Friday, July 31, 2009

Did Jesus Finger Obama as the Anti-Christ?

As if the birther controversy wasn't crazy enough, now some Christianist wingnuts think they have found proof that Jesus warned us... in Aramaic... that Obama was would be the Anti-Christ...

Lordy. Baw Maw ? Bamah? OUR--ANOS? What are we talking about here?

And why do so many Americans want to believe it?

The words are in the verses that he quoted. Check the Blue Letter Bible. Heights in Isaiah 14:14 is indeed Bamah. And, since the New Testament is in Greek, he is correct in stating that a Jewish person “under the inspiration of Isaiah” would say in Hebrew Baraq U’Bamah.

Remember, he is saying how they would say it in Hebrew, not in Greek.

Or how about this one?

Jesus told us to watch. I am productive in doing AND in watching.

Golly. Who knew that Jesus used to watch YouTube? That's SPOOKY.

You know if a Canadian came to me with that video I would suggest an anti-psychotic drug, or tell him or her to stop reading scary books like the Bible before they went to bed.

But if I was a patriotic American, I would report the nutbar to the Department of Homeland Security.

So he or she could be arrested, sent to Guantanamo,and forced to watch the Story of Suzie over and over again...

Just so they know that even Jesus was sometimes WRONG.

And because religion is getting so crazy eh?

Something has GOTTA be done....


  1. There is a full analysis of this video's claims point by point on my blog here.

    With theology and politics strictly aside and focusing solely on linguistics, where there are a few facts thrown into this video, the connections are all dubious.

    Steve Caruso, MLIS
    Translator, Aramaic Designs
    Author, The Aramaic Blog

  2. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Nice Post

  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    It seems we now have to protect ourselves from those who wish to save us--evangelists.

    Funny old world, innit?

  4. Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ.

  5. So bizarre. Some people need an education in what constitutes legitimate expression, whether online or in person. Calling someone you oppose the Devil pretty much cuts off discussion with anyone who hasn't yet swallowed the koolaid.

  6. Oh Simon! You're a Riot! And YOU are doing something.
    Good post and good comments.

  7. Hi Steve...hey thanks for that. Talk about DESTROYING their fraudulent arguments. Good stuff !!

  8. Hi News Blog...Thanks. I'm not an American of course, but I have a lot of friends and some family in the U.S. and what I see frightens me. It's all so CRAZY...

  9. Hi Torontonian...yes it is ironic isn't it? But of course these so-called religious people are just frauds. Religion should be all about love and not hate. Which is why I am confident we will overcome...

  10. Hi Bob...hah hah...I once wrote a post about that titled "Is Sarah Palin the Anti-Christ?"
    But now I change my mind I think she's too DUMB... :)

  11. Hi Jonathon...yes it is bizarre. Between that and the birther controversy sometimes I think the U.S. is suffering from a bad case of mass insanity. But what really worries me is that it could inspire some act of violence which under the circumstances could tear that country apart. Let's hope I'm wrong...

  12. Hi Oemissions...thanks. As I told some of the commenters I have difficulty believing this is really happening...and isn't just a bad dream.
    If the U.S. is going to become the great country it can be it's going to have to move beyond this madness...

    P.S. You don't think Harper is the Anti-Christ do you? Because sometimes I wonder... ;)