Friday, July 24, 2009

The Great Israeli Palestinian Soccer Game

A few weeks ago this ad for an Israeli mobile phone company went down like a lead balloon.

Or in this case a lead soccer ball...

Or a stun grenade.

The commercial’s tagline, “what, after all, do we all want? To have a little fun,” only serves to make this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea even worse.

Back to the drawing board with you, Cellcom. And no more associating the word “fun” with the plight of millions.

So now there's another version of the ad...

Hmmmm.... I think I like the second ad better because it's more REALISTIC.

But I have to admit that I don't hate the first one as much as most of my friends. Oh sure I hate the occupation, that big ugly wall and the suffering it inflicts on Palestinians.

But you see I also LOVE soccer, just like I love both sides in that neverending horror show. So to see them kicking soccer balls at each other, rather than killing each other, strikes me as a teeny step in the right direction.

And besides....I've always had this CRAZY dream.

The Israeli Palestinian All Stars are playing the Rest of the World All Stars in this humungous soccer game. I'm playing for the Rest of the World All naturally. And I score the WINNING goal !!!!!

Into my own net. Just to make sure THEY win.

Because they both really need it eh?

Oh sure it's just a dream. Too bad about that ugly wall.

That's what soccer does to me...


h/t The Daily Dish


dizzy said...

And on the other side is one 13-year-old in bare feet.

Simon said...

Hi dizzy....yes I know I know...reality is ugly. But then that's why I dream so much. I think I had this on a bicycle...or after I fell and hit my head... ;)