Wednesday, December 05, 2018

How Robert Mueller Is Rolling Up The Trump Crime Family

I'll never forget how Mad Mike Flynn used to warm up Donald Trump's election campaign rallies, by getting the Trumpling mob to chant "lock her up, lock her up, LOCK HER UP!!!!!!!"

Triggering a foaming frenzy of hatred aimed at Hillary Clinton, that was drenched with misogyny and depravity.

And of course I also can't forget the few weeks that Mad Mike actually served as Trump's National Security Advisor. 

For I was sure we would not survive them.

But my how things change.

Now it seems that Mad Mike has been singing so much, and so well for Robert Mueller, he might not have to go to the Big House. 

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on Tuesday recommended that former national security adviser Michael Flynn serve no prison time, citing his “substantial assistance” with several ongoing investigations, according to a new court filing.

And although we don't much about what Flynn told Mueller.

The filing indicated that Flynn has provided extensive assistance to Mueller, including about matters that were redacted and hidden from public view. It also indicated that he has cooperated with a separate unidentified criminal investigation, the details of which were completely redacted.

You can be sure that Trump is terrified.

For Flynn must know some dirty stuff about Trump, and so must his former lawyer Michael Cohen who has also been squealing to Mueller.

And Trump clearly wanted him severely punished:

To try to keep other members of his gang from squealing.

But it's not going to work. With Flynn and Cohen in the bag, none of the other gang members will dare NOT squeal, or try to lie.

And since Mueller has a reputation for keeping his eyes on the prize. Like the time he used Sammy The Bull Gravano to get the so-called Teflon Don John Gotti. 

It is not difficult to imagine the tortured debate within Mueller’s mind as he weighed the decision. He could allow Sammy, a man who had admittedly killed 19 men, to play for Uncle Sam’s team. Or he could go into the Gotti trial knowing that Teflon Don—the swaggering crime boss who had walked away from three prior trials—could once again get away with murder.

Mueller went with Sammy, and left Gotti screaming in his cell.

All at once John Gotti was on his feet, and he let out a piercing wail as he recognized the act of betrayal that was unfolding just outside his cell door. The plaintive scream, Mouw would say, seemed to echo throughout the entire prison, bouncing off the walls and filling every bit of space.

And the same thing is going to happen to Trump.

Can there be any doubt that the general who had chanted “Lock her up!” at the Republican National Convention has, like Gravano, agreed “to change sides?” Or is there any doubt that Mueller has brought Flynn into his fold because he has his eye fixed, once again, on bigger prey?

Robert Mueller has his dominoes lined up in a row.

And they will go down one after the other...


Anonymous said...

Trump gets impeached, we burn this bitch down. Govern yourself accordingly.

John B. said...

What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Donnie Fatso's crime cabal is coming home to roost and just like Donnie himself, they're proving to have difficulties with long sentences. Hence "the cooperators", "the I don't recalls", "the I beg your pardons", "the I plead the fifths" and his children's "please daddy don't let them take me away".
The most gratifying to me would be to see the Trump children in leg irons and orange jump suits. Just as Trump has torn the country apart, a fitting end for him would be to see his whole world turned upside down and getting a first hand taste of having his family torn apart.

Anonymous said...

Is that a threat, Anonymous Internet Tough Guy 8:46?

mr perfect

Jackie Blue said...

I'm waiting for a Trump tweetstorm after he got some of that trademark passive-aggressive Canadian upbraiding from Brian Mulroney at Bush Sr.'s funeral. Trudeau got to take a day off from the subtweeting role, as Mulroney praised everything of Bush's that Trump is tearing apart: NAFTA, the post-Cold War NATO alliance, environmental legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc. While I am not a fan of the Bush dynasty, it was certainly a sight to see. No doubt it must have been on Trump's mind as he sat in the National Cathedral, what people will be saying about him when he breathes his last. Perhaps Robert Mueller will read his list of indictments in place of a eulogy, and Kid Rock can do an honorary performance of "Folsom Prison Blues."

Anonymous said...

I loved that story about Mueller and John Gotti. It seems that Trump picked the wrong cop to fool around with. It's good to know that even in Trump's America some people can't be bought, and don't go around looking to get their face on TV.

Steve said...

I still maintain that there was no collusion with Russia, and Russia had zero influence on the elections. IF they meddled with Facebook ads and have hired commentators, so does every other goverment and spy agency.

Is Trump dirty, is the planet warming, can either be stopped?

e.a.f. said...

Thank you for the laugh. The visuals on that are good.

Trump actually behaved at the funeral. Guess he knows he was out classed by the previous Presidents.

I certainly didn't like aLL OF Bush's policies, but he did have good manners and conducted himself with dignity. Trump and his will never have the dignity the Bush's have.

jrkrideau said...

Americans must always have an external "enemy" to blame and I get the impression that many people in the USA do not realise that the Soviet Union is no more and that Russia is a capitalist and rather religious state. I have heard that former President Obama still refers to President Putin as "the former head of the KGB". Duh.

If you look at Republican and Trump funding and the US administration's behaviour since the presidential election it is easier to see collusion with Israel and Saudi Arabia than with Russia.

Anonymous said...

I think it was supposed to be one of those tired "we win or civil war" type threats we've been hearing constantly since the 2000 Florida recount debacle.

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:46 re going to burn yourself down? Listen cuck I don't know where you get the idea that you moron Trumplings can threaten us and we'll do anything but laugh. Remember our side beat your side during the Second World War, and the same will happen to you and your diaper brigade again if you don't behave yourselves. You have been warned so govern yourself accordingly...

Simon said...

Hi JD...yes, it does look like the slow collapse of some mob family. And all that squealing is music to my ears. I read an article recently that described how Trump's early business career was in a New York where mobsters were omnipresent, so much so that Trump still talks like a gangster. And thank goodness he doesn't have the power of life and death or their would be bodies all over the place. I was beginning to lose hope in the U.S. legal system. But Mueller is making me a believer again....๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿป

Simon said...

Hi Mr Perfect...yes it is a threat, I recognize it from the Trumpling Book of Threats, so don't you dare laugh...๐Ÿ˜‰

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I wonder if Trump even realized that Mulroney was criticizing him, I believe his narcissism prevents him from recognizing subtle criticism. But he sure looked uncomfortable and I loved the way Hillary Clinton gave him a withering look of total contempt, for if looks could kill Trump would have been on the floor breathing his last. Which reminds me I want to apply for a seat at Trump's funeral, so I can sing and dance, and blow a vuvuzela...๐Ÿ˜บ

Simon said...

Hi anon...I'm glad you liked the Gotti story, I did too. I love it when mobsters who think they are gods are brought down with a sickening thud. And even more than that I love decent people like Mueller who has ignored all the insults Trump has directed at him, and just focuses on his duty like a true professional...