Thursday, December 20, 2018

What The Bigot Cons Have Done To Canada

I must admit it wasn't easy to leave Edinburgh, where I spent the last week celebrating an early Christmas with my family and friends.

And everything seemed more alive than anything in Canada these days.

It's not that I wasn't glad to come home, or don't enjoy the simple pleasures of the place where I live.

It's just that these days Canada reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day, where it's the same thing over and over again.

And Andrew Scheer is the groundhog in chief.

Still blowing his rusty racist dog whistle. Still trying to whip up fear and loathing. And of course, still blaming Justin Trudeau for everything.

While the greedy oil pigs from Alberta whine like jet engines in the background.

Or show us who they really are...

Or worse, show us who too many of us really are...

For that is what the Cons have done to Canada.

Poisoned this land with prejudice, and the bitter bile of old Trumplings. 

Who refuse to accept that time has passed them by, and want to take everybody else down with them.

In a country where the revolt of the so-called yellow vests in France, is just another business opportunity for the revolting Ezra Levant.

The grotesque professional bigot, who like so many other hate mongering Cons, should have been jailed long ago.

It's a depressing situation, made worse by our shabby media for whom the truth is always Con, and the grubby groundhog Andrew Scheer can do no wrong.

I'll never understand how at a dangerous time like this one, so many Canadians are willing to settle for so little, or are so quick to roll over and play dead, even as the planet burns.

But what I do know, is that I'm not ready to give up on my Canada. 

For although I sometimes wish Justin Trudeau would go after Scheer and his un-Canadian Cons, like he went after other Cons in the past... 

So he could give that alt-right thug and his bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Unfortunately Justin is right. 

Warning against the "dangers of populism," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says using immigration as a wedge political issue puts Canada's future at risk.

"The decision that the Conservatives have taken recently to, for example, go after the global compact on migration in a way that is deliberately and knowingly spreading falsehoods for short-term political gain and to drum up anxiety around immigration is irresponsible, is not the way we should be moving forward in a thoughtful way on one of the big issues that is facing our country," Trudeau said.

Appealing to decency in a country so full of dirty old toxic Trudeau haters, may seem almost quaint, or like a lost cause.

But standing up for our precious Canadian values, and civilized behaviour, is still the only way to beat those treasonous Trumplings.  

And in that regard there are some hopeful signs. 

Before I left for Scotland, this poll had me wanting to throw up all over it...

What on earth could have caused that sudden Con surge I wondered? 

And the answer seemed obvious to me; the bigot panic caused by this desperate little man... 

Who lies like Donald Trump does over and over again. But unlike Trump is never held properly accountable by our hopeless media.    

So he just keeps mangling the truth, and stirring up racism and xenophobia for crass political purposes, even if it sets Canada on fire. 

As I said, it's a depressing situation, but there is some good news. The new Nanos poll is a lot better than the last one.

This new Ipsos poll is even more encouraging. 

Asked who they would vote for if a federal election were held tomorrow, 38 per cent of respondents chose the Liberals while 33 per cent went for the Conservatives. 

The Liberals also came out on top as the party most Canadians said is best-equipped to deal with healthcare, climate change, poverty, unemployment and housing — five of the top eight issues that respondents said will determine how they vote in 2019.

And I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people in this country are finally realizing that Scheer and his Con gang have crossed the line... 

And are now acting more like Americans than Canadians.

So they must be defeated if the country we know and love is going to survive. 

And of course I'm more than ready to join in what will almost certainly be the Final Battle for Canada.

Just not right now eh? 

The Scots may have a ferocious spirit of resistance, after having to fight for their freedom for hundreds of bloody years. But they do know there's a time to fight, and a time to party.

And that time is upon us. It will be Christmas soon, or whatever you choose to call this Festivus season. Then it will be the New Year celebrations, or Hogmanay, Scotland's wildest party.

So let the Cons wait for their destruction.

And may the spirit of Edinburgh be with you all...


  1. Jackie Blue12:33 AM

    Happy Holidays, Simon. Glad to see you back.

    Here's hoping Andy & co. end up on the permanent naughty list heading into 2019. The situation with erratic governments like the U.S. and China couldn't be more dire. Weak Andy just doesn't have the chops to play Chinese checkers or even Candy Land with an unhinged, cornered beast like Trump and the rising tide of strongman autocrats (that he no doubt hopes to join).

    At the very least the Cons should be shunned from decent society. But with Russia and other shady forces fanning the flames of that yellow vest movement, there's definite cause for a police investigation. Aiding and abetting threats of violence against the prime minister is unacceptable, and Scheer's connections to Rebel have been ignored for far too long. Liberals wouldn't tolerate the same rhetoric against Scheer, his wife and kids so for him to remain silent in the face of this vile fomenting of assassination talk -- and contract with Ezra's chief propagandist -- borders on the criminal.

    At minimum, I hope the new election bills passed in Parliament finally put a restraint on the underhanded tactics they've been getting away with for years. They can't win without lying and cheating or stoking hatred against people outside the paranoid base.

    At least Trudeau tries to live up to the spirit of the season. Scheer just plows over everything good and decent, and literally tries to emulate Donald Truckin' Fump.

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Shun 30% of the population because of their political beliefs? Scheer "aiding and abetting threats of violence against the prime minister"?

      You're the "hysterical liberal" stereotype the Cons use to mock us.

      Tone it down a little bit please.

    2. Jackie Blue3:15 PM

      @anon 10:22

      If 30% of the population finds bigotry and threats of violence to be an acceptable road to alleviating their "economic anxiety," then yes, they should be shunned. At the very least called out and told that this is what they're allowing to happen. It's not about their "political beliefs." What political beliefs? That the entirety of the Middle East is going to be airlifted into Edmonton based on a non-binding U.N. agreement? That transgender people are psychotic sexual predators who want to swap "free speech" for Orwellian newspeak? That Trudeau is an Illuminati child sex slave and the love child of Fidel Castro, doing the bidding of a mysterious billionaire who sold his own people to the Nazis, and that both should be hanged for "treason"? Sounds like the Cons are the ones being hysterical. This isn't about "political beliefs." It's about what they're willing to tolerate among their fellow Tory (Republican) partisans, for the vague goal of "creating jobs." Which Trudeau has managed to do in spades without resorting to that. But if 30% are OK with shrugging that off, then Canada has a big problem. 62 million people shrugged it off in the U.S. and look where we are.

      Silence is complicity, and by continuing to associate himself with Marshall and the Rebel circle, Scheer is absolutely aiding and abetting this. When did he condemn the "low class oil trash" (their words, not mine) who showed up at a previous event wearing sweatshirts calling for Trudeau to be hanged? Or carrying signs with vulgar insults directed at poor Margaret? You can't tell me that when Andy got on that truck he didn't see the driver wearing a Trump North hat -- red hats being the modern equivalent of white hoods -- that said "Make Canada Great Again"!

      What about Kenney, for that matter? When it was pointed out to him that Soldiers of Odin was at that protest, what was his response? Crickets. There's a thing called "stochastic terrorism" you might want to read about. There's documented evidence of the Cons affiliating themselves with known hate groups while maintaining tacit approval of their rhetoric by keeping mum when made aware of it.

      It's not being hysterical to be vigilant.

    3. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Very well said, Jackie.

    4. Hi Jackie....I agree with you, we need a police investigation to look at the links between the Cons and far right extremism in this country. It's obvious that Scheer's sleazy attacks on Justin Trudeau are provoking an undercurrent of violence that must be halted before it gets totally out of control. Progressives must understand that we are dealing with the same kind of extremists that are destabilizing Europe and act accordingly...

    5. Hi anon@10:22 AM...Stop posing as a progressive you dirty lowdown Con. Did you read this post and see those pictures of your grubby fascists threatening the prime minister? Jackie is too kind, people like you and your Nazi Cons don't just need to be shunned, you need to be arrested and jailed. Progressives have been far too tolerant. But not any longer. It's time Scheer's alt-right connections were exposed for all to see before he poisons this country further...

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Welcome back Simon, nice to have you back on the blog, fighting the good fight.
    Just as Trump keeps repeating his greatest hits of "no collusion", "witch hunt" and "terrorists flooding the borders", No-Plan-Andy is mimicking his moral equal perfectly with his own collection of mouldy oldies. Keep saying the same thing over and over, again and again and the likes of those yellow vested morons will suck it up like a souped-up septic pumping truck.
    There's really no hope for these losers who base their opinions on what the rebel or lyin' Andy has to say and speaks a lot to their mental capacities or lack thereof.
    I firmly believe that decent Canadians still greatly outnumber Andy's deplorables and will reaffirm this next October. By then Trump's walls will have collapsed on him, Doofus Ford will be embroiled in multiple major scandals(as if he isn't already) and No-Plan-Andy will still be blowing his pathetic little dog whistle as he's soundly rejected by a majority of Canadians.

    1. Hi JD...thank you, I'm still in extreme holiday mode, but I look forward to taking on the Cons in 2019. As I said in my post, what those filthy fascists are doing to this country is beyond belief. The next election will be the most important one in the history of Canada, for it will determine whether this country will be led by Canadians or Trumplings. And although I'm still stunned by the apparent fact that the Cons were able to get such a big boost from the racist migrant story, like you I am confident that they are going to get a beating they will never forget. Justin is still talking of keeping to the high road, but that doesn't mean that we have to play nice with the Cons, for they are scum and don't deserve it. And after the way they are behaving I don't just want to see them defeated, I want to see them destroyed...

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Glad you're back. Your positive messages have been missed.

    I don't understand Albertans. It seems to me that Trudeau has done nothing but positive things for them. Yet, there's this big hate on.

    They want their pipeline. Well, it'll come eventually after following the rules. If Harper had followed the rules it would be happening right now. (In fact, what DID Harper do for Alberta? Anything?) But, the pipeline will not solve their oil problems. As "free marketers" they know that the price for their bitumen is all supply and demand, right? Increasing supply via a pipeline will not increase prices. It will drive them down further.

    And as for the "Yellow vests - Canadian edition", they haven't a clue. They're co-opting a movement about equality and poverty (it's more than that, kind of like Occupy+) and turning it into a racist, anti-immigrant shout-out. The real Yellow Vests are anything but anti-immigrant.

    And, I'm getting real tired of the majority of the MSM being anti-Trudeau all day, all the time. He's far from perfect, but he's a long sight better than Harper, Kenney and our great, illustrious Ford here in Ontario.


    1. Hi UU...I too am sick of Alberta and what those racist rubes are doing to this country. I'll save my thoughts for a post I plan to write this weekend, but what I can say right now is that if those ugly oil pimps think they can intimidate us they are going to be bitterly disappointed. Trudeau does not deserve the violent hate those dirty Cons are directing at him, and if we allow that hate to be normalized this country could be in big trouble...

    2. Anonymous1:59 PM

      I've never been more disgusted and embarrassed to be Albertan then I have been the last few weeks. Ignorant, racist, short-sighted and greedy useful idiots.

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Welcome back Simon. I wondered where you had gone, and I was worried you might have given up on this country. I wouldn’t blame you, it is hard to believe that Scheer’s Cons are still that popular even though they have no platform, and all they ever do is attack Justin Trudeau. I think you’re right, there are a lot of dirty old men who dream of turning back the clock and making women their slaves again. Sorry droolers it’s not going to happen.. ����������

    1. Hi anon...thank you. Although I was very angry and disgusted when I left for Scotland, I will never give up on this country. Its complacency sometimes drives me crazy, but what those filthy Con Trumplings are trying to do to it makes me only more determined to defend it. And yes, the old droolers will not win...

  5. Anonymous10:18 AM

    With Hamish at the helm the Cons have hitched their wagon to the use of base emotions such as fear (immigration), greed (tax), hate ( Trudeau ) and pride ( bigoted nationalism) to win the next election. There is no platform or plan on how they would create a better Canada if elected other than general dribble about sealing borders, building pipelines, reducing taxes, and denying man's contribution to climate change. The only difference between the Canadian Cons and their US cousins is that through years of practice Trump is a much better showman than Scheer. Its possible that the Canadian institutions are strong enough to survive a one term Scheer but like their Harper predecessor they cast a long dark shadow into the future that is difficult to overcome. Some 10 years later actions such as destroying Libya and exploiting the oil sands have transitioned into waves of homeless immigrants and Alberta centric economic hardships although they have doubled production, 4 vs 2 million barrels per day.

    As per the following excerpt from the Macleans article its all about winning and nothing to do with good government or using the advise of the experts funded with our tax dollars. Where have we seen this movie before?


    "Winning a campaign is, in part, about framing a ballot question. So this one wouldn’t be about “transit,” which is attractive, but about taxes, which aren’t, and “TransLink,” which was perceived as inefficient and wasteful.

    So the target voters were less-educated commuters. The message was to ignore the proposed benefits and concentrate uniquely on the unpalatable method, a tax, and the untrustworthy vehicle, the transit agency."

    1. HI RT...yes, the Cons have decided to focus on the same base emotions the Rebel does to raise money, which is of course the result of having Hamish Marshall as their campaign manager. I must admit I didn't think they would be able to fool so many Canadians. But then there are a lot of really ignorant people in this country, and the media has done a terrible job of shining a spotlight on Scheer and his gang. There is also a growing aversion to paying taxes which hasn't helped matters, and Scheer has so far been able to get away with no plan to fight climate change. At this time last in human history I'm pretty confident that will be his downfall, if Mad Max doesn't get him first...

  6. Enjoy the season Simon and thanks for all your work.

    1. Hi rumleyfips....thank you and the same to you. Your contributions to this blog are very much appreciated....

  7. Seasons Greetings to you and yours Noddy!
    All the best to everyone in the New Year.
    Lets hope that the hatemongers don't stir up more trouble than the world can far it is not looking so good.
    Wardrums in the Persian Gulf and the turkey shoot in Gaza may spread to Lebanon.
    I'd really like Canada to separate from the US!
    Joined at the hip like a smarter, more humane,
    but weaker siamese twin.
    Good luck everyone!

    1. Hi hinofan...thank you, and Seasons Greetings to you too!!. The hate mongers of this world are on a roll at this time, but they have feet of clay and sooner or later they will come crashing to the ground. Never doubt that. The year ahead will be a fierce one, but for the Cons of this world it will mark the beginning of the end...

  8. Merry Christmas everybody, where we celebrate the ultimate conspiracy theory. IMHO things are only getting better. I trust Canada to do the right thing in 2019 and place the lying cons on the molecular destruct-or of history.

    1. Hi Steve...I'm happy to see that you are feeling optimistic about our chances of burying the Cons once and for all. I share that optimism. At this time it's easy to become discouraged, but if you look at the way the long term trend, and the demographic situation, we are definitely in better shape than the Cons, and if it wasn't for our bought media that would be even more obvious. But social media is now bigger than the old media and it will set the record straight and set the Cons on the highway to hell...

  9. Anonymous8:51 PM

    |Glad your back Simon. Wondering how do the Scots and anyone over that way see Canada and our politics?. I know they have their own issues but do you see any headlines in particular of Trudeau being a laughing stock, or any comments on Scheer.
    Merry Christmas to all!!

    1. Hi anon...unfortunately you don't see very much written about Canada in the Scottish media, and once most ordinary people find out that you're a Canadian the only thing they want to talk about is their relatives in Canada. But all I have met have a very good impression of our country, Justin Trudeau is widely admired, especially by younger people., and Scheer is totally unknown and hopefully will remain so...