Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer and the Bug's Life

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It's still warm and sunny during the day, but in the evening down by the lake, when you're wearing just a t-shirt, the coolness in the air tells you it will soon be over.

The leaves of the island's trees are turning pale, and after so much heat and so little rain, they won't be showing off their colours this year. Just dropping dead exhausted.

In three weeks time it will be Labour Day. Canadian kids will go back to school, and the bullies will be waiting.

And I'm thinking about my old dog. The blazing heat this summer took a heavy toll on him. He hasn't been his usual self. At one point I thought I was going to lose him.

But then the other day it was cool enough to go to the beach.

And he was like a puppy again...

And I was so happy too, but also sad. Because I wish our friendship could go on forever.

Which is maybe why I found this video by Winnipeg videographer Paul Kroeker strangely  moving.

When he saw a dragonfly land on his deck, he filmed what turned out to be the last moments of its life...

A dragonfly can live for two years, but it spends most that time swimming around in a pond dodging predators. Suddenly, for a month it's whizzing through the air, one of the fastest insects in the world, and a mighty mosquito muncher. And then it's over. 

Nature is funny but cruel eh? Dogs should live forever.

Summer, life, they never last long enough.

Enjoy them while you can...

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