Friday, July 24, 2009

The Recession and the Baby Wolf

You know I used to think the Bank of Canada's sunny forecast that the recession is over...

"We are on track for the recovery both in Canada and globally," Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney told reporters.

While the high dollar rips the last remaining spasms of life out of our battered manufacturing sector. Cripples our exports. And KILLS our tourist industry.

"However, the higher Canadian dollar, as well as ongoing restructuring in key industrial sectors, is significantly moderating the pace of overall growth."

Was as absurd as the idea of a man teaching a wolf how to HOWL.

But I was wrong eh?


So I guess ANYTHING is possible....


P.S. When my dog heard the baby wolf howl, he ran across the room, grabbed his cloth bunny, and hid it.

After listening to Mark "Sunshine" Carney I suggest we all do the same....


  1. Always be careful of buying snake oil from the traveling salesman - and this is snake oil that is vile. This is the same bank of Canada governor who did not see the recession coming? Righto!

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Maybe he's hoping for another bubble.

  3. Hi Jan...yes you're right. It's not as if "Sunshine" has been right about anything. But it sure is the kind of news the Cons would like to hear... ;)

  4. Hi know I'm not quite sure what measurements he's using.
    But judging from all the misery and
    worry I'm seeing they sure aren't mine....