Friday, July 31, 2009

Jack Layton Defends Canada's Medicare System...

By pointing out that not only is our beautiful system the only human way to go.

No care for life-threatening conditions, no choice, exorbitant costs, bureaucrat control, poor outcomes -- these are the bogeymen of the right-wing smear campaign. And like all bogeymen, once you look under the bed they don't exist.

But also, unlike the cruddy American system, it also makes good economic sense.

Costs are under control in Canada. We spend similar amounts on public care - around 7% of GDP. For that price, Canada covers everyone, the U.S. just one third of the population. In case you're worried Canada wastes money on bureaucracy, know that just 2.4% of our total costs go to administration compared to 7% of what your government spends. In end, Canadian care costs $2,500 less per capita - and covers everyone.

Good for Jack. For defending our country and trying to help the millions of poor Americans who are suffering in their healthcare JUNGLE.

And good for Paul Krugman for exposing more RepubliCon lies.

We don’t have a Medicare problem — we have a health care problem.

Poor Americans. Not only are they being KILLED by the private healthcare Mafia...and their political stooges.

They are getting ROBBED as well.

So when can we expect Stephen Harper to defend our country's reputation? By defending the medicare system he hates sooooooo much.

Don't hold your breath.

Because a pig is a pig. The Mafia is the Mafia.

And a Con is a Con....


  1. I loved it when Ujjahl Dosanjh was doing the U.S. talk show and cable news circuit last week setting the record straight, but I kept thinking, "Where the hell is our current Health Minister?"

    I don't think we're going to be seeing ANY member of the Conservative government saying one word in defence of our health care system. They'll say it's because it's none of our business, but I think we all know the real reason why.

  2. Spot on Jennifer. I found myself thinking the same thing: Why hasn't Harper or his Health Minister set the record straight?

    Given Harper's Reform Party history, it's likely that if he had his druthers, Canadian Healthcare would be done away with. Thank goodness for the short leash of minority governance!

  3. hi Jennifer...yes I did mention Dosanjh appearance the other day.
    And the way I see it the more the merrier. Because this is an issue that really resonates with Canadians. Americans attacking OUR medicare system, which is a living symbol of this country,is capable of making even the most peaceful hoser pretty angry. And one of the rare issues that can bring Canadians together. The Cons can say it's not their business to defend Canada's most precious symbol. But I think most Canucks won't buy that and the Cons can really take a hit.
    But you know me...I always look on the bright side ... ;)

  4. Hi Audrey...the Con Health Minister made a half hearted defence the other day.
    But Stephen Harper finds himself in an awkward position.
    He owes his political career to the National Citizens Coalition which was formed to fight medicare.
    And he spent FIFTEEN years trying to privatize and destroy our precious system.
    So can we really hope Harper will rise to the challenge and betray those who helped make him?
    Even as his government is planning to cut healthcare transfers to the provinces, and cripple the medicare system he hates sooooooo much.
    I don't think so.
    All the better for us.... :)

  5. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I'm amazed at the lies that the tories are able to spread. It's important to counter them with the facts. I don't want to lose our country to Harper's nutso ideology.

  6. I keep telling Americans that Tommy Douglas, a "socialist" and known as the father of our healthcare system was voted in as the Greatest Canadian.

  7. Tell 'em Tommy Douglas is Jack Bauer / Kiefer Sutherland's grandpa and watch their jaws drop :)

  8. Hi Lilian...yes unfortunately the Cons have taken to using the Big Lie technique.i.e. repeat a lie enough times so people are deceived and think it is the truth.
    I never thought that could happen in a place like Canada, but then we've never had a government like Harper and his gang. And we must not let them destroy our beautiful country....

  9. Hi Oemissions...that must be quite a shock for some of them. A socialist as the Greatest Canadian? Yikes. Maybe they'll see though the propaganda and see the light at last...or flee to Paraguay... :)

  10. Hi Jennifer...hah hah that would REALLY blow their minds...which in their case is a GOOD thing.. :)