Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stephen Harper's Plan To Rebrand Canada

Uh oh. Hold the fruit salad. It turns out Stephen Harper's obsession with everything royal isn't just another moment of madness.  It's part of a Con Master Plan to lead us bravely into the future. By marching us back to the past.

Stephen Harper is working to recast the Canadian identity, undoing 40 years of a Liberal narrative and instead creating a new patriotism viewed through a conservative lens.

Restoring the “royal” prefix to the navy and air force this week is just part of the Prime Minister’s attempt at “creating a new frame” for Canada and Canadians.

And not only did this absurd plan spring from the fevered brain of Pierre Poislievre, the Con dick head. It's being blown up the hill by the Con buffoon Dean Del Mastro:

Dean Del Mastro, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, says this is about restoring Canada’s national identity which has been “lost.”

Canada is more, he says, than hockey, “saying ‘eh’ a lot” and drinking Tim Hortons coffee.

Can you believe that eh? Dean Del Mastro going on about our "lost" national identity.

And the glorious vision of our great Con ruler kruller...

OMG. How low have we fallen? Answer: so low that for the first time in my life I have to agree with Jack Granatstein:

“Nobody was pushing for this,” he says. “The idea of rolling back the national symbols to make them more British is just loony. Who does Harper think he’s appealing to? The NDP has attacked this move as has the Bloc [Québécois] so maybe he’s made his enemies come out. But I’m not his enemy and I’ve come out.”

Although I must give Harper SOME credit. After pedalling backwards furiously, like a circus clown, he's finally caught up with Dr Roy.

Take that trudeau. We will slowly, but surely undo your trudeaupian nightmare vision of Canada.

Because that Con idiot has ALWAYS called Great Ugly Leader HM PM, Her Majesty's Prime Minister.

Now throw Del Mastro a royal donut and think about that one eh? A Prime Minister who would play games with the future of our country for cheap political advantage. By turning it into a colony or a Banana Republic.

And then ask yourself how far back into the past do these Con apes want to take us? Why do they hate Canada so much? Why do they want to turn a young country into an old country? What are they on?

And where did they come from?

No. I knew it. There is no reasonable explanation.

But did you hear that monkey say "My name is Steve"?

And then start carving himself a stone toilet.

Doesn't THAT sound horribly familiar?

Yes. It's sad but true eh? Sometimes art does imitate reality.

When Stephen Harper said he'd change this country beyond recognition, he meant it.

Canada in the 21st Century, going backwards into the future...


Anonymous said...

Is he going to undo the free trade deals and NAFTA at the same time? No??

Guess it must be some sort of bizarro-past, with a Canadian identity owned lock stock and barrel by foreign internationalists.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I have no idea why why we are doing this, or where the voices in Harper's head are telling him to take us. But from the day they came to power the Cons have been trying to rebrand Canada in their image, and it's not only obscene it's pathetic...