Sunday, December 30, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Con's Heart of Darkness

I knew that some dark invisible force had recently given Andrew Scheer a big boost in the polls, and I thought I knew what it was.

A primeval panic and new eruption of toxic Trudeau hate, caused by Scheer's false claim that Trudeau was about to erase our borders, by signing the U.N. Global Compact on Migration.

And was encouraging the migrant hordes to invade our country.

Which was of course just another Big Lie, brought to you by the man who lies like a thief, for crass political purposes.

But now a new Abacus poll is out, and it suggests the situation is even worse than I had imagined.

For it tells you all you need to know about Scheer and the Con's heart of darkness.

And while the government's approval rating is mildly concerning.

Across the country, 42% approve of the performance of the Trudeau government, and 39% disapprove. Approval is down 3 points since November while disapproval is up five points.

Considering that the unemployment rate is at a forty year low.

This is what should alarm all decent Canadians:

It turns out that it's not just xenophobia that is fuelling this latest eruption of toxic Trudeau hate, it's a lot more than that:

It is clear that some of whatever antipathy there is to Mr. Trudeau has something to do with deeper social tensions. 

The Prime Minister is particularly disliked among those who would prefer a white Canada, with no Muslims, less emphasis on women’s interests, less acceptance of homosexuality. He is harshly viewed by those who would like a Canadian Trump and who see the media as the enemy of the people.

It's also being fuelled by white racism, anti-Muslim bigotry, crude misogyny, and ugly  homophobia.

For this couldn't be more backward and barbarous... 

Or more bestial.

Or more treasonous.

For that diseased desire to destroy our precious Canadian values, and turn this country into a Trumpland North.

Is where Andrew Scheer would take us...

For let's be clear, along with people like Ezra Levant, Scheer's venomous dogwhistles have helped create this bigot nightmare.

And if him and his con zombies are not stopped, they will destroy this country.

Which strangely enough is actually good news, for it makes the choice in the next election  even clearer...

Will you vote American?

Or will you vote Canadian?


  1. Weak andy from Sarajevo.

    1. Hi Steve....And to think I always thought he came from Saskatchewan....🤔

  2. Jackie Blue1:55 PM

    Linda Frum or should I say Linda Drumpf was complaining on Twitter about the cost of Justin Trudeau's security team. Seems the "economically anxious" Cons know the price of everything and the value of nothing. I don't know a lot about the history of every prime minister in Canada but I don't think anyone has ever faced the threat level that Justin Trudeau does on a daily basis. Not even Pierre. That guy who broke in at 24 Sussex in 1995 and Chrétien fought off, was one isolated person with a psychological disturbance who got court-ordered mental health treatment and apologized. The Parliament Hill shooter was angry about Harper's Middle East policy. But nobody went around at rallies threatening Laureen or Ben like the Harper/Scheer/Kenney/Ford Con cult spews the most vile rhetoric and lies about Sophie, about Margaret, about Sacha and even about Xavier, Ella and Hadrien. Even Michel gets dragged into their web of hate and he's not even alive to defend himself. But these are all just symptoms of "economic anxiety disorder," I'm sure.

    Enough is enough. The authorities need to investigate the Conservatives if Scheer and his thugs won't call off the dogs. I don't care if it looks like a Liberal power grab. It's a matter of national security. It's already on record that the Fredericton shooter was a fanboy for Faith Goldy and the incel attacker was a fanboy for Jordan Peterson and that Marshall's troll farm shared office space with Cambridge Analytics and he is not as well distanced from Rebel as he claims to be. This is not a valid political party. It's a hate group. People have already been radicalized enough by Conservative rhetoric to cause harm to their fellow Canadians. Hate crimes have skyrocketed since 2015. Andrew Scheer has lit a ticking time bomb and it's only a matter of time before some other stochastic fanboy, or a Squeaky Fromme wannabe (is that what Faith meant by "duck hunting"?), goes off on Justin Trudeau and/or someone in his family.

    The Cons don't only need to lose the next election. They need to be fumigated by law enforcement and their hate-feeding propaganda apparatus shut down once and for all.

    1. Hi Jackie...I saw Linda Frum's comment, and I almost replied by including that hideous picture of Trudeau and the noose that I included in this post. I didn't because I'm not confrontational on Twitter, and I was worried the Twitter police might come after me. But of course it would have made the point that the reason Justin Trudeau needs his security is because the Cons have made this country a much more dangerous place.Scheer and his ghastly Cons have enabled all kinds of violent fanatics and for that alone they can never be forgiven...

    2. I'm hoping you can help me out---My son has/is infected by the gender-bender PC politics of Jordan Peterson.

      And to be honest I just can't bring myself to waste time stripping this jerk down to salient points to argue against my son's continued waste his time reading and quoting this yahoo....

      Can you recommend a great critique-negative/profile of this jerk? I would appreciate it...JP preys on those who feel left out or behind, given how insensitive even our Finance Minister Morneau was by declaring that job-seekers should expect to face, uncertain and 'precarious times' finding and keeping jobs....(as though 2008 was all the fault of civil society.....)...? Thank you for any effort taken...take care.

    3. Anonymous11:12 AM

      For starters Peterson doesn't know anything about lobsters. Take it from there.


  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Hi Simon, I don’t know if you know, but this morning there was a rumour going around Twitter that you had died of cancer. Please tell me that’s not true, and that you are OK.

    1. See 'Anonymous' is proof positive on both fronts---the vicious low-IQ level of never dealing with the facts as outlined--But going on a toxic tirade of hate and venom (dumb-ass asking if a person died?)...
      Pathetic, I will work damn hard to re-elect the Liberals...Because to go backwards into nasty and total corporate-corruption like under Harper ----and his ground-licking lacky's is just too low to recover decently.

    2. Hi anon...yes I know, and I was shocked to wake up and read about my death. It was another Simon in England who died, but somehow some people thought it was me. For a while it was quite unpleasant, but I was moved by all the sweet things people on Twitter said about me, so it turned out to be an uplifting moment. But thank you for caring...

    3. Hi Marg...when I first read that a rumour was going around that I had died, I was sure the Cons were responsible. But happily it turned out to be an unfortunate mistake, so all is well that ends well...

    4. Hope it wasn't the Simon of "Simon's Cat". I love those cartoons, and so does Livia - think she is reacting to the cat sounds. She also loves kitten videos, and I think she is also reacting to the kitten sounds in those. She is quite broody, and purrs when she hears mews.

      Here is a fellow who had a good long run, and heartily deserved it!

  4. We have many challenge in the next year. Gays, Guns and immigrants are distractions. Pipelines are a lie, and deficit do matter, but as a proportion of the debt JT is a good manager.

    1. Hi Steve...bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia may be a distraction to some, but they were at the heart of Brexit, and the ascension of Trump so they cannot be taken lightly. And since the right wingers are associating them all with Trudeau he faces an uncertain future, and so does this country...

  5. Totally agree, but I am afraid of how easy it was and now appears to be for our publicly paid for media and others to troll and manipulate us (the majority that never voted cons/Harper back into do so much more damage.)..

    Imagine turning into a smaller replica of the 'now' states. As for deficits, yes but the loss taxpayers rarely get wind of, but see service and program cuts to offset is the dreaded shoveling of our tax dollars to corporate welfare...I was shaking after the airing of the Fraser Institute's report covering the 695 billion in corporate welfare since the 70's...Seeing even more down South added to the never-ending war machine...along with Merkel's speech reminded citizens everywhere how more important 'globalism' is versus a country's individual sovereignty and 'rule of law' is--- (at a loss given the nightmare's from 2008 where fraudsters and banksters got off ---leaving again taxpayers to foot-the-bill----And the knowledge --(that every fed politician (globally) has been inserting bank bailout/bail-in clauses into every fed budget since Harper in 2009)...

    Total dread...given the state of our media and their managements refusal to air 'real news' with actual analysis....on any of these vital aspects --far more dangerous than any terror group--because these threats almost brought down our entire system---only on taxpayer's heads.

    1. Hi Marg...At a time when so-called fake news is leading people astray, it's essential that Canadian institutions like the CBC set the record straight. Failing to report that Scheer lies all the time is inexcusable, and failing to denounce the way the Cons are pandering to racists is even worse. I know we are a complacent people, and in normal times that might be OK. But in a dangerous time like the one we are living in, we are playing with fire....

  6. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Not that some people required much encouragement,the Cons have spent the last 3 years using dark emotions of fear ,anger and disgust to coerce the emotionally susceptible into cultivating strong negative feelings towards equality, cultural diversity, immigration and Trudeau. The strategy is that once a persons feelings have been thoroughly corrupted all that is required near election day is to merely mention the words such as "illegal immigration" and Trudeau to conjure up enough fear and anger to drive voter response. This then leaves the cons free to use more traditional propaganda on the remaining voting public as election time approaches. Its a strategy fine tuned by big data and social media but will it work? It really depends on how many zombies they have cultivated, if they are strategically located and how many will defect to Mad Max. We won't know that until election day.
    On the downside the dark strategy comes at a price as anyone who recognizes the con will not vote for them for a very long time. Also the strategy puts them into Trump territory who is generally despised in Canada. Then there is the added problem that dark emotions will attract fellow politicians with dark personality traits such as greed, arrogance and inflexibility making it very difficult to keep hidden once in the public spot light especially for a leader like weak Andy.

    What ever happened to rules of common decency and honestly trying ( although sometimes misguided)to address real problems?

    Basic emotions


  7. Again, my son JF is smart and wants to know not just believe only to find out all was b s....this Peterson idiot has latched on to the one thing young men are most afraid of ---gender rights or the questions where others determine what is or isn't acceptable...(for us its always been 'none of our business' and respect for same given-........---All this Politically correct stupidity that leaves so many unaware because of the other propaganda tool of misdirection, from life and future issues ...I want to reveal Peterson for what and who his really is ---quickly....any help --appreciated.....take care..M