Friday, July 19, 2013

Stephen Harper's Massive PMO Problem

Golly. That PMO Duffygate scandal just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

And better and better eh?

Now it's not just a tale of power and greed, now it's a mystery story worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

For it seems a powerful Con boss has gone missing from the PMO. Or departed in a great hurry. 

One of the few people in the Prime Minister's Office who allegedly knew about the $90,000 cheque Nigel Wright wrote for Senator Mike Duffy has left his job. Chris Woodcock is no longer listed as an employee of the PMO, according to an electronic directory of government employees that was updated some time between Wednesday and Thursday.

And the question is WHY?

Is it because of this police investigation?

Woodcock is one of three senior PMO staffers named in court documents released earlier this month filed as part of an RCMP criminal investigation into the $90,000 payment Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright made to Duffy.

The court documents indicate that Wright's lawyers told the RCMP that Wright informed three other people in the PMO about his intention to write the $90,000 cheque: Woodcock, Benjamin Perrin, Harper's former legal advisor, and David van Hemmen, an assistant to Wright.

Does it have anything to do with the e-mail that didn't exist?

In his response, Mr. Moore said the government was “not aware of any legal agreement … whatsoever, in any format whatsoever.”

Until it did...

The Prime Minister’s director of communication now seems to admit to possessing second-hand knowledge of the February 20 email. “My understanding is it is a paraphrase of conversations that happened,” he told CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife. “I’ve had them described to me from someone who is no longer here.”

Or does it have everything to do with the fact that Woodcock was the director of the Issues Management team, that asked staff to prepare an Enemies List for the new ministers.

Only to have it fall into the hands of the media.

Make the New Ministers Show look like a DOGGY SHOW...

And no doubt made Boss Harper VERY unhappy.

Because he HATES that kind of publicity...

The kind that makes him look like a mobster or a MANIAC.

And he must know that now he'll NEVER be able to ask Canadians to trust him. Not when they're demanding to know whether they are on his Enemy List.

Or just laughing at him.

Oh well, I'll leave it to Sherlock...and the figure it all out eh?

All I know is that we can't lose. The PMO is starting to eat itself. 

With all those ticking time bombs out there it won't be long before they start to go off.

This show can only get better.

And it WILL have a happy ending...

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