Friday, December 07, 2018

Doug Ford And The Scandal He Will Not Escape

When I saw this picture of Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau yesterday I could almost imagine what Ford was saying.

"Gimme, gimme, gimme everything I want *snort* or I'm picking up my marbles and going home!!!!"

So I wasn't surprised when the Trudeau government just shrugged its shoulders. 

For they must surely know that Ford is just trying to deflect attention from his many scandals.

Especially this one, the one where an old family friend of the Ford family was allowed to apply for the job of Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, even though he wasn't qualified.

But did get the job after those qualifications were lowered. 

When the top job with the Ontario Provincial Police was posted in October, Ron Taverner couldn’t apply, because his rank was too low. Two days later, the job requirements were changed — paving the way for the Ford family friend to apply.

He got the job.

When the media came after him, Ford claimed that he had zero influence with the panel that chose Taverner.

He is still refusing to back down, and still claiming he would have signed off on anyone.
He just can't seem to understand, or doesn't want to understand, why appointing an old buddy like Taverner to be your police chief is a really bad idea. 

Democratic countries put a wall between leaders of the government and leaders of the police for a reason. If the police are beholden to those in power, it opens the door to political arrests. Police become guard dogs for the rulers instead of guardians of the public. People stop believing that the police will enforce the law without favour. 

How is the public going to trust the police to probe potential crimes or misdemeanours of the Ford government with Mr. Taverner in charge?

You would think that Dougie might have learned something from the sordid adventures of his now dead brother Robbie...

Mr. Ford should know better. He was at Toronto City Hall when police were investigating his brother the mayor during the infamous crack-smoking scandal. How would it have looked if – instead of the estimable Bill Blair – Mr. Taverner had been in charge of the Toronto police?

But maybe he did, and really likes the sign Taverner has on a wall in his office that reads, "loose lips sink ships."

But whatever, good luck bellowing at Justin Trudeau to try to deflect attention from his own problems.

For his bully regime already reeks of corruption. He won't escape this scandal and all the others.

And I predict that nothing will save him from the day of justice....


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I wish I was surprised Simon but I'm not. Taverner reminds me of the crooked cop who laid a severe beating on a young Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Though I doubt their fates will be the same, Taverner's gift from Ford will not sit well with the OPP hierarchy and especially those who are highly qualified, non-partisan individuals who met the requirements before dumbed them down. I expect his old pal Ronnie will be thoroughly incompetent at the job and Ford will be shamed into ending his new career. "Sorry Ron, here's your severance", kaching!!
    So here we have another Con "leader" who abuses the power bestowed upon him with much more abuses to come. I wonder who he has tapped for CEO at Hydro? His cousin Vinny? "'Cause, you know, he knows electric stuff."

    1. Hi JD....You're right, there are a lot of police officers who are not happy with Taverner's appointment. It stinks of favouritism and sooner or later it will come back to haunt Ford. They say Taverner used to make sure that Rob Ford got home safely when he was blotto, and I figure that Dougie thinks that he can offer him the same kind of service. It's absurd and depraved, and for thiat alone Ford does not deserve to be the Premier of Ontario...

    2. whats more likely is witch hunts and harassment of enemies. If your Chris Lewis watch your back.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    What's the picture of Taverner with the three "ladies" from?


    1. Hi UU...that picture came from the Facebook and Instagram account "theroyalfamily4u" which have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared....

  3. Jackie Blue4:42 PM

    Not to mix literary and historical metaphors, but now the mad emperor Blownaparte has his own Inspector Javert on the payroll, eh? We all know Dougie don't English too good (or any other human language for that matter), but it would appear he knows at least one phrase in French: "L'etat, moi!"

    To which I would respond: Let him eat merde.

    1. Hi Jackie...when a would be dictator gets his own police chief you know we're in trouble. And when you look at the two of them together they remind me of characters you might encounter in the Trailer Park Boys. Cons really are scum, they have no moral compass, but the good news is that they are on the wrong side of history. And I look forward to the day when they go down in flames...

  4. Anonymous7:41 PM

    "He won't escape this scandal and all the others."

    Wanna bet? I remember well how the corporate media made all sorts of excuses for the Rob & Doug shitshow at city hall. Remember when Robyn Doolittle, then at the Star, reported what she saw on the infamous crackpipe video, and the rest of her media colleagues still gave Robbie the benefit of the doubt? That would have continued had the video not surfaced in court. Never underestimate how forgiving the "liberal media" are to conservative politicians.

    1. e.a.f.10:31 PM

      don't bet the corporate media will report anything of value or anything which might taint dougie and his new personal police chief.

      Have a look at B.C. The Speaker of the Leg. investigated something and then called in the RCMP and there are two independent prosecutors involved now. What does the media do? Investigates the man the Speaker hired to act as his advisor. What did they find? He drank on the job 10 years ago. They didn't list all the politicians in B.C. who drank too much and they forget Gordon Campbell, former B.C. premier and now dougie's advisor, was arrested and charged in Maui, for drunk driving. He was premier of B.C. at the time and all was good. No problem. Perhapas some of the media have drinking problems they don't want exposed, so they don't expose the problems of the politicians who they support.

    2. EAF have you ever heard of the Vancouver Club? Of course it has nothing to do with running shoes washing up on BC shores.

    3. Hi anon @7:41 PM...The media in this country are always a problem, and they were far too easy on the Ford brothers for far too long. But the city hall stage was a tiny one compared to the stage Doug is on now. His mistakes are now more consequential, and too big for the media to ignore. So I'm hopeful that things will be different this time...

    4. Hi e.a.f....just like Trump Ford is trying to turn the media into The Enemy, and that will not help him. And As I said above, I predict that the scale of Ford's corruption will be impossible to ignore. When the beast goes down you will feel the ground shake even in B.C...

    5. e.a.f.8:15 PM

      Steve at 9:13 a.m. you mean the Vancouver Club as the bastion of white males, until recent decades when they finally permitted women to come in the front door. the Vancouver club which didn't permit Jews to belong until the 1970s and then only because a former Att. General made a threat, that Vancouver Men's club or some of the others.

      Now the running shoes washing up on B.C. shores, some of them have been identified as people who jumped off bridges or died as a result of B.C.'s other best economy. Some have never been identified but I've always wondered why. Its not like we don't have DNA and then of course the media failed to provide follow up. Its a tight, tight, club in B.C. and being awash in laundered money didn't start yesterday...........e.a.f. Those ships which come into our waters come from all over and since the Port Police were abolished some decades ago, much has changed..........

  5. e.a.f.10:24 PM

    It was because he was around while the police investigated his brother that he made the move he did. However, its not as bad as what is going on in B.C. where the Speaker of the Leg. had the two key bureaucrats escorted out of the Leg. and now the RCMP are investigating with two independent prosecutors, and the Sgt. at Arms and his fellow traveller are on paid leave.

    Dougie may have done this because he watched dtrump fire and hire the head of the FBI and the head of the dept. of Justice. It worked for dtrump so why not for him.

    Given dougie's advisor is Gordon Campbell the former B.C. LiebCon leader/premier you do have to ask, will the investigation in B.C. go back to the days of "el gordo"? Perhaps "el gordo" "advised" dougie to ensure he had control of the cops in Ontario, just in case.

  6. We are seeing the Travner effect on a global scale with the arrest of the Huwawie princess. This is a purely political act designed to keep US the world leader in Telecommunications. Now that Herr Harper has come out against Huawie we know for sure Canada should not surrender its sovereignty to the NSA.

    Can you imagine the intimidation Ford now has at his disposal. Things as simple as Police showing up at the workplace to question you. This is SOP where justice is elected, in the USA today, we dont need it in Canada.

    1. e.a.f.8:17 PM

      If you watched Stephen Corbett's show Friday night, he had Kathy Griffin on. Check out what happened to her for exercising her First Amendment Rights. Those Americans just can't take a joke. She did however, get even........Living well and having a successful life is the best revenge of all.