Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Con Canada Fakers

Sometimes a picture really does tell a story eh?

Like this picture of the Canada Day party on Parliament Hill.

The people dressed in the red and white of Canada, and the stage painted Con blue.

Because Stephen Harper will never stop trying to brainwash us into believing that blue is the colour of the New Canada. And that he shares our Canadian values.

In his annual Canada Day speech on Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told crowds that the generosity, perseverance and tenacious spirit of Albertans set an example for the rest of the country.

“I challenge you this year to do and give what you can to make our country smarter and more caring, fairer and more just, stronger and more united,” he said to the crowd.

When in fact no leader has done more to undermine our traditional values, or make this country less caring, less fair, less just, and more divided than he has...

His sinister Harperland isn't Canada. 

No, Steve and the Impersonators are not about hockey,Tim Horton’s, and purring more innocuously than Paul Wolfowitz while taking a crowbar to the country’s institutions. It’s all about deconstructing democracy, channelling public money to a venal corporate sector, and kneecapping anyone who gets in the way. It’s about turning Canada into a militarized petro-state with Beatle music playing in the background.

And his whole phony act is just one big propaganda exercise.

The way this electoral monstrosity has worked up until now is through secrecy and a poisonous communications model. It’s the school of thought in which there is only one voice and the truth never figures in. Smother all opposition. All that matters is optics.

Where Steve and his Con fakers would have us believe they care about Canada. Even as they slowly STRANGLE it.

And the good news?

He can still fool some of the people all of the time...

But he'll never make most of them believe that Canada is blue. They stubbornly insist on remaining Canadians.

And more and more of them are now so outraged by his neverending attempts to brainwash them with their own money, they don't believe ANYTHING he says.

In fact, judging by this video, I don't think he even believes it himself...

For does that look and sound like a Great Strong Leader? Or a burnt out old faker who knows his record has caught up with him. And can see the writing on the wall. Or the bars on the windows.

Even as he desperately prepares to try to put a fresh face on his dilapidated Con regime, by shuffling his cabinet.

Or unveiling the New/Nouveau Harper Collection...

Which probably won't work either.  

Because everything he touches he taints. And you really can't put lipstick on a hog like that one, or a Con monkey.

Gawd. Somebody really should have taught Great New Canada Leader some real Canadian values.

The red and white ones we need to stay strong and united in a country as big and as rugged as Canada.

And this would be one of them:

You can fake it for a while eh?

But you can't fake it FOREVER...

h/t Creekside

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Brian Busby said...

That's our prime minister, always reminding us to thank "our men and women in uniform, who keep us safe, and who inspire us with their sense of duty," as his government stalls benefits, nixes pension claims, and spies on veterans.

He sure does like playing dress up, though.

Simon said...

hi Brian...yes he really is shameless isn't he? He can't mention our men and women in uniform enough, while doing as little as possible to help them. I am deeply and personally involved in the struggle against PTSD, and although some progress has been made, so many aren't getting the treatment they need, and the suffering is appalling. And yes, for a moment I thought he was going to push the Governor General aside, and take the salute from the troops himself. I think they should give him the salute he deserves. The one where you come to attention and extend your middle finger... ;)