Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stephen Harper's Creepy War on Canadians

I'll never understand why it took so long for so many Canadians to understand the true nature of Stephen Harper.

Or the horror of his twisted mind.

And to what nightmare place it might lead us.

But now surely they must see the danger.

Understand that if you dare to disagree with his plans to change Canada beyond recognition, you could end up on his monstrous list. You too could be The Enemy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is facing demands to reveal who it has placed on “enemy” lists reportedly compiled for new ministers after Monday’s cabinet shuffle.

“It shows a prime minister who has a really kind of creepy viewpoint of Canadian political life, which is really not something we’ve seen before,” said NDP MP Charlie Angus. “That should send red flags.”

Anyone could be, civil servants, environmentalists, political activists, writers, reporters, even bloggers.

Because I'm pretty sure I'm on one of those lists eh? 

I'd be very disappointed if I wasn't...

Because I'm proud to wear that badge of honour, and he NEVER fooled me.

Not from the day he came to power and ordered his minions to systematically erase the words "women's equality" from all documents on the Status of Women.

And I knew for sure that we were facing a group of right-wing ideological extremists like this country had never seen before. I knew that Stephen Harper was going to take us to a very dark place.

Since then, I've been blogging out different versions of that warning almost every day for EIGHT long years.

And now that a small light has illuminated a tiny corner of that ghastly moral darkness, I can only hope that Canadians understand that the danger has never been greater.

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber, who resigned from the Conservative caucus in June, described the existence of such lists as “inappropriate” and contributing to the “dysfunctional workplace” that Ottawa has become. However, he said he was not surprised the order was issued given the “very young, very hyper-partisan individuals” in the PMO “who see the world in black and white.”

Because they must know that those young PMO fanatics are running wild, and are capable of ANYTHING.  

The Prime Minister’s Office has been withholding from the RCMP an email about the $90,000 cheque Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff wrote to Sen. Mike Duffy, CTV News has learned.

The Feb. 20 email describes a secret deal to have Harper’s then-chief of staff Nigel Wright personally bail out Duffy, a Conservative senator who improperly claimed $90,172 in living expenses and faced the public release of an audit of his spending.

They must understand that Ray Novak, the new PMO boss, won't control those fanatics because he is one of THEM...

They should know that he is thinking of bringing Jenni Byrne, Harper's uber-aggressive Director of Political Operations into the PMO...

Who is another fanatical Harper cult member, who believes in taking no prisoners.

They must also know that Byrne's former boyfriend Pierre Poilievre, was brought into the cabinet because he too is one of THEM...

THEIR chosen candidate, whose job it will be to obstruct any attempt to prevent a repeat of the robo-call conspiracy.

The crime against democracy that could only have been carried out by the kind of Con kooks who think like THEM.

And of course Canadians must also know that Stephen Harper, who spawned and suckled those little monsters, has never been so desperate and DANGEROUS....

And that what they are seeing now is just a pale reflection of a far greater horror. For who knows what else those sinister fanatics have been up to, in the shadows, or on the internet?

Are YOU on their list?

As for me, I wish this nightmare had never happened. I wish people had seen the red flags sooner. For it hasn't been easy blogging so often, when I'm a fun loving guy who would rather do other things. And I'm lazy eh?

And if you saw all the hate mail I have received,  the insults, the veiled and not so veiled death threats, and more recently the messages urging me to kill myself, you would be horrified.

For like me, you would understand that something so foul could only come from the minds of people like THEM.

Inspired by political thugs like HIM...

The creeper. The political pervert. The monster of monsters. The bully of bullies.

Fortunately, I'm not afraid of ANYONE eh? I've been fighting bullies since I was twelve years old and by now I quite enjoy it. Especially when we're pounding them, like we are now.

Because thanks to the Enemy List scandal the Harper cult can forget about marketing these losers as the NEW/NOUVEAU face of the Conservative Party...

Because now they look like Harpo's Munsters...

Or the Con Cinderellas. One moment they were riding in a golden carriage, the next moment they were heading for hell in a pumpkin.

And I'm still HERE. This will be post 3013.

And I figure as good a time as any to thank you my readers, for supporting me and encouraging me so much over the years.

Even all the way back then, when almost nobody was reading this little blog.

And I was struggling to get my message out by whatever means possible...

For thanks to you, and S├ębastien my bodyguard who makes me feel invulnerable, I'm still here spreading the same message:

Until the day those sinister political thugs, and their creepy cult leader, are driven from power.

Until those ghastly bullies are beaten.

This country is in terrible danger and NOBODY is safe...

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  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Fie on thee! How could you be so craven as to demean The Munsters? For shame, for shame! A new low, to be sure! Tsk, tsk, tsk!
    As for the "new" con(vict) cabinet, we bid a heartfelt "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS!!!" and we hope you get the kind of legal attention you truly deserve!

    1. hi anonymous...I know...I know...I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself. Not just for invoking the name of the Munsters in vain. But for being in such a rush I did a really poor job. I mean when people don't recognize that the guy in the top left panel is Jason Kenney you KNOW you've failed. ;)
      As for the "new" con(vict)cabinet I'm prettu sure they will eventually get the legal attention, and the sentences, they deserve....

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    He never fooled me either Simon.

    1. hi anonymous... OK that makes TWO of us. Seriously though, I know a lot of people weren't fooled, what bothers me though is that so many were. I could write a whole post on why I think something like that could have happened, but since it's so hot, and I can't afford to get any hotter, I think I'll just take the easy way out and blame the media...

  3. It's not always a bad thing to see things in black and white. Some things are wrong and some things are right.

    It's just that the PMO staffers are complete idiots who can't tell black from white and wrong from right. That's what makes them dangerous. In their deformed brains, their creepy devotion to greed and racism is all that is good and true.

    1. hi thwap...I think the problem is that the young zealots in the PMO live in their own parallel reality. Because trust me, I joke about it a lot, but thet really are taking on all the characteristics of a cult. As I tried to show in the post, it's a very small pool they come from, an incestuous circle, they were seen as losers in high school and university, so now they'll do ANYTHING to win. And ever since the lobbying rules were changed, the Cons have had to depend on these young fanatics to keep their organization going. So their influence is growing. Which can only drive all the old white guys in the caucus even crazier. So how is that for black and white? Dangerous but EXCELLENT... ;)

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Harper's making a list and checking it twice. He's going to find out, who is naughty or nice. Except Harper isn't that happy old man, he's a monster.

    I know of Harper's early political days. He is no Conservative, he is someone very dark, evil and hateful. Never ever once did I vote for Harper. Actually, I think over half the world detests Harper's bullying and his hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way. He certainly came back from Europe empty handed. Trade groups don't want Harper nor, will World Organizations give Harper a seat. At the meetings of Nations, Harper always manages to anger and insult every country present.

    Harper will use every dirty tactic in the book, to stay in office. Mayrand said, Harper stonewalled and blocked the investigation of Harper's robo-call fraud. Harper controlled EC. The other parties and politicians co-operated. Harper did not. The RCMP are also controlled by Harper and formerly Toews.

    Harper also controls his team, in the House and outside of Parliament. Any of his team who have a strength of character and refuse his dictatorship over them, leave.

    1. hi anonymous...History will record that during the Harper years, or The Great Darkness, the Con caucus behaved like trained seals, even as their deranged trainer committed one democratic atrocity after the other. One day when they are hauled before the People's Court to explain their actions, and after their insanity pleas are rejected, they will claim that Harper fooled them. And the Judge will look at them and say: Fool me once shame on you, fool me ten thousand times, shame on me. GUILTY !!!!!

  5. It would be easier for Harper to simply produce a list of "friendlies" taking party membership lists and the like, excluding the potential Rathgebers and suspect lukewarm supporters, and making government decisions ranging from future appointments to who can attend public rallies based on such manageable data. The logic is quite simple, if you're not willing to commit crimes on our behalf or at least deny/ defend the commission of crimes, you must be against us....

    1. hi Rene...remember that the Cons do have data on ALL of us. They poll extensively according to the Book of Rove, with only 35 per cent of the vote they narrow the focus down to the ridings they need to win, and tailor their platform accordingly. Also remember that the list of enemies that has been semi-published is comparatively innocent and much shorter, compared to the Book of the Dead in the PMO. they really are desperate. They really are dangerous...

  6. The Bay Street "Wonder Boy" Nigel Wright DOES NOT GIVE AWAY HIS OWN MONEY! Not a single dime came out of Wright's pocket!

    It would be a simple matter of Nigel Wright INVOICING the “Conservative Fund of Canada” account (the Conservative Party’s --> taxpayer-subsidized war chest <----) multiple times for some phoney "Financial Consultant Fees" to accrue back the $90K. CPC treates that Fund's coffer as their private "Honey Pot."

    Are there any conversations between Conservative Senator Irving Gerstein (Harper’s bagman) and the PMO about Nigel getting paid back from the “Conservative Fund of Canada” — the federal party’s war chest Gerstein once chaired.


    Pic ---> Finally, that Nigel Wright / Mike Duffy $90,000 cheque that #PMSH @pmHarper trying to hide #cdnpoli #hw

    1. hi nadine...I'm not sure what to think. On the one hand Wright is a Bay Street shark so you wouldn't think he'd let $90,000 go so easily without an agreement to have the party repay him if Duffy didn't. On the other hand he's also a religious fanatic, so he may have thought that giving to Duffy was like giving to his Church, and that doing the Lord's work was as the credit card comercial says "priceless..."

  7. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Simon - I don't know how to thank you for tending the fire of Harper outrage. The toll on you and yours must be hard to bear sometimes and I am grateful. You see the truth behind the spin. Thank you!

    1. hi're welcome, but believe me it's a pleasure. I never ever thought I would be doing this, but now that I am I don't think I have a choice. All who can must speak out against what Harper and this hideous Cons are trying to do to Canada. If what they were doing was happening within the boundaries of our Canadian values, I wouldn't really care what the Cons did. But they would take us to a place I don't recognize, so I feel the need to tell them that I'm not going there. As for the pressure of keeping up a daily blog, it's not as hard as I might have made it sound in the post. I write bits and pieces on my mobile when I have a spare moment during the day, and then put them all together in some kind of order at night, and it saves time. I do sometimes worry about the safety of my companion, and my other friends, because I do come under attack from some very disturbing people, and once one them even had to be arrested not far from where I live, for crossing the line between crazy and dangerous. But Seb is uniquely qualified to defend himself, and is very protective and supportive. And as I said in the post, the support of readers like you makes it all worthwhile... :)

  8. He never fooled me either. It is just too bad that he has weaseled his way into being in charge of Canada. The mentality of this government in general has worried me. Every time I think of something that they might be doing behind closed doors because they have backed off in public too easily, I dismiss it as paranoia. Unfortunately I later turn out to be right.

    Many people say that they are looking forward to turfing him in 2015. But I think that we are not going to see an election that year. The date that we will have our next election isn't according to the four year fixed election laws that Harper himself put in place. The maximum time between federal elections is 5 years. So I expect our next election date is May 2, 2016 no matter what Harper says.

    1. hi SeinaCyal...a history professor once told me that there are times when "paranoia is a higher state of consciousness." And I believe this is one of them. The Con organism has evolved over the years into a massive mutant conspiracy, and when it is finally exposed to the light of day, Canadians will be STUNNED. It's that sinister and evil. As for the election date I wouldn't rule anything out, even an early election. The Cons will call an election when it suits them. Period....

  9. e.a.f.11:01 PM

    Are we ENEMIES of the state? Enemies of Harper? I thought we were all Canadian citizens. Guess not.