Friday, December 28, 2018

How Our Shabby Media Is Enabling Andrew Scheer

It's like a third rate werewolf movie starring the creepy Andrew Scheer. And while it may be tacky it's also really scary.

For the hairy Scheer may be a serial liar, a religious fanatic, a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a climate change denier and an oily messiah who would happily torch the planet for crass political purposes.

But in the eyes of our terminally mediocre media he's just lil' Andy who can do no wrong.

So much so that the National's At Issue panel last night managed to review the political year, without once mentioning that Scheer has no climate plan, has stirred up racism in a disgraceful manner, and lies almost as much as Donald Trump.

Or for that matter even question why he plans to kill CBC News.

But somehow did manage to spend a lot of time discussing Trudeau's trip to India, while completely ignoring Scheer's broken promise to come up with a plan to fight climate change. 

Andrew Scheer would not commit that his yet-to-be-unveiled climate plan will meet Paris targets – despite claiming in the past that it would.

As well as also failing to mention his role as a leader of the so-called anti-carbon tax resistance.

Which is stirring up hatred against Trudeau, and will no doubt one day make Scheer a hero to fossil fuel fascists like these. 

A trend called “ICE-ing,” involving gasoline- or diesel-engined trucks blocking Tesla charging stations, may be picking up across the U.S. 

The prank involves the owners of the trucks purposefully occupying the space in front of a row of public Tesla Superchargers so that owners of the electric vehicles won’t be able to top up their cars’ batteries.

The CBC panel also completely ignored Scheer's naked racism that should shock all decent Canadians...

And failed to refute the creepy Con's claims that he alone has a plan to control gang violence...

Even though it's just another big lie, and as I have pointed out before, full of baloney.

The CBC National panel even managed to ignore Scheer's appalling record on foreign affairs, the way he tried to undermine the NAFTA negotiations, or his absurd advice on how to deal with China. 

During a surprise visit with Canadian troops in Mali Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the first time publicly called on China to release two detained Canadians. 

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer told CTV News that he believes Trudeau should pick up the telephone and appeal to Chinese President Xi Jinping directly.

Which if you add that to all of the above should be enough to disqualify Scheer from even dreaming of becoming prime minister.

But the media are not doing their jobs, they are shamelessly enabling Scheer, and as a result that dream is still very much alive.  

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 35.2 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 34.1 per cent, the NDP at 16.0 percent, the BQ at 3.8 per cent, the Greens at 7.0 per cent and the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) at 1.5 per cent.

And with less than a year ago before the election this country is still in great danger from the traitor Trumplings who would destroy our Canada and its values.

All is not lost, their bigotry will cost them votes, and I still believe that climate change will be the issue that will bring down Scheer and his Cons.

And that a really hot summer right before the election, a summer somewhat similar to the one they are already experiencing in Australia.

Should be enough to melt him...

But we can't take any chances. 

If the media won't do their duty, then they too must be treated like the enemy.

For resistance is the duty of all decent Canadians.

And failure is not an option...


  1. Jackie Blue4:57 PM

    I don't want to watch this movie again with a Made in Canada label on it. The pathetic American M$M spent a year and a half obsessed with Hillary's emails and completely ignored or downplayed Trump's bigotry, misogyny and corruption. They called her overprepared and shrill, and wagged their finger at her for not bending the knee to the sacrosanct white male working class in coal country who were losing their All-American Manly Man jerbs to ferriners, feminists, "college-educated snobs," and the "eco-globalist coastal elite." They sympathized with the Trumpublicans' "economic anxiety" and accused the Democrats of going too far into "identity politics" (which used to just be called civil rights). They seized upon key phrases to make her look out of touch, just like they're doing with Trudeau: "Ambulance chasers" is the new "basket of deplorables." They described her as a "queen awaiting her coronation" as much as they portray Trudeau as a vain, vapid Hollywood prince. Then re-framed the deplorables as the "forgotten man," the everyday hero who finally chopped off Marie Antoinette's head and held it up for the unwashed masses to cheer. Now it looks like they're playing Pontius Pilate referee giving a pardon to Barabbas and washing their hands of the outcome of mob rule yet again. Are they fucking stupid, or being intentionally obtuse to engineer a scripted outcome? Another edge-of-your-seat, tune-in-next-week horse race for advertising revenue and bigly ratings? Do they not see that they're the ones out of touch or do they just not care?

    1. It used to be called civil rights when it was actually about civil rights, but its not anymore, so why call it that anymore. Not that I am opposed to all identity politics, just identity politics done hypocritucally or just plain stupid. I supported gay marriage for example and men's rights. Well actually given how many laws discriminate against men and that excluding gay people from marriage laws are both civil rights, it those would be civil rights issues instead of identity politics.

    2. Jackie Blue12:54 AM

      What discriminating against men? Sorry but you have no idea what you're talking about. There's a bunch of transphobic fake feminists on the ostensible left trolling Trudeau's accounts, accusing him of misogyny over C-16 and parroting (lobstering?) Jordan Peterson fake-news talking points. Trudeau is one of the top advocates in the entire world fighting for gender equality and calling out the mentality of toxic masculinity that stifles and harms men, as much as it is at the root of abuse of women (and LGBT people as well).

      I read his book, multiple times. I wish he'd write another, but obviously he is very busy and I want him to keep the job he has right now. But he has been an advocate since his college years when he became a volunteer rape-crisis counselor after the Polytech atrocity. He has only grown in and learned from this role over the past twenty years. Canadians should be proud to have someone like him, in an era of chest-puffing troglodytes coming to power who brag about grabbing women by the wherever and make oppression of LGBT people official policy and a point of "national pride."

      No one is "discriminating against men." Except the Cons/GOP who redirect the untapped anger of male laborers, farmers, etc., to manufactured adversaries (Trudeau/Obama/Hillary, the Liberals/Democrats, immigrants, Soros, First Nations, environmentalists) and then dump all over them because they hate EVERYONE who isn't a rich right-wing SOB.

      "Identity politics" is Con/left-purist newspeak. It's still civil rights, as it always was.

    3. Hi Jackie...Great comment. The right wingers, and some idiot lefties, like to slag the words "identity politics" as something bad, when as you point out it's just another name for civil rights. And what we are witnessing is just another attempt to turn back the clock. The MSM media should know better, but since it's still controlled by the old boy's club it can't hide its bias. The worst thing about that At Issue panel was when Paul Wells said what disgusted him was the way the Liberals portrayed themselves as "virtuous" as if being virtuous was a bad thing. But was apparently not offended by the way Scheer and company pander to racists or lie all the time. Which tells me that the Ottawa media are now totally corrupted and have no moral compass. It really is a disgusting spectacle, and If the media didn't act that that way the Cons would not be nipping at the heels of the Liberals. As I said in my post, the Cons in the media need to be held accountable. Not just for what they say, but also for what they don't say...

    4. Hi Gyor...Gay rights is about more than just gay marriage. Gay people in this country are still the victims of the most violent hate crimes. Identity politics is used by the right to diminish that oppression, and they should not be allowed to get away with that...

  2. Jackie Blue5:15 PM

    By the way, Simon: A detailed breakdown of those numbers and why it's so evenly split can be found in a new Abacus report:

    Key takeaway? Everyone is duking it out on the climate/pipeline issue but the biggest divide is darkly schizophrenic and Manichean on (ironically) "identity" grounds. It really is us v. them:

    It is clear that some of whatever antipathy there is to Mr. Trudeau has something to do with deeper social tensions.

    The Prime Minister is particularly disliked among those who would prefer a white Canada, with no Muslims, less emphasis on women’s interests, less acceptance of homosexuality. He is harshly viewed by those who would like a Canadian Trump and who see the media as the enemy of the people.

    Scheer's slogan in 2019 should be "Make Canada the Great White North Again." Just dip him in spray tan and give him a combover already. Put him in an ill-fitting suit with a tie that spreads all throughout the prairies. "No divisive, no divisive, you're the divisive!"

    1. Hi Jackie...I saw that other Abacus poll after I finished this post, and I found it deeply disturbing. It wasn't surprising though as it only quantified what I had been saying for weeks. The Cons are surfing on a bigot wave, and the media's failure to call them out is taking us to a very dark place. That's all I'll say for now since I want to write a post about that if I get a chance this weekend. But one thing is for sure, this country is being poisoned by Trumpism, it's in big trouble, and we need to fight those bigot bastards harder than ever...

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I watched that At Issue panel too, and I agree with you it was disgusting. No attempt at balance with only Chantal Hebert not beating up Trudeau like a tin drum. Journalism in this country is a joke, and the CBC must have a death wish.

    1. Hi anon...death wish is the word. Every CBC news program suffers from a blatant lack of balance. And the only question to be determined is whether it's bias or incompetence. If I worked at CBC News I would demand some answers from management before it's too late...

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM

    This is no longer politics in this country, what we (those who are paying attention) is pure criminal capitalism as filthy as it gets. Oil Barons from the US funneling millions to these lying bigoted racist Con Premiers and want to be Con Premiers that will amputate Canada from the waist down.This is so serious that these Harperites Gordon Campbell's, Christy Clark's now Dung Ford's and heaven forbid Jassolekenny will take this country down all for their Criminal supporters. The worst of it all is they have ignorant support to do it.

    1. Hi you I believe that so-called dark money from powerful interests in the U.S. Is contaminating our politics. They are determined to try to recreate the Trump phenomenon in Canada, and above all they want to privatize our Medicare system. And needless to say they must be resisted with all the strength we can muster, or we will wake up one day in a country we don't recognize...

    2. THe jig is up but no one is dancing to the truth. The oil barons where offerred refinery in Alberta. We dont need no stinking refinery, thats where the money is, we only want your dirty cheap oil.

  5. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Remember that the polling in 2015 showed no indications that JT's majority was coming or Trump winning in 2016 for that matter. Election day will matter and by then, JT will have squashed Scheer in the debates when people are paying attention as opposed to what I presume were dismal ratings for an at issue panel between the holidays.
    Scheer will be facing some tough questions in the new year such as, can you explain why hate crimes were up 47% in 2018 and was your rhetoric re: immigration to blame? Let's see how he stumbles through that one and his do nothing approach towards climate change.
    The fraud Scheer will be exposed in all of its ugliness and only the putrid Con base will remain to be split between he and Bernier.

  6. Hi JD...You're absolutely right, election campaigns matter, and I hope I didn't sound too discouraged. I am still confident that decency and justice will prevail despite the best efforts of our craven Con media. Despite their rise in the polls, about a third of Canadians still don't know who Andrew Scheer is and what he really believes. If we are able to enlighten them in the next few months, and reveal the Con's hidden agenda, We can deflate the Con balloon and send them crashing to the ground...

    1. By the time the Canadian election has been called there will be more deaths of children in the American detention/concentration camps. There will be more reports on the private prisons (slave labour camps/concentration camps) which hold the "migrants".

      They are forced labour camps, paying prisoners $1 to $3 a day. if they don't work they can't purchase cloths, soap, shaving equipment, tampons, etc. None of this is provided in private prisons. The State of Washington has taken private prison corporations to court because the State has min. wage laws and they contend the private prisons are violating the State laws by paying prisoners $1 to $3 a day to do the work of maintaining the prisons. i.e. prisons do the catering, maintenance, etc.

      Private prisons keep moving people around, have high suicide rates, etc. There is little over sight of these private prisons and those who are hired to provide over sight aren't qualified, in many cases.

      With all of that, the Liberals and other parties will be able to wack Scheer and his white Cons over the head with it. There is some very interesting stuff going on right now in the U.S.A. regarding the holding of migrants. the private prison corporations are making billions, have increased their lobbying of politicians by millions...........

      Scheer doesn't get it. People will continue to come. You can't stop them because in their home countries they know they will die for sure. Trying to come here, there is a chance they might live. Its like us buying lottery tickets. We know we most likely won't win, but there is a chance. So until western countries clean up the mess they made in other countries, people will continue to try to make to safety.

      Its clear in the U.S.A. its a matter of removing people of colour and that is what Scheer wants to do. there are now reports of Trump and ICE removing people who have lived in the U.S.A. since they were children. They are being deported back to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. What the U.S.A. used to deport in a year to these countries, is now the number deported on a weekly basis. The U.S.A. is using its size and money to force countries to take former citizens, who came to the U.S.A. as babies. I'm sure Scheer and his racists would want to do the same thing.

      Trump's eagerness to deport had an impact on the mid term elections. They lost a lot of suburban Republican women and they think, they won't ever come back to the Republican party. When children start to die, it really is bad. So Scheer, if you want kids dying, just implement your agenda and try to get Ford and Kenny to go along with it. Some people may want their "white" neighbourhoods, but they frequently draw the line at kids being separated from parents and kids dying.

      People ought to see migrants and immigrants as a benefit to Canada. When we see refugees coming, all I see is the chance that we will have some good teachers, nurses, cops, paramedics, doctors, in the mix. In many places in B.C. there is a shortage of service industry workers. Some resturants have cut back on hours, days, etc. because they lack staff. Yes, and some of them were paying $15 an hr. or more. If Trump doesn't want those 800K Dreamers, we sure could use them in Canada.

    2. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Nothing wrong with sounding discouraged Simon as it is frustrating to see these hacks ignore the obvious where Scheer is concerned.
      As I see it, one person's discouragement will light a spark of action under another and so on. Words have meaning and power and in your fight for fairness and decency, your messages are getting through. Look no further than one particular commenter on your Christmas day blog as evidence of that.

  7. Scheer would appear to have about as much understanding of our Constitution as Harper did. If the Cons were to be elected and tried to enact those types of laws, they would be the same place Harper was, with those 8 losses in the Supreme Court of Canada.

    There are no laws against belonging to a "gang". They wouldn't 'be able to identify what a gang was, perhaps a criminal organization, but that might include political parties.

    What the hell is a "gang crime"? We have gangs in B.C., but many criminals are "unaffiliated". Some gang members don't involve themselves with crimes. With the type of "laws" Scheer and his Cons are advocating we could all wind up in jail. So if you belong to a ski patrol and a couple of people are convicted of crimes, does the ski patrol now become a gang? Would all members of the ski patrol then be gang members? This is a great way to out law any opposition parties. Nice try Scheer, but most Canadians don't want to go down that fascist rabbit hole.

    We have enough laws on the books to enable police forces to do their job. Some areas of Canada simply need more police officers, court officers, and treatment centers. Society has never been able to eliminate "gangs" or criminals. We constantly hear about gang activities and shootings in Surrey, B.C. It should to be noted Vancouver and Surrey have similar populations. Vancouver has twice the number of police officers that Surrey does and Surrey has a much greater land base than Vancouver. of course you're going to have more crime in Surrey, with half the police officers. Vancouver has a better infrastructure, more community centers for kids, more programs.

    Used to watch CBC but not the past couple of years. their new format isn't interesting and the opinions they espouse are truly anti Trudeau and anti everyone except the Scheer and the Cons.

    My concern is there will be outside interference with our up coming federal election. I'm sure the Russians would much prefer Scheer in office than Trudeau. There is now quite a bit of news around about "illegal" interference in the campaigns of Jill Stein and Doug Jones. It is being reported money donated to their campaigns were funnelled to an organization which used methods similar to those of the Russians against Clinton.

  8. Christmas with the family is a Trudeau hate fest. I ask them what has he done, they bring up India, if they where objective Harper should be in jail for his limo and fake photo ops at Taj. Can you imagine if Trudeau had gone to the Taj?