Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of Beagles and Freedom

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love freedom. Because I have the word tattooed over my heart.

Right next to the word S├ębastien.

And EVERYONE who reads this blog knows that I love dogs.

So when you mix the two in one story, I just can't resist...

I believe that people who cage and torture animals should be caged themselves.

But isn't freedom wonderful?

Aren't dogs amazing?

And don't they go well together?


  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    They start wagging their tails around the 4 minute mark and I've always said that the "tail tells the tale".

    Here's hoping the two beagles in the video learn to live a whole life and fit into it enough fun and thrills to make up for their time in captivity.

  2. hi Torontonian...the tail tells the tale, but did you know that the way they wag their tail tells the real story. If they wag it to the left they are anxious or apprehensive. But when they wag it to the right it means they're really happy. I know this sounds scientifically dubious, but actually it's been proven, and I see it all the time with my dog.
    The amazing thing is that for all the eons they've been with us, this was only discovered a few years ago...

  3. Great post, I agree here's hoping these two guys go on to a wonderful happy love-filled life.

    We have a beagle and a havanese, and love them endlessly; they are our kids and complete the family.

  4. You sure got me with that one Simon. I got my first beagle in '76 and have had beagles ever since. Most people aren't aware of how beagles, because of their genetic uniformity and stoic response to pain and suffering, are exploited and often horribly abused for laboratory research.

    The beagle is, IMHO, the finest companion of them all. Yet too many people buy them for their cuddly looks not considering that they're getting a true hound dog not some terrier or poodle. Hounds are hounds, not dogs, and they are challenging if you're not prepared for that. However, because of that reality, many young beagles quickly find their way to dog pounds. I've heard that some are snatched up for laboratory service, others are put down.

    When I lived in the Lower Mainland I belonged to a beagle rescue society that tried to grab as many pound hounds as they could handle to get them into foster homes until they could be placed. You could tell some of those hounds had gone through a pretty rough time before they were ditched at the pound.

    Thanks so much for posting this clip.

  5. Thank you for this Simon. What an emotional ride,sadness,anger joy and with a few tears thrown in for good measure all in 8 minutes.

  6. Some years ago either 60 Minutes or the Fifth Estate ran an item showing lab Beagles undergoing testing. One had its foreleg bent and bound with heavy tape. They were turning that joint arthritic in order to test some sort of medical remedy. The two dogs in this clip were lucky. There are plenty more who are so damaged in testing they're put down afterward.

  7. hi Brahm...I'm glad you liked the video. It was great to see those poor little dogs romping around the garden. And I know what you mean about family. My old lab is fast asleep on MY pillow. But I don't mind... :)

  8. hi Mound...I'm glad you liked the video. I have to admit it really moved me. Especially when they were just standing there in their crates, too afraid to step out. The thought of dogs being raised in cages, and tortured for things like cosmetics, makes me absolutely furious. So it was really great to see how the two explored their new freedom and how happy they looked at last.
    I'm a lab guy myself, but I don't think I've ever met a dog I didn't like... :)

  9. hi Kev...I'm glad you liked that video. And you're right it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster
    wasn't it? It left me with a good feeling, but then I remembered the sad look on that poor little beagle's face, and I felt angry again...