Saturday, December 08, 2018

The Pathetic Non Apology Of The Homophobic Bigot Jason Kenney

It takes a certain kind of religious fanatic who would work hard to prevent gay people from visiting their dying lovers in hospital.

It takes a monster to brag about it.

But Jason Kenney did both.

In the early 1990's he helped overturn a spousal rights law in San Francisco.

In the year 2000, in a campaign speech, he bragged about it.

And yesterday he apologized. 

"Sure, there are things that I've done and said in my life that I regret," Kenney said Thursday at the Legislature. 

 "Is that [the San Francisco comments] one of them?" he was asked.

 "Sure," he replied.

Sort of.

For he never says sorry, and then goes on to make it sound like he's a good friend of LGBT Canadians.

"I can tell you in 2003, and '04 and '05, you can look at the Hansard transcript and see me supporting domestic partner arrangements for dependent couples regardless of sexual orientation," he said. 

 "That has been my long-standing public view."

Which couldn't be more false or more obscene, when for thirty years Kenney has always been one of the worst enemies of the gay community.

He tried to get the cowboy bigot Ralph Klein to invoke the notwithstanding clause to block gay rights in Alberta.  

He taunted gay people during the same-sex marriage debate, claiming they could get married as long as it was to someone of the opposite sex.

He voted against every LGBT rights bill ever to be tabled in the federal parliament, including those aimed at extending hate crime protection to gays and lesbians.

And now him and his United Conservative Party, which is riddled with bigots, are trying to undermine Gay-Straight Alliances, which help protect bullied kids in our schools.

Which in my book is unforgivable, and the mark of a coward.

You know, if Kenney wants to apologize for what he did in San Francisco, he should apologize to those he robbed of a final moment with their dying loved ones...

And maybe they'll forgive him.

But if I was them, I wouldn't.

For Kenney is a bigoted right-wing monster. The damage he has done is too great to forget and forgive.

And he deserves to live in infamy forever... 


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    When you live in a virtual world the past, present and future are what you say it is and not what your actions reveal. I understand why you did not include the graphic but my virtual world still has Kenney in a dress and hooker boots. Why is it that religious zealots are hardest on people who share some of the same feelings and choose to manifest it in hate rather than love.

    1. Hi RT....I had to choose my pictures of Kenney carefully. I didn't want anyone to laugh while reading what is after all a very sad story. And yes, one might well ask why so many Christians who are supposed to be guided by love, are so cruel and hateful?
      I got a couple of comments from them this morning, which I immediately deleted, but not before I gave thanks I'm an atheist, but still more Christian than them...😇

  2. Lindsay Graham, Jutin Kenny, John Baird and the list goes on an on

    1. e.a.f.7:48 PM

      lets not forget Judge Pryor in the southern district, and that is why he didn't make the final cut for American Supreme Court Justice, allegedly. Just check out Legal Schnauzer's blog

    2. Hi Steve...none of those others are as bad as Kenney. Nobody has deliberately caused as much pain as he has, for which he can never be forgiven...

    3. e.a.f.7:07 PM

      It isn't up to us to "forgive" Jason Kenny. it is our moral responsibility to remind people of what he did, because it is a pattern of behaviour which will repeat itself. People who do such things, will do other such things in the future. Only "god" or the people he wronged can "forgive" him.

  3. Jackie Blue4:06 PM

    Jason the swamp creature should be made to resign from politics forever, and the UCP (Un-Canadian Party) be forced to disband as a hate group. It's plainly obvious he's not sorry. He's a useless, self-loathing piece of shit. The social media harassment from the low-class oil trash photoshopping Justin Trudeau into Caitlyn Jenner and Marilyn Monroe, and spreading rumors that his flu vaccine was a PrEP shot or a hormone injection, shows what kind of bigoted Rebel scum he attracts. If Klanney and his Kulturkampf Kult of Ernst Röhm brownshirts win the next provincial election (as it looks like they will), Texas North should separate and float out to the sea, and take Doug the Thug, Westboro McVety and Andy the Antichrist on the same ice floe en route to Russia. None of them would be missed in the least.

    1. e.a.f.7:51 PM

      Alberta can't float out to see, they have B.C. to the west, The Terrotories to the North and the U.S.A. TO THE south. They're land locked that is why they want to push their pipeline through B.C., but I know what you mean.

      "That has been my long-standing public view." says it all. Kenny doesn't say what his "private view" is. We all know politicians say and do different things when it comes to different groups so they can get elected.

    2. e.a.f.8:06 PM

      I haven't kept up on Alberta politics for the last 3 years, however, Alberta isn't quite the province it once was. It has changed, given the number of people who moved there during the oil boom.

      I'm not sure Kenny will win. Yes, he will have the haters and harper. However, Notley did win the last election and she has done a fairly good job of governing and pushing the oil agenda. Kenny won't be able to do better.

      We have an idea of how Kenny and his Cons will run their campaign. If the NDP hires Gerry Scott, like they did last time, they may win again. Gerry Scott is one of the best political campaigners the NDP has in Canada. Gerry Scott studied the American style of campaign work decades ago and the NDP elected Mike Harcourt as Premier of B.C. Prior to that Scott ran his campaign to become Mayor of Vancouver and leader of the NDP.

      Kenny and his Cons will make this a down and dirty election campaign and my money says, the NDP isn't going to be left in the dust on that. They may win.

      Even if the Cons come to office in Alberta, they still have an NDP government in B.C. and it may remain here for some years. Yes, in 3 years there will be an election, but if the investigation into the Leg. unrolls as I expect the B.C. LieberCons will never see office again. A jail cell perhaps, but if all those oil voters think Jason can provide them an exit for their tar/oil and the NDP runs that as a theme, who knows........Jason won't be able to deliver. Edmonton has always had ridings voting NDP and Calgary, well just look at who the Mayor still is........where there is breath there is hope.

      It will depend upon how much money is put into Notley's campaign and how many people go to work for the party. I know every one wants big Unions out of politics, but really, who do people think sends staff and organizers to the NDP? Their skills can not be picked up at any corner store. The Cons send in the best help money can buy.

    3. Like many of the things debated today, the real picture is not even discussed. The solution to the problem is simple. Refine the tar in Alberta. Look at the price of gasoline, its still at the same level as when gasoline was over $100 a barrel. The reason the oil is not refined in Alberta, or even seriously discussed is someone has Canada over the barrel.

    4. Hi's appalling that somebody like Kenney appears poised to become the next Premier of Alberta. And Canada will live to rue the day he does, for I truly believe that Kenney will try to take the redneck province out of confederation. But then they deserve him, and if the bigot province does leave I won't miss it. For if it chooses a bigot as its leader it deserves no respect whatsoever...

    5. Hi e.a.f...I would be very pleasantly surprised if Rachel Notley did defeat Jason Kenney. But I think Alberta is too far gone to be capable of any kind of decency. As you point out, the province has changed a bit for the better with many young workers moving there from other parts of Canada. But there are not enough of them yet, and the old Alberta is still as mean, and bigoted, and American as it always has been...

  4. Anonymous2:03 AM

    I'm glad Kenney showed his true colours with his no big deal attitude in how he took pleasure in helping to deny one of the most basic acts of compassion one can grant, to be with a dying loved one. It is heinous and cruel beyond belief and given his whole attitude towards it, it reveals that Kenney is the same POS who uttered those words so long ago.
    So far the MSM has reported this but will they now share their opinions on this despicable excuse of a would be leader?

    1. Hi JD....yes, Kenney hasn't changed a bit. He is still a reactionary demagogue, and attracts other bigots like roadkill attracts flies. His new party is an absolute sewer of extremists and other low life scum. Alberta may love their hateful would be leader, but they will live to regret it....

  5. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Don't forget how Kenney followed Paul Martin on his around the world
    tour and always shouted questions about same sex marriage to the then-PM.
    He wasted money and wanted to make the PM look bad on his final tour.



    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Kenney is just a self loathing closet queen, and with every passing year he looks more cowardly and more ridiculous.

    2. Hi Torontonian...I didn't know about that, but I suppose nobody should be surprised. He has a vicious streak that should disgust most decent Canadians, but unfortunately Stephen Harper's disgusting regime provided an incubator for people like Kenney, and the country is now crawling with bigots just like him. That kind of bigoted extremism has the capacity to tear this country apart , so I can only hope more Canadians wake up before it's too late...

  6. Kenny will always be a rancid puss sack creature with the only claim to fame is attracting the deplorables. The religious right really should be asking him why he's not married- hmmm. He is the worst kind of closet case and like the wonderful history re-written 41 to the south cannot be forgiven for the damage he's done. Hopefully 2019 will be the year we never have to hear another word about him or see him in the public eye, if he loses, the UCP may not be see quick to attach their wagon to him. Just disappear Jason! Is that too much to ask?

    1. Hi bcwaterboy...You and I have been corresponding for a long time, so I know that you know Kenney as well as I do. And what a horror show it has been. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a self loathing closet queen, what a waste of life. Like you I also hope that Rachel Notley can defeat Kenney, and finally rid us of his vampire presence. But I'm afraid I'm not optimistic. Kenney I believe will take this country to the brink, and many of those who support him will come to see him as the monster he is...

  7. Hi anon@9:12AM...I also believe that Kenney is a self loathing closet queen, but I didn't want anything to get in the way of pointing out his cruelty and his long history of bigotry....