Monday, July 22, 2013

Stephen Harper's Disastrous Porky Propaganda

He hasn't been seen in days, since people found out about his Enemy List.

And his new/nouveau cabinet shuffle went up in smoke before his eyes.

But I'm pretty sure I know where he is eh?

In the basement of his haunted mansion, plotting his comeback. And demanding more Porky Action Plan ads to try to boost his sagging polls.

Even though the old ones STILL aren't working.

Slick television ads this year for the Harper government's "economic action plan" appear to be inspiring a lot of, well, inaction. A key measure of the ads' impact is whether viewers check out, the web portal created in 2009 to promote the catch-all brand. But a survey of 2,003 adult Canadians completed in April identified just three people who actually visited the website.

And among the few people who took action, nine said all they did was complain or “express displeasure” about the 30-second TV spots, dismissed by critics as thinly veiled Conservative propaganda.

Because Canadians know a $113 million dollar scam when they see one eh?

And all the propaganda in the world can't change this dismal reality.

The labour market has recovered less than one-quarter (0.6 points out of a total decline of 2.5 points) of the damage that was done by the recession. More damningly, progress has stalled completely for the last two-and-a-half years — when governments (including ours) forgot about stimulus, and turned to austerity.

The economy is stuck like a duck in a tar pond. And we're not number ONE we're number TWENTY !!!

When I last reviewed this data (for a CCPA report published in early 2012) we ranked right at the mid-point. After another year of labour market non-recovery we’ve fallen well into the lower half of the list. Ranked by change in employment rate between 2008 (when the recession hit) and 2012, Canada ranks 20th out of 34.

Trailing countries like Mexico, Belgium, and Poland.

Which will only make those ghastly Porky Action Plan ads look even more galling.

Even more like another Big Lie paid for with OUR money. Another blatant attempt to brainwash the population.

Or as Rick Mercer said a few months ago, just pure MADNESS...

And the best news?

Because the Porky Action Plan ads are so obviously fake, they will cripple the Con propaganda machine.

And make anything it says from now on look FRAUDULENT...

And all we've got to do is chant: "We're number twenty !!!!... We're number TWENTY !!!"

Poor Stephen Harper. No wonder he's holed up in the basement.

No wonder he's not feeling so good eh?

The economy made him.

And it will DESTROY him...

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1 comment:

bcwaterboy said...

Every single one of those ads were full of non-truths and the folksy little oh Canada at the end hopefully is not fooling anyone. The stats clearly show that the economy is stagnant and continues to bleed the types of jobs that support a robust middle class. Failerty himself has said that it's a-ok for companies to hoard cash, stall innovation and off-shore jobs. This plan, like fellow reform manchurian candidate Christy Clark's bc jobs plan is propaganda in it's purist form, doing nothing to "create jobs".