Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr Harper Goes to Europe

He set off for Europe with a wafer in his pocket, and Diane Ablonczy's head career in his briefcase. After insulting every gay person in Canada. And leaving the sinister theocons in the PMO running the country.

He got a sloppy kiss from the greasy fascist Berlusconi. He tried to stick to Obama like a remora does to a shark's belly. He talked neocon shite about the economy. Nobody listened to him.

And then he almost missed the group shot.


Then to cap off this klown performance he decided to wash his soiled pantaloons in public, by launching a vicious personal attack on Michael Ignatieff.

"Mr. Ignatieff is supposed to be a Canadian," said Harper. "I don't think you go out and throw out ideas like this that are so obviously contrary to a country's interest and nobody else is advocating them."

Only to have to rush back in his klown car and issue a humiliating apology. And then order his minions to blame somebody else...

The prime minister's press secretary Dimitri Soudas told reporters he apologized publicly to the prime minister for advising him to make the partisan comments that were not based in fact, and he apologized publicly as well to Ignatieff.

As if Dimitri SAID it instead of him.

As if when he delivered those lines the camera didn't show Great Ugly Leader in such a state of panting partisan arousal, I'm surprised they didn't put a screen around him. To shield his lack of decency from the horrified eyes of the world.

And muffle the horrible GRUNTING sounds.

"Ignatieff...*pant*...NOT a Canadian...*moan*...Just a TRAITOR....OOOOH AAAHHHH !!!!! "

Oh boy. You know it's bad enough watching this nasty Con klown turn our country into a third-rate dog and pony circus.

But when the whole world starts laughing at us eh?

He's really gotta go...


P.S. S├ębastien says I forgot to mention that having to publicly apologize to Ignatieff must be KILLING Harper....eating him ALIVE.

But I said I was just saving the BEST for the last.

Poor Great Ridiculous Leader.



  1. Anonymous2:59 AM

    It can't have killed Harper to apologise to Ignatieff. Yousee, Harper has no heart. Instead, he has a brain. But, wait a minute, if he had a brain would he have so many clowns around him?

    Poor guy. He's to be pitied. Not a clue in a closet, that guy.
    He has that unhappy look as though someone broke his crayons and hid the colouring book. Poor boy.

    Let's send him back home to Calgary so he can recover. Yeah, that's it. Send him home to get better.

  2. Bravo Simon. Our PM is truly a putz. I wouldn't be surprised if he took time out to brag to British PM Brown about his stepping in to receive the military salute in place of the G-G last week too.

  3. is that pic from south park,funny

  4. Hi Torontonian...oh I don't agree with you. Great Leader hates to be wrong about ANYTHING. And having to say sorry publicly...and look like a deranged fool...must have filled him with rage. You know his advisers say he swears like an uncouth redneck, so I can only imagine. Poor Dimitri... :)

  5. Hi know I read a recent survey that said that more than 90 percent of Canadians believe they are living in the best country in the world. And maybe they are. But in the eyes of the Europeans we're rapidly approaching the status of a pariah state. And since I have to deal with friends over there that really bugs me... :)

  6. Hi Ur merit...yes it is. Say hello to our Prime Minister... Stephen Hankey Harper. I'm always hoping he'll flush himself down the toilet by mistake. But so far no luck... :)