Monday, August 29, 2011

Life, Death, and the Bollywood Hosers

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I have to admit I'm having a hard time recovering from the overwhelming events of the last week. In all my life I've never seen anything like it.

Who knew the death of a politician could both sadden me, and inspire me to try to be a better person?

Who knew I would see so many Canadians of all ages, backgrounds, and political persuations join together to mourn the death, and celebrate the life, of Jack Layton?

Who knew I could love my people so much?

Golly. If the old beaver wasn't soaking up some rays down by the dock and giving me the evil eye...

I'd hardly believe I was still in Canada eh?

But then beyond our differences, or Jack's political opinions, or his call for hope and optimism, he also sent out a very human message that we can all understand.

Sort of like the message that Mr Raccoon is sending out these days, in this park near my house....

By enjoying a leisurely mid afternoon lunch, as well as a sneaky midnight meal at the all-you-can-eat dumpster.

You know...winter is coming. Summer never lasts long enough, just like life. So live it to the fullest. And seize the moment because you might never get another chance.

So while Jack's political message galvanized me and my friends, this message also affected me deeply.

And the reason is that about eight or nine times a year I have to go to a hospital, to have blood removed from me to control my hemochromatosis.

And this takes place in a large room which is also the Cancer Ward...

So as my blood drains out of me, and I feel faint, I get to stare at the beeping chemotherapy pumps. And at the old and young faces of those fighting for their lives.

Their courage inspires me beyond belief, just like Jack's did. Thanks to them nobody will ever have to tell me to seize the moment. And for that I am so grateful.  

Oh well. Enough of death and back to life. And in that regard I have to admit that right now I am extremely pissed off at my best friend Angus a.k.a Farm Boy, for failing to seize the moment to make us both FAMOUS.

You see after the fabulous Indian film festival in Toronto this summer, I told him that we should make a Two Hosers Do Bollywood video. Because we both love the music and the dancing.

But he procrastinated, no doubt moping about his boy friend.... and his tractor. Not necessarily in that order.

So what happens? Two hosers in Vancouver have beaten us to the punch, posted the video to YouTube, and got almost a MILLION views !!!!!

Oh well. Maybe it wasn't a such a good idea. It looks harder than I thought. Who knew you had to stand on your head eh?

But you know what I mean. Like summer, life is always too short. Seize the moment.

Like Jack did.

And enjoy it while you can...


P.S. If you have any or all of these symptoms.. Seize the moment and talk to your doctor. Because it could save your life.

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