Monday, July 15, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Grotesque Con Cabaret

Gawd. What a difference a day makes eh?

Yesterday they were just your
average barn yard grunters.

Today they're pretty in pork.

But you really can't put lipstick on them, because they're still the same old Con hogs. 

A mix of young talent, veteran experience and more women at the cabinet table signals a "generational change" as the government prepares for a major policy reset with a fall speech from the throne, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said after unveiling his new inner circle.

Because first of all let's forget about the "generational change." It's still the same old tired government under all that mascara.

And as for more women at the cabinet table, I think this tweet from Great New Nouveau Leader says it all...

Because you can't get more token or more condescending than that eh?

Especially coming from a government that has attacked women's rights from the day they came to power. (PDF)

Under Stephen Harper's Conservative government,  women in Canada are witnessing a steady encroachment on the hard-won and still fragile equality rights for which they have fought long and hard. 

No matter what Michelle Rempel says...

Rempel said the government has a strong track record of advocating women's rights — and that its economic focus also supports women. "I always take offence when people call something women's issues because all issues are women's issues," she said.

Not when most of the women got junior positions.

And as for appointing Rona Ambrose as the new Minister of Health...

Well I have had that button for a long time. She's never disappointed me.

And if you're going to need medicare in the years ahead, I'd start panicking now eh?

And then there are the male stars of  today's Big Cabinet Show.

Who are even more appalling....

For anyone who thinks that Chris Alexander and Pierre Poislievre are a step in the right direction must be crazy or just DUMB.

What what haven't I said about Lap Dog or Dick Head? The one who sold his soul, and the one who never had one.

Or Dumbo, the New/Nouveau Minister of Justice...

Who seems anxious to go out with at least one gun neuron firing.

Like little Jimbo Flaherty who isn't going anywhere even though his policies are leading us to economic catastrophe.

And if you really want to get an idea of how little anything has changed ask yourself why Tony "Gazebo" Clement is still the Minister of ANYTHING...

When any decent government would have given him the boot long ago.

Or ask yourself why the old croaker and climate change denier Joe Oliver is STILL the Minister of Natural Resources...

When he's made a fool of himself over and over again. And called decent people extremists.

Or ask yourself why the grubby Peter Van Loan is STILL the Con House Leader...

When even his own caucus thinks he's a bully and an ASSHOLE.

But then, as I pointed out last night, the shuffle is a sham. This is still the same old shit on STEROIDS.

Harper has delivered the status quo on steroids. While the prime minister spoke frankly of an autumn speech from the throne that will lay out "a renewed policy agenda," Harper's cabinet choices suggest it's full steam ahead into the blue yonder for the current agenda.

The same old sinister gang, with the same old Enemies List. 

Ministers in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s newly shuffled cabinet are being armed with “enemy” lists of people and bureaucratic interests to avoid, according to a PMO email obtained by the Star.

And NOTHING will ever change as long as Stephen Harper is their leader.

And still calling the tune...

Which of course is good news for progressives eh?

Because nothing that happened today will save the Cons from the fate that awaits them.

They're just too old, too tired, too reactionary, and too scandal ridden.

And you really can't put a NEW/NOUVEAU face on an old hog like this one...

Gawd. You know I can't help but think that Stephen Harper might have got more bang for his bucks, if he had put a little more makeup on HIMSELF.

A little more lipstick. A little more grease paint.

And instead of saying "Welcome to my New/Nouveau Cabinet !!!!

Had said "Welcome  Achtung Baby !!!

Willkomen to my Con Cabaret...

Yup. They're still ugly. It's still a nightmare.

They are still the same old right-wing extremists, with a deranged leader whose political depravity knows no limit. They are still the worst government this country has ever known

And whatever they say, or whatever they do.

We are STILL going to destroy them...

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  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Pre Halloween musical chairs after extensive young un bobbing for apple

    1. hi the Con convention will be the Halloween show, when after a summer of bobbing for apples like hogs, they'll stagger into the convention looking like beaten monsters...

  2. Those new, strong, capable women have spent years on the back benches.

    1. hi Brian...Stephen Harper does not like strong women. He likes them barefoot and pregnant, and there isn't a single one in his inner circle. And the only reason he is promoting some of them now, albeit to junior positions, is because he has no choice. So much about the man disgusts me, but I find his misogyny absolutely stunning...

  3. That one line, Simon defines the whole Harper-led Reformer/Con Gang perfectly--Those who've sold their souls and those who've never had one--especially if you define 'soul' as 'mind, will and emotion'...wolves in sheep's clothing.

    1. hi Linda...yes I think it just about covers them eh? The hardline fanatics, and those who should know better like Michelle Rempel and Chris Alexander. And yes this sham cabinet shuffle is supposed to dress up the wolves in sheep's clothing. Unfortunately for them, whenever there is a full moon, their master starts howling... ;)

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM

    The cabinet shuffle is an absolute farce. They still have the dictator and control freak Harper issue. Nothing will change as long as Harper is P.M. It is amazing to believe anyone, would support Harper? Do they have no sense of pride in themselves either?

    Harper's paranoia is little different than Hitler's was. Hitler had his list of enemies too, imagined or real. Harper's hate, spite and malice towards Trudeau is very disturbing. Trudeau hasn't been in office long enough to offend Harper, to his unreasonable extent. Who else is on Harper's enemy hit list, besides Trudeau?

    1. hi anonymous...yes I think that farce is a good word. Especially after the way the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation has been cranking up the hype.
      So much noise for so very little....

  5. I am in Motreal, Simon, enjoying the culture. But I get back to my hotel the other night and see that CBC was running some show about hillbillies tackling cows as some sort of western 'cultural' event. Er, the Calgary Stampede. Meanwhile I've been enjoying festivals and countless cultural things in the great city of Montreal in places like the Latin Quarter. And then last night I turn on TV to see that greasy little weasel Pierre Poillivre was promoted (gasp) to Minister of Complete and Utter Bullshit. So he is the clown responsible to push Senate 'Reform?' What a horror show this will be.

    1. hi wazz...I'm glad to hear that you are in my fabulous home town, and I won't even ask if you are having a good time, for how could you not? But yes, they're still torturing animals at the Calgary Stampede. One poor little calf had to be put down the other day, after its neck was broken by being wrestled to the ground by some brave cowboy. I'm all in favour of celebrating Western culture, but some of those events involving animals should be banned. And yes it's true, Dick Head is a Minister. But look at it this way eh? It's just another sign of desperation, and it's sure to make them look even worse. For as alarming as that might be, Dick Head can't control himself... ;)