Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Senate Scandal Closes in on Stephen Harper

Well there he was in High River today, helping to clean-up the town.

Throwing out a box of garbage, as the cameras rolled. But reporters were kept at a distance.

But sadly for ol' rubber gloves he can't get rid of the Senate scandal or Old Duff that easily eh?

Because back in Ottawa, the stench of that scandal just keeps getting stinkier and STINKIER.

First, testimony given to the police by Harper's former chief of staff clearly contradicts some of the things Harper, himself, has been saying about this mess. Second, it confirms the Conservative Party was standing by, ready to bail out Duffy.

Third, it puts the lie to the claim that no one but that former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, knew about the secret deal that, in the end, gave Duffy his bailout.

And, finally, RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton, a 21-year veteran of the force, said he is certain the Duffy-Wright bailout was arranged so that a Senate report on Duffy's expense abuse would be shined up in Duffy's favour.

Just keeps looking and sounding more and more like a criminal conspiracy, and creeping ever closer to Stephen Harper. 

The Senate scandal doesn’t go away. Instead it moves inexorably closer to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It is now pointed at the heart of the Conservative Party.

For not only do these new and shocking revelations raise more questions about the strange deal between Duffy and Nigel Wright...

The new documents show Wright placed two conditions on the cheque he wrote to Duffy on March 25. The first was that Duffy use the money to repay the Senate (which he did). The second was that he stop talking to the media. What was Duffy not to talk to the media about? What, if anything, did he know that Wright didn’t want him to say?

They also have a lot of people wondering whether the RCMP are making plans for Nigel.

What the RCMP officer didn’t mention, at least in the documents made public so far, is that it is also illegal under Section 121 for anyone to offer such a benefit to a public official. Which means that Wright, as well as anyone else involved in making the payment, may also be criminally liable.

And it all has me wondering whether Stephen Harper is making plans for Stephen Harper. For surely he must now know that he'll NEVER get away from this sordid scandal.

Never get away from Old Duff...

Surely he must know that the stench will cling to him like flies on stink all the way to the next election. 

If he's still around eh?

Because as Paul Wells reminds us this isn't the first time Harper has been caught with his hands in the Con cookie jar. Or just LYING.

Reporters following Harper on the campaign trail promptly asked him about the deal with Riddell. “In fact there is no agreement and he hasn’t been paid anything,” Harper said...Unfortunately for Harper’s version of events, there was an email trail, which somebody on Riddell’s campaign promptly leaked to reporters. Riddell wound up suing the party for his expenses.

So it was clear there was a “binding agreement.” It was clear Harper was in the loop. And it was clear that, even after his party’s private business became public, Harper preferred to claim there was no such business. This story is worth repeating because it demonstrates again two of Harper’s work habits: a preoccupation with confidentiality and a willingness to use money to make a problem go away.

It's a pattern of bad behaviour.

And by now at least one of the voices in his head must be screaming: "Quit while you're still ahead !!!!!! Before you're pushed or ARRESTED !!!"@#!#&!!

Or..... " Jump into a lifeboat and row like HELL !!!!!

Like Marjory Le Breton !@#!!!

Because it does look like the rats, and the hogs, are abandoning the sinking Con regime.

Oh boy. Can you imagine how I feel?

After eight years of blogging and fighting the Harper cult, and burying myself in politics, to try to stop them from burying my country.

Only to see my ship finally coming in...

Or the one I want to buy when I'm rich eh?

And be able to dream that soon I could be free to write about all the other things that interest me, instead of just politics.

Oh boy. On a Friday night, in the warm part of summer, it doesn't get better than that.

Of course, the Con regime may be badly damaged, but it's still floating. And we still have a lot of work to do to make sure it sinks to the bottom of the Sea of Iniquity, or the Pit of Depravity.

Glug. Glug. SQUISH.

But we're getting to the part I like best in a hockey game eh?

When my team is ahead, time is running out.

And everybody is singing this song...

Hey, if the Montreal Canadiens can win. Sometimes.

So can we eh?

Get ready to party like you've NEVER partied before. Get ready to take no prisoners.

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Once again, I find it amusing that all those pundits on TV proclaiming that it was good fortune for Harper to be able to postpone the cons convention till Fall were wrong.

Harper is already avoiding the pesky press who wanted to ask him about his repeated claim that no one in the PMO knew about Wright's payment. By the time the convention rolls around, his Cabinet shuffle will be old news but the stench from these scandals will be even stronger.

Guess it must be really bad when Akin and the Sun Media files such a strong report about these scandals, eh?