Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Extra...Extra... Rubout in the PMO

Uh oh. There's been another rubout in the PMO. Everybody knew someone was going to be whacked for making Great Soprano Leader look like a raving idiot. But who knew it would be Kory?

And how did Dimitri get away with it ?

During the summit, Harper had to apologize after he publicly attacked his rival Michael Ignatieff for a comment the Liberal leader never made. One of Harper's senior assistants, Dimitri Soudas, stepped forward to take the blame for the misattribution and for misinforming his boss.

Or DID he? Has anyone seen him lately? Who knows if he isn't feeding the fishes ...in Harper's piranha aquarium. Because with the political thugs in the Con PMO one NEVER really knows.

Although I prefer to think that they decided to keep Dimitri because as Harper's Quebec adviser, he probably came up with the idea of calling the Bloc pedophile supporters. So they could boost the separatists...and draw votes away from the Liberals.

Because that's the kind of twisted thinking Stephen Harper so admires. And in the Con jungle sharing Great Ugly Leader's warped vision is considered the highest form of respect. As well as of course, the ONLY way to survive.

Poor Kory. If only someone had warned him about that. If only he had listened to Adam.

If any proof was needed of the extent to which Stephen Harper's personality overwhelms everyone in his employ, the Teneycke experience helped provide it.

But he didn't. He tried to be a good fluffer. He tried to make his boss look like an Almost Nice Guy... which of course is IMPOSSIBLE.

So he only made himself look like an idiot....

And now he's gone. Probably to Paraguay where only Vic Toews, who was born there, can find him.

But don't worry. With sinister theocons and political thugs in the PMO, a power crazed leader who feels he gets no respect from anyone...except hopefully Dimitri. All those Liberal traitors and Bloc pedophile supporters.

And of course the big question: Who will be NEXT?

This story can only get BETTER...


P.S. I forgot to mention that Kory's little buddy, Corn Cob Bob, is absolutely DEVASTATED....


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Don't you think that Guy Giorno had a hand in this? Remember what he did for Mike Harris.

    Odd coincidence that Sandra Buckler comes back and works for a cabinet minister and Kory leaves. Yet, she doesn't take her old position back working for Harper.

    This country has become a trainwreck. Harper has to shoulder the blame for that.

  2. Hi Torontonian...I wouldn't be surprised if Giorno had a hand in this. Because when you have worked for Mike Big Daddy Harris you're capable of ANYTHING. In fact,with Harper showing signs of losing touch with reality,I wouldn't be surprised if Giorno is running Canada.
    Nor would I be surprised if Ignatieff wakes up one morning and finds a horse's head in his bed.
    With this ReformCon mob in power NOBODY is safe. OMG. Where is Eliot Ness when we need him? :)

    P.S. thanks for the suggestion I incorporated it into the postscript...