Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mr Harper Goes to the Vatican

When I saw this horrible picture it reminded me of a movie I once saw. Either the Munsters Meet Dracula....or Evita of Arabia.

That is a hijab isn't it ?

But then I remembered it was just the latest installment of that B movie Mr Harper Goes to Europe. The Final Chapter: Pandering to the Pope.

"I expressed my deep appreciation for the Holy Father's moral and humanitarian leadership as an advocate of human dignity, peace and religious liberty, and for the spiritual leadership he provides to Catholics in Canada and throughout the world."

Golly. Human dignity? I bet that's news to most people, including many Catholics.

But then I suppose Great Embarrassing Leader was desperate to get Benny to lift the Curse of the Holy Cracker.

Desperate to get behind closed doors and claim some homophobic Popey points.

For kicking Diane Ablonczy over the rainbow.

And for making it clear that Brad Trost...or Vlad Toast as the Pope lovingly calls him...speaks for him and his reactionary SoCon government.

He defended the review of funding given to Toronto's Pride Week, saying it was "important that programs be administered according to their criteria at an unbiased way."

Which of course is a bullshit but also a BLESSING. Because by their actions we shall know them.

Now we know that if these ReformCons ever got a majority they would gut women's rights, criminalize abortion, and make gay marriage illegal. As well as flood our society with guns, bring back the death penalty, and destroy medicare.

Every gay person in this country now knows what fate awaits them if these sinister theocons ever get a majority.

The question I have is do other Canadians recognize the danger? After burying their heads in the sand for so long.

Or do they think that Sarah Palin is more of a threat to our country than the SoCons who have burrowed into our government?

And if not will they ask the obvious question?

Who is REALLY running Canada?


  1. Not a hijab, that's a mantilla wrapped around Laureen's head; most of them are more lacy and barely visible. It would seem that Stevie is making her do his penance for his cracker faux-pas by insisting she dress like an 85 year-old Sicilian widow.

    BTW, Angela Merkel, Mary Robinson and Raisa Gorbachev didn't wear mantillas when they met John Paul II.

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Laureen is dressed like a south Italian widow. Black and nothing else.

    Rather overdoing it, I think.
    But, with Harper and company, do nothing by halves--including gaffes.

  3. Mrs. Obama wore a mantilla when she met the pope, but she managed to look sort of nice. Mrs. Harper manages to look like a cross between a drug-addled drag queen and a peroxide saturated goth chick. I have never seen Prime Sinister Harper's hag before. She totally exhales vacuity. Maybe all of that hair bleach killed her brain cells? Prime Sinister Harper seems to overlook the fact that the His Senility Pope Benedict compared gay marriage to global warming. I don't think the hatred and anti-gay violence the pope inspires is respectful of my dignity as a gay man. Can you imagine the Harpers doing the deed? The last couple to have sex at 24 Sussex was probably Pierre Trudeau and Margaret. Do you think the pope asked for his Jesus Cookie to be returned?

  4. Its her wedding dress, recycled to prove that her family practices fiscal responsibility rather than extravagant spending.
    She will wear it again on the night of the next election, after the votes are counted.

  5. "Human dignity? Religious liberty?" The Pope?! The guy who is telling millions of Africans not to use condoms? The guy who wants to take away womens and gay rights? The guy who insulted Islam and declared Protestanism "not a real religion"?

    Ah Stephen, you are so funny, especially when you try and suck up.

  6. Harpo and Lurlo on the set of The Munsters

  7. Hi deBeauxOs...yes I know it's a mantilla. And if I was married to Harper I'd dress up like a Sicilian widow too. ;)
    But isn't it the same thing...designed to conceal the sexual power of women from ridiculous eunuchs like the Pope?
    But then as we all know Harper would do anything...including using his search of that perfect photo-op...

  8. Hi Torontonian...I'll never understand how a seemingly decent woman could hook up with someone like Harpo.
    It must be like wearing black all the time...even when she doesn't... :)

  9. Hi Mapko...gawd you are hard on poor Lurleen. Try to remember that love is mysterious and can make us make horrible mistakes. ;)
    But you're come Harper didn't challenge the Pope on the question of whether gay marriage is worse than global warming?
    Oh wait. Never mind. Forget that question. Who did I think was giving him his marching orders? The religious fanatics or Big Oil... :0

  10. Hi Oemissions...heh heh heh...and where did the marriage take place...Dracula's Castle?
    Gosh you don't think that after the next election Harper will wear one as well? :)

  11. Hi Hannah...I thought it was rather funny spite of its tragic elements. And boy would I have loved to be a fly on the wall..with a tape recorder. ;)
    We would be laughing ourselves silly and waving Buh Bye to Harpo...
    But of course the SERIOUS message I take from this ridiculous pandering is that Great Leader never stops campaigning. And we shouldn't either...

  12. Hi Alison...who is dat Lurlo? I thought Harpo looked like Eddie the Werewolf. And Sebastien thought Lurleen looked like Morticia from the Addams family.
    Harpers, Munsters,'s ALL so horrible and so confusing... :)