Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Steve Wants Your Computer

It's bad enough living in Stephen Harper's Canada. The darkness. The insanity. The double think. Those cold dead eyes that seem to follow you around. Jason Kenney. The horror. The horror.

But trust me eh? If  Big  Steve Brother ever gets the power to rummage through your computers, and find out who you are, and where you live, it will be even WORSE.

Because that's what he wants.

Under current laws, internet service providers (ISPs) can voluntarily disclose customer information to the authorities, but they are only required to do so if served a warrant. Bill C-52, Section 16 (1), would supersede this liberty, and force providers to disclose consumer information to the authorities without a court order. Making matters worse, Bill C-50 would enable the police to intercept “communications” – as vaguely defined by Bill C-51 – without a warrant as long as they deem the intervention necessary.

This shift toward warrantless investigations removes court oversight from the monitoring of wired and mobile internet, and allows law-enforcement authorities, without justification, to have a free hand in spying on the private lives of law-abiding Canadians.

Now I understand why police might want additional powers to track down terrorists or perverts. It's entirely reasonable. And if they're reading this I wish to add that I am not, and never have been, a card-carrying member of Quebec Solidaire.    

But if they suspect criminal activity they should get a warrant, because if they don't these new powers are sure to be abused.

And to make matters worse the Cons will almost certainly get their hands on that personal information, and use it against their enemies.

Or use its existence to suppress on-line dissent. Just like they design cynical strategies to suppress the vote.

And their stooges rewrite history. Or the inconvenient truth.

Gawd. Orwell would be impressed. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Dimitri is a genius. And anyone who calls Big Steve a tyrant, must be a TERRORIST. 

So if I were you I'd fill out this petition.

Or contact your MP.

Before Big Brother comes after you.

And living in Stephen Harper's Canada.

Becomes even more unbearable...


Anonymous said...

It's not just double think, but double standards. Read any of the many Conservative MP speeches about the Gun Registry and why it is so terribly, terribly evil. If the gubbermint knows we have guns, some day they might turn fascist and take them away! Then they might try to take our freedoms!

Newsflash: This is a plan to take away freedom of expression on electronic communications. These idiots are trading the Gun Registry that might somehow someday make it easier for government to steal our freedoms, for government actually fucking stealing our freedoms.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...that's a good point. And there's this too. The police will always take any tool they can get, and if you give them carte blanche to roam through the internet they will use it to the max. I don't blame them, it's the nature of the business. But it's not good for the health of a democracy, and eventually it will get the police into trouble. So it's in everybody's interest to require a warrant first...

Simon said...

hi more thing. This is all part of a larger worldwide move to try to tame the internet, and declare war on anonymity. Facebook is doing it, so is Google, and now so are the Cons. But more about that in another post...