Friday, July 17, 2009

The Wingnut Screamers and the Gay Penguins.

Oh no. I see the absurd wingnut screamers at the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality are trying to take advantage of the sudden break up of the gay penguin sweethearts Harry and Pepper.

By claiming that if Harry could turn straight, so can gay people. Because you know THEY did. Yes really.....the screamers...the "ex-gays"....the weird homophobes who are more interested in gay sex than gay people.


Which is why I think I like this version better.

So this makes what of the whole argument about same-sex marriage for humans? Perhaps only a reminder that penguins do not seem as inclined to judge their peers' preferences as humans are.

Why I would like to wish this couple bonne chance.

GAY penguin couple Molly and Guido have become fathers. The all-male couple, inseparable since pairing up at the East London Aquarium over a year ago, have successfully incubated a neighbouring couple‘s egg and are now the proud dads of a two-week-old chick.

Have fun regurgitating at three in the morning. And watch out for those sneaky widows.

And why I'd also like to tell poor Pepper that if he's lonely he can always move to Edinburgh.

Lonely male penguins at Edinburgh Zoo are pairing off with each other - after running out of females to p-p-p-pick up.

Because six is a p-p-p-party. But seven !!!

Which reminds me I have an animal morality tale that's taking place right in my backyard.

It seems that the gay swans Georgeous and Honker have been causing a scandal down at the dock.

By cruising each other AND the tourists. Begging for crumbs.

*Gasp* Shame on them. What about Swan Pride?

Meanwhile Hunky, Honker's former "friend" who ran away with a long necked beauty named Henrietta, is working harder than he ever has.

That'll TEACH him eh? For that I fed him spinach all winter?

But hey aren't they BEAUTIFUL ?

Yup.The homophobe screamers can scream away all they like, but they'll ALWAYS be ridiculous. Because they don't understand that when it comes to love and companionship, whether it's people or penguins or swans or whatever.

There's always something or someone for EVERYONE.

Gawd. How many times do I have to run this song?

Have a great weekend everyone !!!


  1. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Nice Post

  2. hi News you can probably tell I had a lot of fun writing it. :)
    I know it's a bit silly, but I just want to show those bigots that they can hate all they want. But they'll NEVER defeat us,ruin our lives, or stop us from laughing...

  3. Well then are those penquins bisexual?
    And.... comment about Silo. Someone says they ARE no longer together. But doesn't state the sex of the new friend.
    Further down on that page, Gringlin has a reminder that celibacy,doesn't promote the human race either.

  4. oops!
    Human says: Silo went off with a female named Scrappy.
    And it is "Greling" who remarks about celibacy.

  5. Hi Oemissions...the funny thing is the female penguin who lured Harry away from Pepper has done the same thing before after her first lover died.
    So she's either very wicked...or very attractive... ;)