Monday, December 24, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Ugly Christmas Story and Biggest Lie Ever

As we all know only too well, Andrew Scheer is a serial liar who mangles the truth over and over again, to try to smear and destroy Justin Trudeau.

He lies about our booming economy, he lies about the state of our criminal justice system, he lies about everything.

But this has to be his biggest lie yet.

And the most outrageous. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most divisive prime minister in the history of Canada.

“I actually think Justin Trudeau’s approach to label people who have legitimate concerns with his issues as being un-Canadian and intolerant, that is very dangerous,” said Scheer.

When in fact as anyone who has ever watched Question Period knows,Trudeau is unfailingly polite, he never descends to the level of the Cons.

Scheer and his gang are the ones who are intolerant for promoting this kind of naked racism...

Trudeau is right to denounce them for that kind of un-Canadian behaviour.

A spokesperson for Trudeau said he is not going to shy away from pointing out inaccuracies or falsehoods in Conservative messages. 

 “Canadians clearly rejected Stephen Harper’s divisive approach in the last election, which is the same approach the Conservatives are relying on now,” said Eleanore Catenaro. 

“Whether it is spreading falsehoods about immigration, ignoring the science behind climate change, or engaging in personal attacks, Mr. Scheer and the Conservatives are continuing to play up people’s fears and anxieties for short-term political gain.”

And as for divisive, who but Andrew Scheer would use Christmas as yet another excuse to attack Trudeau?  

Can you believe that? What a creepy lowlife Con. Has he not an ounce of decency?

And how dare he talk about scaring kids? When this is what should scare them. 

Andrew Scheer would not commit that his yet-to-be-unveiled climate plan will meet Paris targets – despite claiming in the past that it would.

Another lie, another broken promise, which should disgust all decent Canadians.

Brought to you by Scheer and his Rebel gang, and the toxic Trudeau haters who are slowly poisoning this country...

It's depressing to see how the ugly Cons are debasing our Canada, and trying to destroy its precious values.

But there is still some good news. It still looks as if Andrew Scheer is not going to be Prime Minister. 

For while the Liberal lead is smaller than it has been for a long time, thanks to Scheer's hate mongering.

The huge numbers in redneck Alberta distort the picture, and make the Cons look stronger than they are.

But when it comes to who would make a better Prime Minister the result isn't even close.

Sooner or later this is going to hurt.

A lot.

And we haven't even started to attack Scheer as he deserves to be attacked.

For if you examine his past, trust me it's horrifying...

His bigotry goes way back, Canadians need to know what that creepy religious fanatic might do should he become prime minister.

And if our shabby media won't do its job, we will have to do it for them. We don't have a choice.

The Con hate mongers and other Trumplings must be defeated.

And decency and our precious Canadian values must be victorious...


Anonymous said...

'Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most divisive prime minister in the history of Canada.'
When I first saw that absurd headline I knew Scheer was all in at emulating his hero Trump. Remember Hillary's "You're Putin's puppet" and Trump's petulant reply, "No, you're the puppet"? Well, now we have Scheer's act of the pot calling the kettle black, again.
Scheer's twisted version of Gordon Lightfoot's 'You Are What I Am' is getting old real quick and other than his meathead base, Canadians will not be fooled by this ex insurance salesman/Harper lapdog's tiresome, ridiculous ravings.

Steve said...

I saw that QP and as usual he was given mostly a free pass. Especially on pipe lines which he said would be easy to build. Well you had 9 years and all they did was make it harder to build. He can solve the deficit with no pain, and climate change, he is the unicorn.

Jackie Blue said...

Bah humbug. He can't even give this shit a break on CHRISTMAS??? He doesn't have to wish Justin (or Sacha) a happy birthday, but at the very least he needs to shut up and just take a break for the holidays! And while Justin was visiting the troops in Mali, he pulls this crap? Clement Moore would be ashamed. So would Franklin Roosevelt, for that matter. "Fireside chat" indeed. More like Marley's ghost in Dante's inferno.

What the hell kind of a "Christian" is Scheer anyway? What kind of sermons did his dear old daddy preach at Midnight Mass and in a month of Sundays? Does he not realize that this holiday is all about a refugee family in the Middle East fleeing persecution? And he turns a blind eye to these pipe-huffing maniacs basically calling for Justin to be CRUCIFIED???

For God's sakes, even the warring factions of Europe called a Christmas ceasefire during WORLD WAR ONE! Either go kick around a soccer ball or shut the fuddle-duddle up, Andy, you're out of your element!

Anonymous said...

No plan Scheer and Hamish his despicable side kick are constantly floating up trial balloons to measure what resonates with the public and can be used to steal the next election.
This week its lets skip out on his commitment to the Paris accord and justify it with the logic that we should fill our pockets now because climate change is beyond our control and we are going to need the money when China and all those other bad guys screw the world. What an inspiring Christmas message!

Merry Christmas Simon and to all of your supporters.


Jackie Blue said...

Justin reminds me of George Bailey, Harper reminds me of Potter the "warped, frustrated old man" and Scheer is the lackey in the non-speaking role who carts him around, shines his shoes and no doubt wipes his ass.

Clarence's metric makes a lot of sense: No man is a failure who has real friends. Which means Android Sneer, Hamish the code hamster that punches his buttons in exchange for pellets of cheese, and their oily puppet master are the real failures by far.

Anonymous said...

It takes an especially pathetic person to keep spewing his hateful, divisive rhetoric at this time of year and Howdy Doody Andy has proven he's up to the task.
He should have put out a Christmas version of his greatest hits such as: Frosty The Border Agent, Rudolph The Red Necked Reindeer, I Saw Mommy Rempel Spilling Wine On Santa Claus(kish me Shanta) and Andy's favorite, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen(while the wives do all the work).
Merry Christmas Jackie Blue and to the pouting Ebenezer Trump? Feliz Navidad!

Simon said...

Hi JD...I had the same reaction you did when I saw that ridiculous headline. Not only is Scheer a grotesque liar like Trump, he is playing the same childish game. Projecting on to others what he is himself. I hope Canadians won't be fooled by that ghastly Trumpling, for if they are they will deserve the horror that will befall them...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I actually made a graphic of Harper as old man Potter, sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed around by John Baird. I may have to haul it out and update it. And while I am at it include Hamish Marshall pushing a lever for pellets of cheese...😼

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I haven't had a chance to watch Question Period for a while, but I'm not complaining. Scheer is such a disgusting creature, and the Liberals treat him far too politely. His latest campaign pushing pipelines 24/7 makes absolutely no sense, and makes him sound like he's running for Premier of Alberta. The sooner he is banished to well deserved obscurity the better...

Simon said...

Hi RT....I think you summed up Scheer.s absurd arguments perfectly. And yes, what a deplorable Christmas message. Merry Christmas /Happy holidays to you and yours, and let's hope that by this time next year, Scheer won't be around to disgust us any longer...

rumleyfips said...

When I went to Salon this morning I wondered why they were running a picture of sad andy. Turns out it was actually Devin Nunes. Talk about your birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

People who run pictures of Justin Trudeau with a noose around his neck should be arrested as potential terrorists. It’s just another sign of how the evil of Trump is infiltrating Canada and we need to eradicate that cancer before it spreads.