Thursday, July 09, 2009

When is a Hate Crime a Hate Crime?

When I look at the video of those three redneck bigots attacking a black man in British Columbia, I feel almost dizzy with anger.

I have to take deep breaths to clear away the red haze, and the bloody memory of so many fights. Because when those miserable bully cowards shout "nigger" I hear "faggot."

And I want to fight them all over again.

But what makes me even angrier is why the police are taking so long to declare this assault a hate crime.

RCMP Const. Tammy Douglas said there are indications the attack was racially motivated and the Mounties have asked their hate crime team to look into it.

It is, however, being treated as an isolated incident and will not be labelled a hate crime until all the evidence is in.

Because what the fuck else could this be?

When they attack you for who you are....whether you are black, gay, Jewish, Muslim, Asian or whatever.... it's a HATE crime. Period.

And if the cops can't see that they're either blind or ignorant.

Like Courtenay's idiot Mayor.

As the shock waves continued to reverberate over a race-based assault in Courtenay, B.C., last Friday night, Mayor Greg Phelps defended his council's refusal to join the community's latest anti-discrimination efforts.

“We were told it's just a feel-good document, and I have trouble signing a feel-good document.”

The good news? Jay Phillips handled himself BRILLIANTLY.

Phillips suffered cuts and bruised ribs when the trio got him to the ground.

But his background in mixed martial arts made him more than a match for his attackers.

You know after taking martial arts for 14 years, and with my degree from the Glasgow School of Street Fighting, I probably would have done a few things differently.

But he really SHOWED them anyway. Made them look like circus klowns riding away in that pickup.

But here's the thing, if he didn't know how to fight he might now be DEAD.

And a hate crime is a hate crime is a hate crime.

"I'm nobody's slave. That's a hate crime to me and I want these guys prosecuted to the maximum."

You said it brother. Throw the book at those cowardly racist bully bigots. Make an example out of them.


Well done Jay...


  1. thing is, most fags won't buck up, not for themselves or even for their brothers, so violence ain't nah mystery -- abused wives who can't or won't fight back get murdered.

  2. Hi unokhan...well I don't know about that. I used to believe that gays and women should take martial arts like I did. But I came to realize that's not realistic. And why should gentle people be forced to become violent. The answer is education and better police work...