Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is Stephen Harper Trying to Boost the Bloc?

Uh oh. Forget the Coalition, and how Stephen Harper accused it of delivering the country into the hand of the separatists. And called the Liberals and the NDP traitors for collaborating with the Bloc.

It seems that Great Economist Strategist Medici Leader has changed his mind. And is now planning to BOOST the help the Bloc block Iggy in Quebec. By giving Quebec the finger.

Now it seems the Tories have opted for a scorched-earth policy. If they're going to lose in Quebec, they're going to go down like Sonny Corleone at the toll gate in The Godfather.

I hate to be the one to break it to the federal Tories, but Quebecers -- in spite of their Catholic roots -- like their gays. This latest move will merely hammer home the impression that the Conservatives not only fail to appreciate the province's unique character, they are hostile to it.

And by accusing the Bloc of supporting PEDOPHILES...

Having lost Quebec, the federal Conservatives' strategy necessarily becomes keeping seats out of the hands of Liberals. In this, they may actually have already shown uncharacteristic deft.

A few weeks ago, the party distributed mailings in Bloc Quebecois ridings accusing the party of supporting pedophiles because its MPs voted against mandatory minimum prison sentences for sex offenders. It's such an operatically over-the-top assault that it can only bolster the Bloc's appeal to voters.

Oh boy. If I didn't live in Great MediciCorleone Leader's Con Canada, and I didn't know what a deranged partisan lout he is, and that when it comes to disgusting tactics these Cons are capable of ANYTHING, I would laugh at the idea that they would deliberately do something so ridiculous and revolting.

But with these political thugs in power, you just never know.

Which reminds me when we last left the Harpo monster he was undergoing repairs in the ReformCon laboratory...where they were desperately trying to turn him into Mr Almost Nice Guy. Again.

Well I'm happy to report that even after diddling with his damaged circuits. And pulling his head out of his asshole.

It's STILL not working...

Thank goodness for small mercies.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Try to remember it may be a horror show today. But with a little luck...or lightning...the monster and his nasty bigots will be beaten.

And we will have a brighter tomorrow...

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