Monday, July 08, 2013

Darth Harper and the Coming War on Canada

Gawd. I knew it wouldn't last eh?

I knew he couldn't play a real leader for very long.

Oh sure, he tried. He did one photo-op after the other in flooded out Alberta.

He pretended to put the interests of Canadians before his grubby brand of partisan politics. Pretended the Senate scandal wasn't happening. He glued a frozen smile to his face and held on grimly. 

But he couldn't keep it up. And today he finally snapped, and went after the opposition like a Darth monkey, or a MANIAC. 

[They] always put the concerns and the welfare of the criminal ahead of the interest of the law abiding citizens. They would pursue there so-called soft power approach, the foreign policy that would once again strip down the Canadian military and make Canada's role in the world about nothing more than pleasing foreign governments.

Of course, there's also...their constant need to pit region against region. And again, when they play the game Alberta is always put at the very bottom of their little pecking order."

For what else can explain that deranged rant? Who else could accuse the opposition of being criminals, when his own office is being investigated by the police?

Who else could accuse the opposition of pitting region against region, while suggesting that the other provinces are ganging up against poor little Alberta?

When no leader has done as much as he has to pit Canadians against Canadians.

But then that's what makes Stephen Harper so dangerous eh? For now he is clearly desperate and he will do ANYTHING to cling to power.

Even if it means pitting English Canada against Quebec like he did during the Prorogation Crisis. When he accused the opposition of being in league with the separatists.

And if I had any doubts that he might repeat such a reckless strategy, they evaporated today when I saw how he behaved during a brief visit to the shattered town of Lac-M├ęgantic.

It was just a photo-op. The media were kept at a distance. So they couldn't ask questions about this growing threat.

Or the Senate scandal.

But as I watched the live coverage in French, what struck me was how disinterested Harper seemed to be. I couldn't help thinking that if he didn't feel he HAD to be there after all the time he has spent in Alberta, and it wasn't Christian Paradis' riding, and one of only five he has in the province, he wouldn't have given a damn.

Which only makes sense if he plans to have Quebec play the role of The Enemy in the next election and his coming War on Canada.

For he will take Canada down with him, if it's the last thing he does.

And the good news? It probably won't work like it did last time. Because anyone who Harper attacks will be received with open arms by all his other enemies, from coast to coast to coast. 

Those enemies are now legion. 

A majority of Canadians don’t like the way the Conservative government has handled the Senate expenses scandal, according to a new poll released ahead of an expected cabinet shuffle. The Ipsos Reid poll for CTV News found that 70 per cent of respondents “disapprove” of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s handling of the affair.

And if he insists on calling the opposition criminals, while the police breathe down his neck, I know what most Canadians will say eh?

When they stop laughing.

Bye Bye Harpo.

Hello Palpatine...

Yup. Cheer up people.

The Force is with us now.

Darth Monkey may be desperate and dangerous.

But the Con Death Star is going DOWN...

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Anonymous said...

Got into the vino again there Simon? What a joke, take a page from poor, defeated Thwap.

You lost, but really you never had a chance.

Simon said...

hi anonycon...I'm into the vino? You know Mister Borracho losers in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones. Try getting high on life like me. Oh yeah, sorry about your boyfriend Steve. It must be horrible to watch your beloved fall apart like a wet paper bag. Now that's DEFEATED. Thwap on the other hand is doing fine, and his post today was really excellent.

Now gather up your marbles, put them back in your head, and try to enjoy the rest of the summer... :)