Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Monstrous Hidden Homophobia of Andrew Scheer

Ever since he became the leader of the Cons, Andrew Scheer has been very careful to conceal his extreme religious views.

He won the leadership with the support of social conservatives, but deleted his platform minutes after he was elected.

And although does send out an occasional dog whistle to his rabid religious base, he has been able to conceal his own extremist past.

Like the angry way he reacted when Dr Henry Morgentaler was awarded the Order of Canada.

Or how he began his political career working in the office of one of the ugliest religious bigots this country has ever known...

A Missouri-born Baptist preacher and Canadian Alliance MP named Larry Spencer, who believed that gay people should be arrested and jailed.

In late November 2003, Spencer caused controversy in Canada by Vancouver Sun reporter Peter O'Neil when he said that he would support any initiative to outlaw homosexuality. He stated that in the 1960s, a "well-orchestrated" conspiracy began and led to recent successes in the gay rights movement. 

This conspiracy, he further said, included seducing and recruiting young boys in playgrounds and locker rooms, and deliberately infiltrating North America's schools, judiciaries, entertainment industries, and religious communities. According to him, this conspiracy started with a speech given by a U.S. gay rights activist in the 1960s whose name he could not remember.

Spencer was eventually fired as Canadian Alliance Family Issues critic by Stephen Harper. 

He left politics and went back to preaching, forgot that apology, and started portraying himself as a victim of religious persecution.

In the manner LGBT people know only too well...

But as for Andrew Scheer, he never apologized for having worked so cheerfully for such a ghastly bigot.

On the contrary, as Neil Macdonald points out, not only is his anti-gay record abominable.  

He voted against a law normalizing same-sex marriage, arguing in the Commons that "homosexual unions" are antithetical to raising families.

Not only he did he refuse to extend hate crime protection for transgender Canadians, one of the country's most brutalized minorities.

He even defended another religious bigot who called for outlawing, and presumably jailing LGBT Canadians.

He also defended Alberta Bishop Fred Henry, who told parishioners in a 2005 letter that gay sex is "an evil act, whether it is performed in public or private" adding that: "Since homosexuality, adultery, prostitution and pornography undermine the foundations of the family, the basis of society, then the state must use its coercive power to proscribe or curtail them in the interests of the common good."

Henry faced complaints to the province's human rights commission. That angered Scheer, who maintained Henry was merely instructing the faithful. "To think that a Catholic bishop must answer to a civil authority over matters of faith is abominable. It is abhorrent to me, to other Catholics and to every member of every faith community," he said.

A person who has met Scheer many times, tells me that his hatred for gays is palpable, and horrifying to behold.

And for those who think that there is nothing Scheer can do to hurt gay Canadians, they obviously haven't been watching what has been happening in Trump's America.

Social conservatives in the United States have used all sorts of creative schemes to impose their views on populations in states where they hold sway. You often don't need legislation to get your way.

A little de-funding here, a little creative regulatory tweaking there, and you can accomplish what you want without big, loud, bothersome House of Commons debates.  

So here's my question:

When Scheer tells his religious base that they should not be afraid, because he will protect them. 

What I want to know is who will protect women, gay people, Muslims and others from his Christianist fanatics? 

And when will Canadians finally realize who Scheer really is?

And what he might do to this country and its values, if he ever becomes Prime Minister.

Know the enemy. 

Vote Canadian... 


Anonymous said...

"All of this should have been known long ago, but the Con media preferred to focus on things like the fake scandal, rather than the growing threat of the religious right."

So true, Simon. The same religious right that helped bring the likes of Ford to power. The same religious right that wants children to be taught a woefully outdated sex-ed curriculum to ensure the most vulnerable of kids are persecuted for who they are by adults and worse, by their peers because after all, for them it's still the 1960's.
The facts are in plain sight but when the Con media has abandoned their integrity(if they ever had any) to help elect Scheer, the few in the MSM who do speak out are sadly drowned out by the screeching chorus of Con dog whistles.
Scheer sickens me as much as Harper ever did and more. The hypocrisy of these Cons who have their fair share of well known closeted gays among them is astounding. An inconvenient truth that needs to be exposed for all to see just as they would rat out vulnerable children to their parents. Step into the light, Con hypocrites. Free yourselves from your self imposed exile of the closet.
"The truth will set you free" (John 8:32)

Anonymous said...

What did the bird mean? Lol you are losing your mind. Guess you didn't hear about (or refuse to mention) the hundreds of dead Christians in Sri Lanka.

Liberals only care about terrorism when it can be used as a political weapon.

Omar Khadr getting a hero's welcome on Tout Le Monde En Parle... We're living in clown world.

Jackie Blue said...

Andy Pence must be another rent boy from Harper's "gay mafia." Someone might want to check in on the obviously conflicted Jordan Peterson too.


Fact of the matter: Everything cons say and do is projection. It's science.


It's been blatantly obvious for years the root of the Cons' Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. They're not just livid with the commitment to LGBT rights legislation by both father and son. They think both father and son are/were gay themselves -- and that it's a bad thing if so.

I hope the Liberals use Scheer's own abhorrent record in attack ads, because the M$M obviously won't do their due diligence. The only spotlight I've seen on it is that CBC "The Weekly" interview from this January with Wendy Mesley and Michael Coren, where Coren brings up the "visceral hatred" of Trudeau "that goes beyond politics." The most prominent example he uses to illustrate this is that Trudeau goes to Pride parades, and the Westboro Cons think of him as some kind of debauched libertine. I saw a clip where Justin kissed some guy on an episode of Tout Le Monde, on a dare from Sophie. That must have driven them berserk.

Makes you wonder what kind of self-loathing there must be in the M$M bubble that they don't want to address this. As the author of that Vice article points out, perhaps the country needs more therapy than we thought.

jrkrideau said...

"To think that a Catholic bishop must answer to a civil authority over matters of faith is abominable.

In my post as High Priest of the Aztec religion I expect Scheer to support my normal Wednesday morning human sacrifice.

Marmalade said...

This is scary stuff! I will never vote for the Tories......learned a great lesson! Fire and Brimstone on the rise!

Jackie Blue said...

Extremism is extremism, period. Guess you didn't hear about (or, like Andy Pander, refuse to mention) the 50 dead Muslims at Christchurch, the 6 dead Muslims at Quebec City, the countless dead Muslims in Bush's oil crusades (which caught up Mr. Khadr in the Kafkaesque nightmare of being a child soldier imprisoned at Gitmo), the racist attacks on Sikhs after 9/11, the countless dead Rohingya in Myanmar (under a totalitarian government of Buddhist extremists), the decades of Christian against Christian bloodbath in Northern Ireland (which is starting up again thanks to the racist gammon in the UK who voted for Andy's beloved Brexit), Bibi's radical ethnic nationalist policies that have left scores of Palestinians in peril and spurred on actual Holocaust survivors to condemn the deplorable Likudniks, the burning of black churches recently in Louisiana and the Mother Emanuel massacre by some good ol' boy in the American South, the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, the Oklahoma City bombings, the persecution of LGBT people in Russia... the list goes on and on.

Oh, and did I mention that a property owned by Khadr was recently targeted with an attempted arson attack by some likely Scheer voter getting his "news" from Deplorebel Media, which doxed his place of business? Or that the Sun media trash it spawned from printed an incendiary tabloid "investigation" that incited another wingnut to try and set fire to a hotel where refugees were being housed? If you were really a Christian and not just a hypocritical, racist Con, you'd RTFM, STFU and welcome the strangers of Egypt. Why don't you ask yourself how you'd respond seeing a brown homeless man of Middle Eastern extraction on the TTC? Remember that song, "What if God was one of us, just a stranger on the bus?" You'd probably want him deported, wouldn't you? Would you beat him up? Snap a photo of him and send it to Ezra to be shared all over the troll networks in hopes that he gets attacked by somebody else?

Cons only care about terrorism when it can be used as a political weapon. A massive national freakout about a selfie with Jaspal Atwal versus radio silence about multiple appearances with Faith Goldy? We're living in Kookoo Kudatah Klown world.

Jackie Blue said...

From the Wikipedia article in Simon's posting:

Spencer further blamed former Canadian prime-minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for the "movement" gaining public acceptance since he legalized homosexuality in Canada in 1969. He mentioned that although no government would have the courage to strike down these laws, and that he would support any initiative that advocated such a move.

Well, well, surprise, surprise. Larry blames Pierre for the "homosexual movement" in Canada, and as his gleeful disciple, no doubt Scheer does too. Like I said, there's the root of your Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. 1969, "there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation"; 2019, "there is no place for the state in the bathrooms of the nation." Sickeningly, it seems there's still a place for bigots in the political offices of the nation. Y'allberta is no better than Y'allabama, or as we call the likes of them down here, Y'all Qaeda.


Jackie Blue said...

PCs won a plurality on hand with the Greens in PEI last night. A regular on another site, said this is just a cyclical tradition for them and not really an omen for the federal contest: a few terms of the Grits, a couple of the PCs, rinse and repeat. Even Wikipedia says their policy platforms are similar. Maybe not such a good thing for the federal Liberals who the provincial party is attached to, but not necessarily catastrophic either. Seems the PEI PCs have completely dissociated themselves from the CRAP Party and actually attempt to live up to the "Progressive" part of the name. Especially with the Greens in coalition, they're not likely to become part of the 5 Goofy Weiners brigade who MacLean's was fellating for that cover story. The total misnomer that is Doug Ford's "Anti-PC PCs" and of course Kluless Klutz Klanney's Kudatah Klavern Kult in Oilbertastan are a different story.

I found a copy of the "Secret Mulroney Tapes" book online. Interesting read. Bizarrely, a lot of take-away quotes about the media that could easily apply to (the younger) Trudeau. Now, Muldoon might have been a putz, but I don't think he was a bigot or a climate-science denier; other than party over country (and, thus, decency), how does Caroline reconcile being a dutiful Stepford foot soldier for Doug (and Scumbag Steve's) Ontarian Master Race old-boy network of bigoted deplorables who stand against everything her father professed to believe in? A party that employed vicious attacks against Kathy Wynne that had SFA to do with the price of Hydro? I know the fat bear met with Sigmund Peterson to make "Fruity Trudy" jokes and talk seafood recipes and the mating habits of male seahorses before getting input on what kind of regressive bigotry they can replace the sex-ed curriculum with. Didn't Dug the Lug or his idiot brother Rob the Slob beat up someone at a Pride Parade once upon a time, or send one of their goons to do it? WTF Canada, I thought you were better than this?

rumleyfips said...

And I expect you to invite Sheer to be the rituallee.

Jackie Blue said...

Fun video on writer Nancy McClernan's blog: "Trudeau vs. Nazi Barbie." (Quite a bit of fangirling in the post but, hey, nothing wrong with a little escapism now and then, eh?)


So Justin is well aware of exactly who Stormfront Daniels is, and why she's a menace to society and so is anyone even remotely associated with her or has ever been in the past. And why it's so important to sound the alarm. Wake up Canada, before you end up giving Kate Purchase's job to this Botoxed brownshirt bitch.

It's a Sun News clip, in case anyone forgot where Deplorebel Media was spawned from -- with help from Hamster Gerbil or should I say Goebbels. She's hounding him for his appearance at the "Reclaiming the Islamic Spirit" conference which, I believe, was where he announced he was running for Liberal leader. Not a good look for the pathetic Canadian M$M when Andy's favorite "correspondent" is known to us Yanks as Scheer Wolf of the SS. But then, that's what's to be expected from a cadre of balding, middle-aged men who probably get off to Faith videos and and the Aryan bimbos at Fox News, and who shrug about a party full of skinheads because they're jealous of JT's hair.

Jackie Blue said...

I should start an actual Trudeau cult, since the lunatic fringe on social media has their QAnon conspiracy theories about Edgar Bronfman's daughters being Justin's "sister wives." They had already started that shit when he dressed up as Clark Kent last Halloween, so hey, might as well run with it since nothing makes sense anymore. We'll share the sacred, non-alcoholic bread and wine substitute of Seagram's ginger ale and pizza, and take in regular viewings of the Kryptonian gospel saga in the basement of the nearest Tim Horton's. Scheer therefore has a responsibility to stop blaspheming him, and implore the M$M to do the same. I'd say the penalty is a thousand lashes, but he might actually enjoy that. Instead, we'll just have to sentence him to a "Forced" marathon binge-watching of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to start an actual Trudeau cult, as you, Simon, and the other devotees here are already members of THE Trudeau cult.

Jackie Blue said...

@Anon 3:38 -- Rather be Team Trudeau than a Postmedia drone, or a Rebel scum stormtrooper like you. Or an orc from Hamish's troll factory. At least Team Trudeau is inclusive, global, and diverse. The drillbilly Con cult's DNA branch is a twig. Say hi to your cousin-wife for me at the next Insane Klan Posse family reunion, 'mkay?

e.a.f. said...

That sure was a weird thing to send out. Message might be, Catholics don't worry. I'm here to protect you all. Don't know if Scheer is Catholic or not, but I suspect the Pope might not be too pleased with the message.

The CBC is reporting racism in Edmonton is at an all time high. It hasn't been this high since the days of the Klan being in Alberta in the 1930s. On the upside, the Greens are the official opposition in P.E.I. Between the Greens and the Liberals, they have the majority in PEI although the Progressive Conservatives have the most seats of the three parties. It was an interesting election in this the Liberal Premier had balanced the budget for two consecutive cycles, something which hadn't been done in years and they have the best economy in Canada for growth, based on a % basis. of course as they say, in PEI, the toss out whomever if the ruling party every 10 years. PEI is going to be a real test for collaborative governance. They voters also rejected proportional representation by a slim majority. Second province to do so. It does demonstrate a small party can move ahead if they have a message. With climate change very much being 'in your face' in the Maritimes, perhaps people thought that was critical along with the lack of doctors.

e.a.f. said...

went back to reading the article and can't stop laughing, the letter from the bishop on adultery, prostitution, porn. OMG, half the country if not more will be in prison, if its outlawed. Just the statistics on adultery are a riot. Then if you ad in prostitution, well that is big business in this country. No I just don't think that is going to work any time soon. The guy actually thought government law could "curtail" people's behaviour. News flash, it won't work. Can't even stop murder.

Some of this would be interesting to tie to Scheer during the election because most people in the country don't have a problem with the LBGTQ community. What are Scheer and his fellow travellers so afraid of?

We ought to remember when Harper came to office the first thing he did was defund all the women's groups. They don't need to discuss it in Parliament, well they do, but they put it in the budget and people frequently aren't reading that in detail. So when Harper defunded women's groups, it was in the budget.

What we may see if Scheer becomes P.M. is provinces opting out of things, i.e. Quebec opted out of the Constitution for language laws, lets see if kenney does it in Alberta. He may not do it prior to the federal election, but that is where I see this type of thing happening, in provincial legislation, with no blow back from a federal government.

Currently there are some court cases in the U.S.A. involving whose rights take precedence. Perhaps Scheer will be looking towards any changes there to follow up on in Canada. the American court case is about discrimination against the LBGTQ community in employment matters. If there were changes to the employment acts in the provinces and they used the not withstanding clauses, it would be very nasty. those are the things which we need to watch out for.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Scheer's Easter greetings were specifically targeted at reassuring the Jewish community that they were not on his retro nationalist hit list. He is really concerned that they might correlate Conservative propaganda with the rise in hate crimes against them. Funny how that works, other groups are specifically targeted and although specific laws such as anti boycotting of Israeli goods are put in place to reassure the Jewish community, the hate crimes escalate against them anyway. Seems that the political masters loose control of the bigots once they are allowed off leash. Hopefully the Jewish communities will recognize both Scheer and Trump for what they are. Its all good when they need money and votes but they have no intention of trying to control the hate they unleash once they get what they want.

brawnfire said...

Anon@3:38 - Re: "THE Trudeau cult"
Okay, you really wanna go there?

Hark! I hear the whine of a disgruntled Greed-and-Power devotee. Who doesn't get it. Doesn't get that
KINDNESS, and DECENCY is so damn magnetizing.
I know how to freak you out: Picture him wearing a white robe and longer hair, JT could be a JC lookalike.

e.a.f. said...

As Trump increased his rhetoric against Muslims the attacks on Jews increased. So if the Conservatives and ult right want to reassure the Jews of anything, they'll have to give up attacking Muslims.

Regardless of what Scheer and his ilk say to try to re assure Jews, some of us know, that isn't what he is going to do. He lies like a rug, as the saying goes. When the Nazis started by attacking the Jews, other groups followed, so given that, it would be reasonable to conclude, once the attacks on Muslims ramps up, Jews will be attacked as will other visible minorities and you can rest assured that will extend to Indigenous peoples also. Once you go down the road of racism, there is no coming back.

Anonymous said...

If intolerance is left unchecked it eventually eats into the main population such as Northern Ireland before the truce and Europe before the first world war. Past generations lived the horror and decided there was a better way. How quickly lessons learned are forgotten.

Jackie Blue said...

Hey Brawnfire! I found it! The Shroud of Toronto! :)


"Maggie's boy child, Justin Pierre, was born on Christmas day..."


Jackie Blue said...


First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

-Martin Niemöller (1892-1984)

brawnfire said...

Thanks for running with this, Jackie.
You're a sport.

And, as if the biblical were not enough, (torment, for his foes), there's the classical aspect:
Ah, the noble head. The profile. Perfectly reminiscent of those of ancient rulers on Roman coins.

e.a.f. said...

That says it all. thank you for reminding people. that is why its never good to play divide and conquer. "As some say, be nice to people on the way up, you may meet them on the way down. We need to learn to disagree and be fairly decent about it at the same time.