Thursday, July 30, 2009

The EKOS Poll and Canada's Political Paralysis

I see that Dr Katy thinks she might have seen this Ekos poll twitch.

Liberals – 34.1 (+1.6)
Conservatives – 32.5 (-0.3)
NDP – 14.5 (-0.3)Bloc – 8.6 (+0.2)
Green – 10.4 (-1.1)

But all I can detect is total political PARALYSIS.

“The swine flu issue is reflective of the broader problem the opposition parties have, particularly the Liberals,” said EKOS President Frank Graves “While there is no affection or enthusiasm for the Harper government outside of its core base, there is also no burning sense of dissatisfaction.

That leads me to the following conclusions:

(1) If you add up just the NDP, Bloc, and Green support it totals 33.5 per cent which is more than the Cons. But because the centre-left is divided the Cons are free to degrade this country against the wishes of most Canadians. And until it learns to cooperate, or form coalitions, or one day unite, these evil alien Cons will ALWAYS have the advantage.

(2) If Canadians have no burning sense of dissatisfaction despite the appalling economic and moral failings of the Harper Cons, we obviously aren't getting our message out. Because the Cons have a horrible record. Stephen Harper's past and present behaviour is scary and BIZARRE. And we should be having a field day instead of playing Mr Nice Guy.

Oh sure I know we are better than them. But in a country like this one, a fragmented left playing Mr Nice Guy against a political thug like Stephen Harper, is just asking to be MUGGED.

And about as threatening as this guy....

Hoppity hoppity hop. BANG.

The only good news? Young Canadians don't trust Harper with their lives:

It is worth noting, however, that younger people, who are most vulnerable to the H1N1 virus, are also the least supportive of the government’s approach so far.

They believe in a better Canada than this corrupted, smug, and increasingly reactionary one.

So although this country is aging badly. And the left is going nowhere. Hoppity hoppity hop.

Hope still LIVES.


P.S. Wouldn't you know it? The bunny's name is Simon.


But at least this one BITES...


Ian said...

This means we actually need to convince the young that the NDP/Bloc/Greens are not wasted votes and that they should be voting. Far too many young people stay home on election days.

Simon said...

hi Ian...look I like the NDP a lot, if I was living in Quebec I might vote for the Bloc, and a lot of my friends are Greens and Liberals. And I like them too. ;)
But the problem is that the more fragmented the left is the more likely the Cons are to be elected. At least under our current system. So while the left is forced to fight itself I'm still clinging to the maybe naive and highly unpopular illusion that the left will one day unite or be smart enough to at least form coalitions.
And you're right too many young people don't bother to register and vote. But not my friends. I don't care which progressive party they support. But they ARE going to vote or ELSE... :)