Monday, July 13, 2009

Pride Day, The Stampede, and the Real Scandal

Now that the Calgary Stampede is over, and we know how many people ...apart from Great Ridiculous Leader... attended the Cowboys and Pancakes animal show.

Total attendance to date at the conclusion of Saturday is 1,070,197, nearly 41,000 down from a year ago.

After the figures

And we know that Toronto's Pride got about the same number of people just for the PARADE, and hundreds of thousands of others attended other Pride Week events.

And that Pride celebrates freedom and human diversity.

Pride is for everyone who doesn't hate gay people. Or parades, I guess.

.... And I do hate parades, but I make an exception for Pride because, with the good-natured police officers and the army recruiting booth and some members of Canada's armed forces marching and the hotels full, the bars brimming, the DJs playing and people celebrating, it makes me feel blessed to be Canadian now.

While the Stampede celebrations include animal torture.

And drunken orgies.

I can't believe people seriously say you're lucky if you get through Stampede week without losing either your wife, your job or your driver's licence.

OK I don't mind the orgies just the hypocrisy. But what I really want to know is why did the Stampede get $2 million from the Cons, while Pride got only a lousy 400-thousand?

Because that's the REAL scandal. First they discriminated against gay people, and then they discriminated against them AGAIN by reviewing their miserable grant.

But that's OK. It's a small price to pay for exposing the bigotry of these Cons, revealing the theocon conspiracy in the PMO, and how much they HATE Ontario. You know, the place where they were hoping to pick up votes in the next election.

Hee Haw. Flip me a pancake. I think we've got these Cons where we want them. Down on their knees with their rabid base in the toilet of homophobia. Praying up a shitstorm of hate. Dumping on Ontario. Scaring the Jebesus out of Canadians.

Or as the great Montrealer Bloodshot Bill would say.

Just lickin' the toilet bowl...

Hee Haw. I mean Yee Haw!! Isn't Bloodshot Bill great ?

Aren't the Cons DISGUSTING?


  1. I've often been curious about what constitutes the draw of the Stampede. Of course, here in Montreal we have the Jazzfest competing for our attention (and tourism dollars) at the same time. Maybe that's why we barely even notice Calgary out here.

  2. First what is the population of Calgary, and how does it compare to the population of the GTA?

    It is considerably lower, right?

    Second, don't you think that it is a bit hypocritical to be denouncing Calgary's celebration of their heritage and lifestyle? Which just happens to involve pancakes, feral horses, mean-ass bulls and excessive drinking?

    You embrace and celebrate who you are, and we'll do the same. Both celebrations seem to involve excessive drinking, so we at least have common ground there. Maybe we ought to embrace that.

    Calgary is a beautiful city. It isn't the bunch of hicks that you think it is. Calgary is in fact a modern and cosmopolitan city. You'd actually be quite comfortable in most parts of it, and the other parts would be not be all that different from the scuzzier parts of Montreal.

  3. Hi Scott...personally I think it has to be the pancakes. Because what ELSE could it be? ;)
    As for the Jazz festival...I have to confess that I don't really like most jazz. But I do love the excuse to have a huge party on a warm night in Montreal.

  4. Hi Benjamin... I didn't intend that this post should be seen as an attack on Calgary and its cultural heritage. I was just having a little fun. And besides you know I consider myself a bit of an agent provocateur for the good guys. You know the guys with white hats... :)
    Seriously though I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of Conservatives who would criticize the Pride Parade, and deny it funds. While giving $2 million to the Stampede...when the amount of people they attract, and the booze they consume, is just about the same.
    As for Calgary I'm sure you're right.But I'll just have to take your word for it.
    Because until the one-party dictatorship falls...and Big Oil stops looking for me...or Dusty Lavalley invites me...I'm not coming. :)