can't be easy to say that he is just "disappointed" by the Turmel tempest in a tea pot, when he's so delighted he probably wants to kiss a Liberal. And hypocrisy can be so debilitating. 

Or maybe it was this.

Because it must also be hard to admit that when it comes to managing the economy he's a dismal failure. Or even harder to explain how the economy has been tanking ever since he was re-elected.

But then I realized he was probably just recovering from his fishing trip with his buddy Rob Ford.

Rob Ford’s new fishing buddy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says the Toronto mayor didn’t live up to his reputation during a recent fishing trip when he caught a 39-centimetre-long smallmouth bass but refused to “kill it and eat it.”

Because that's grotesque. Considering that the Fordzilla is trying to kill and eat Toronto. 

And this is enough to make anyone VOMIT.

In his surprise speech to the crowd, Harper thanked Ford’s mother, Diane, for “giving us this great Conservative political dynasty.”

“Many of you may remember Rob endorsed us in the election. That helped a lot,” Harper told the crowd in the video. “Rob is doing something very important that needs to be done here. He is cleaning up the NDP mess here in Toronto.”

But what do you expect eh?

Fish of a feather flock together. Canada is on its way to becoming a third world Con Banana Republic. If progressives don't realize that they must unite to defeat this right-wing conspiracy, rather than fighting themselves, they'll be gutted like fish. Over and over again.

And so far so bad.

Gawd. Waiter....waiter...otra cerveza por favor.

You say FEESH. I say BELUGA. Gah Gah Gah.

Play it again muchachos...


Kev said...

The hell with birth certificates I want to see their fishing licenses.

Simon said...

hi licenses? Fishing licenses? Ford just cost the city of Toronto $60 million by scrapping vehicle registrations. So I doubt he would bother to license himself. Although he probably should. I say he should push a supermarket cart through a series of obstacles in a parking lot, to test his qualifications for ANYTHING... ;)