Sunday, December 09, 2018

Why Can't Andrew Scheer Stop Lying like A Loser?

Pity poor Andrew Scheer, he's never looked more like a loser. He just can't seem to do anything right. 

He has tried everything to try to smear and destroy Justin Trudeau. And I mean EVERYTHING.

But it's just not working.

Last week he was rummaging through the closet of kooky conspiracies, claiming that the U.N. Global Compact for Migration was a plot to undermine our sovereignty and erase our borders.

Only to be made to look like a serial liar. Again.

And accused of peddling misinformation. 

Canadian academics and refugee advocates are calling out the federal Conservatives for spreading misinformation about the implications of a United Nations migration agreement, which Canada will join in Morocco next week.

Craig Damian Smith, associate director of the Global Migration Lab at U of T’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, said the Conservatives’ claim that the Global Compact threatens Canada’s sovereignty is “logic-defying,” as the agreement explicitly reaffirms the right of member states to determine their national migration policy. He said the Conservatives either don’t understand international law or are willing to make false claims. 

“Members of Parliament in the federal Conservative Party are mimicking and importing far-right political rhetoric from Europe. Their arguments are cut and pasted from xenophobic and self-described de-liberal political parties," said Prof. Smith.

And that so soon after he accused Trudeau of spending $50 million to try to impress the late night host Trevor Noah.

Only to be accused of getting his facts wrong, again. And being biased against girls and young women. 

What part of funding education for girls around the world doesn’t Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer like?

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted out an announcement this week that Canada was contributing $50 million to a global charity for children’s education, Scheer chose to misrepresent the entire situation. In a tweet of his own, he accused Trudeau of throwing taxpayers’ money around just to ingratiate himself with a TV host, namely Trevor Noah of The Daily Show. 

In fact, as Scheer knew or could easily have found out, none of this was true. The money is part of Canada’s $400-million pledge for girls’ education made at the G7 summit, and the contribution to the education fund was decided weeks ago.

Which made Scheer the religious fanatic, look once again like a creepy misogynist...

Or a maniac.

So now he's going back to the basics, by accusing Justin Trudeau of wrecking the economy.

In what can only be described as a very unfortunate case of bad timing.

Canada generated a record number of jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to the lowest in more than four decades, suggesting the labour market remains buoyant despite doubts about the health of the nation’s economy. 

Employment increased by 94,100 in November, with broad-based gains across industries of mostly full-time jobs, Statistics Canada said Friday from Ottawa. That’s the largest one-month gain in records dating back to 1976.

As well as yet another big lie.

Even though it's a stunning achievement, one the Liberals couldn't help celebrating. 

While pointing out that the Cons have still got no economic plan to offer up to Canadians.

Which left the desperate Scheer in the growing darkness looking like a Con artist or a clown...

Or just an even more pathetic loser.

And begs the question:

How long must decent Canadians put up with him and his filthy lying Trumplings?

How long before we can destroy them in the next election? 

Because that happy Day of Decency can't come soon enough...


  1. Simon, I was going to urge you to blog about this issue after I saw Chris ALexander on QP this morning speaking about the UN pact. To my surprise he eviscerated weak Andy. The knives are out for weak andy.

    1. Hi Steve...i have been so busy I have hardly had time to blog, but as you know I have done my best to chronicle every one of Scheer's many lies. And the one about the U.N. Compact on Migration is the most dangerous lie of them all, for it could poison this country and turn us into a backward bigoted place...

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Why aren’t the media denouncing Scheer’s lies and demanding he resign? Imagine how they would be reacting if Justin had told half the lies Scheer has. Since when is it OK for an opposition leader to tell one lie after the other? If the media doesn’t get its act together we are going to end up looking as bad as Trump’s United States.

    1. Hi anon...I have no idea why the media give Scheer's lies a pass. And I can imagine how they would be attacking Justin Trudeau if he lied as much as Scheer does. After just one lie those Con stooges would be demanding his resignation. In my opinion, if we allow Scheer and his Cons to get away with all those lies they will end up destroying first our democracy and then our country....

  3. Jackie Blue4:03 PM

    To make matters worse, the Cons are attaching themselves to that "spontaneous" yellow-jacket swarm that started in Paris and didn't take long to spread throughout Europe. Anti-Racist Canada reported on a number of protests in Toronto and around Alberta, with known white nationalists who donned the neon safety vests and chanted slogans about "globalists" while calling for Trudeau and George Soros to be imprisoned and/or killed. One of which, Mad Max was supposed to be at but stood up at the last minute.

    The French government is now investigating credible reports of foreign infiltration and hijacking, including a number of the shit disturbers posing with flags of Russian far-right organizations and graffiti tagging in Cyrillic. Social media is alight with newly hatched troll accounts bearing yellow-vest avatars all repeating the same "Lock them up" and conspiracy-mongering about the UN Compact and carbon taxes, complete with more dangerous rhetoric about how Trudeau (and/or Macron) "should get what's coming to him." What have Facebook and Twitter done about this? Nothing, of course. Wouldn't want to appear "biased" or jeopardize their own pot of rubles and dinars from Kushner Kremlin Kash.

    I don't like where this is going, and the press needs to do a lot more holding Scheer's feet to the fire about the Rebel connections and who his money men are, before some unhinged bigot or cluster of bigots takes his rhetoric to real-world action and (more) people get hurt. Except the inverse is happening, as the CBC's and Global's garbage editorial sections have already published "hot takes" echoing the same line about "Canada's identity" and Trudeau "neglecting the country." Paul Wells is even out with a column saying that Canada is a "tinderbox" on the brink of a populist uprising. Well, gee, if that's true, who might be in part responsible for it? Perhaps the same ratings-hungry media who did jumping jacks over manufactured scandals about Indian clothing, "border crises" and late-night TV hosts, while allowing the Rebel scum stormtroopers to put on their brown shirts and construction vests and mobilize right in their own backyard!

    1. Hi Jackie.... Like you I am very worried what might happen to this country. Canadians seem to think that what is happening in your country and in Europe can't happen here. Once upon a time that might have been the case, but not any longer. The ten years of Stephen Harper divided and corrupted this country, and now we are in grave danger. If we had a decent media I'd feel better about our chances, but we don't. So it will be up to us on social media to do our best to denounce the Cons and try to expose their lies. If we can't do that not even the decent Justin Trudeau will be able to save us...

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Thanks to Scheer’s bullshit about that non binding U.N. Compact about a hundred neo Nazis turned up on Parliament Hill and started fighting with counterprotesters and police. This is what Scheer and his fascist Cons are doing to our country. When will the media and the police go after them? What are they waiting for?

    1. Hi anon...yes I saw that, and who do you think we're in the fascist crowd? Scheer's buddies from La Meute. He is trying to match Maxime Bernier's racist ranting, and he's desperate. But nothing can excuse what his crass opportunism could do to Canada. And you're right we need a more engaged media, and a police investigation...

  5. e.a.f.7:29 PM

    Its every one's right to demonstrate and speak their piece. Of course the fighting is out as is hate speech. the media isn't going to go after them, it isn't their job. It is the Media's job to report the news in a fair, factual manner. it is the role of the police to maintain order. The police ought not to take sides. if they do, at some future date it could be you they come after.

    What is going on in Europe and on Parliament hill may well be a series of events organized by people who wish to destabilise democracies and have right wing fascists elected.

    When one looks at France, the population which is mired in poverty is are the people of colour. the protestors from the news I've seen are white, so what is really going on in France. People like to think of France as this really nice civilized country where modern democracy has long reigned, but do remember they were that country which collaborated with the Nazi's to avoid a lot of unpleasantness. They like to espouse the how their "underground" fought the Nazis but have a look at how many "average" French helped the Gestapo round up the Jews and anyone else who didn't conform. None of what is going on in France surprises me. Its just that now, with new methods of communication, its easier to organize these riots. They have spread to Belgium and the Netherlands also. this isn't an accident. The goal is to destabilise countries so they no longer welcome democracy. Some people are willing to exchange their democracy for a military government if they think it will ensure their way of life. My money says this is all being organized by far righter with a little help from Russia and even China.

    The far right sees their chance now that Merkle is starting her exit. They saw Marcon as her heir for leading Europe and they need him out of their way. I'm sure some americans and their dtrump would be more than happy to see Marcon leaving.

    The problem for the ultra right wing, in Canada, is the leader of the Conservatives isn't that marketable and not some one Canadians like. Watch to see how they switch to Bernier, who is more electable.

    What has been done to Canada is the Americans "conning" some Canadian agency to arrest Men Wan Zhou. This will go a long way to disrupting our economy. this didn't happen in a vacuum. Who ever in the Canadian agency who ensured she would be arrested might well be a hold over from the Harpercon days. we can talk about politics, but if China really "goes to town" on us, for arresting Ms. Men Wan Zhou and deporting her to the U.S.A., we will be experiencing a lot of problems. If they get pissed enough, and they pull out of our economy we will have problems and that will make dtrump a very happy man because it could get Trudeau unelected.

    1. There were collaborators and partisans in all the countries of Europe. France was not any more "collaborationist" (or any more "partisan") than anywhere else.

      France is far from "mired in poverty"; what it does have is the equivalent of "rust belts" as in the US middle west and in large zones of Germany where the population has been forgotten and where public transport infrastructure is inadequate, meaning that many workers have to drive cars. Of course that crap began in the US and spread to Canada and elsewhere; deliberately creating car-dependent suburbs which kept workers in debt and created anomie.

    2. Hi e.a.f.....I wonder sometimes if you aren't clinging to an image of Canada that died long ago. Right now we are in a fight for our lives, and between Trumplings and alt right fascists we can't count on simple decency prevailing. One side will prevail, the other will be destroyed. And we have to make sure that we are the ones that survive this dark period. The past is no guide for the present, and the future is uncertain...

    3. Hi.lagatta...As much as I like a lot of things about France, it has always had a ugly streak of bigotry running through it. And while there were many resistance heroes there were also many shabby collaborators. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "The Sorrow and the Pity" but the portrait it paints of wartime France is not a pretty one...

  6. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Repeat the same lies often enough and most people will believe them, especially if they appeal to the base emotions of fear, greed and a sense of belonging. The only twist to this old strategy is that thanks to modern communication technology the Con's lies are fine tuned to individual preferences from anything that is mildly subliminal to the equivalent of a psychological sledge hammer. As their leader, Scheer is sitting on top of the communication pyramid of lies. He sets the tone and direction and like a stalking horse looks vaguely familiar to most of the voting herd but it is the hidden hunters that engage the specific groups and cull voters in hopes of bagging the big one. This strategy appeared to be working but some of the hunters drank too much vodka laced kool aid and decided it would be much quicker to grab a poison tipped lance, mount a real steed and slay the dragon in a blaze of glory. Almost on cue entered Mad Max along with his trusty provincial side kicks. The herd started to spook and Scheers cover was blown so there was no alternative but to prematurely lead the charge in the hopes that he can close the distance before the voting herd and elusive prize moves on to safer ground. It really seems a no-brainer on Trudeau's part, a little zig followed by a zag and Scheer will be exhausted and trampled by his former mates before even getting close but then again stranger things have happened.

    1. Hi RT...Like you I hope that Mad Max will force Scheer to be even more of a right wing extremist than he already is. For between Bernier and ape Ford he won't stand a chance. But for that squeeze play to work properly we need a respectable media and we don't have one. The migrant issue is the most deadly issue out there, and unless the media can expose Scheer as the monster he really is this country could be n big trouble...

  7. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Lyin' Andy has always been a steady source of hogwash mired in bullshit but at least now the MSM is calling him out on it.
    I appreciate you reprinting his tweets Simon but given that they are make-believe from a make-believe PM I ask if you could, in the spirit of the Baloney Metre, create a Bulloney Metre. Make it appear as though Andy's tweets are coming out of the rear end of a bull. The bigger the lie, the higher the tail goes with straight up reserved for the really big whoppers(art imitating life as it were).
    Other than that, I hope our MSM keeps up the pressure on Lyin' Andy. He's a desperate man consumed with a hatred for our PM that is unhealthy or more appropriately, a derangement syndrome.

    1. Hi JD...Some in the media are starting to take notice, but most of them work for the Toronto Star, and most of the Postmedia outlets are still peddling disinformation. When will I see a story that states loudly and clearly that the Cons lie like thieves, and are a mortal danger to our democracy. Canadians are so complacent that unless the media can hammer that message home it might not register, and our country could be lost. As you know I'm an optimist, but I'm also a realist, and the dark forces out there are powerful, and must be destroyed or they will destroy us...

  8. When I see CONservative propaganda....
    • Remember the Nigel Wright affair when Nigel paid off Duffy and …
    • Duffy was charged with receiving a bribe but …
    • Nigel Wright was not charged with giving a bribe?
    • Remember when Harper was found in contempt of parliament?
    • He didn't just shut down a committee…. He shut down the whole government!!!
    • Remember when conservatives sold a crown corporation for 15 million to SNC Lavellin? I CAN JUST IMAGINE WHAT THEY GOT IN RETURN!!!
    • Do you remember when the conservative party cheated in 2006 to get elected? When they were caught in the in and out scam they just gave themselves a 50,000 dollar fine and formed the government!
    • What about the Chuck Cadman affair. Chuck Cadman affair.
    • Does anyone remember Pierre Poutine scandal and robocalls?
    • How bout the trade deals that sold us out to the US and China?
    • What about the time you guys sold the wheat board to the you got a good deal in return?
    • And how bout when you took all the protections away from lakes rivers and streams in Canada just as the oil companies asked you to?
    • Remember you sold a weapons manufacturer the contract to provide our census software (Lockheed Martin). Hmmm why would they be in the census business? Remember how Harper used our foreign embassies to lobby for things for the oil companies and gave corporations money that should have gone to organizations that provide foreign aid?
    • Can we just avoid having another 125 billion dollar deficit from fiscal conservatives?
    • Remember all the awards you got us for doing nothing internationally about climate security? I don’t either!

    Conservatives are responsible for CPP Disability Benefits Denied To 60% Of Applicants, Among Highest Rejection Rates In World

    • lowest GDP growth in history
    • closing veterans affairs offices in an election year to balance the budget
    • raising retirement age to 67
    • making jokes about deaths caused by Maple leaf listeria tainted meat not firing the cabinet minister who made those jokes. and then not doing anything about food safety after those people died to later give us the largest food recall in Canadian history with XL foods.
    • Made a deal to pay 100% of the cost to build a bridge to the USA but letting Americans workers build half of it and then giving half that bridge back to the USA once we get our money back in tolls. Mind you i do appreciate that bridge but that bridge belongs to Canada and so should its profits after it's paid for.
    • Lost a seat on the UN security counsel giving Canada no voice in international security.
    • Sold out our farmers and supporting Saudi Arabia a country plagued with serious human rights abuses by selling them the Canadian wheat board.

    Trudeau has a ways to go before he screws up as bad as Harper did...