Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Book of the Dead

He's keeping a low profile today.

His tweets have dried up, he's back in the shadows.

He doesn't want to have to answer questions about his sinister Enemies List.

He doesn't want you to know who's in it. Or from whose dark mind it sprung.

For if Canadians knew the truth they would be SHOCKED.

In a column today, Lawrence Martin says he doesn't think Harperland is Nixonland yet. But the warning signs are ominous.

Harperland is not in a league with Nixonland, certainly not on the basis of what we know now. But that doesn’t mean that the abuse of power by this government is not of an extraordinary nature. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t shadings of character and behaviour that are similar to Nixon’s.

There’s been a siege mentality at work here that calls to mind those times. We have a leader who seems incapable of escaping his brooding resentments and authoritarian urges. Many observers talk of a paranoia strain in the Harper team which has led to a reliance on the dark arts, a reliance which, in terms of volume, goes beyond anything we have seen in Ottawa as far as memory reaches.

And I think we're closer than Martin thinks. Because I can NEVER forget what happened to a decent Canadian who found himself on the PMO's Enemies List.

Poor Rémy Beauregard, who was bullied to death.

Nor can I forget that on the day of his funeral, somebody broke into the Rights and Democracy offices, stole the computers and made the evidence DISAPPEAR.

And what Canadians should be asking themselves now is who will be next? And how far will the fanatics in the Harper PMO go?

For they should remember the List of Enemies doesn't just tell the Con ministers who to avoid. It tells them who to ENGAGE. i.e. attack.

And what I want to know is how do they plan to do that? Will they attack them openly or will they attack from the shadows?

Will they use it to destroy careers, or intimidate people to keep their mouths shut. Will they use it to get others to audit or investigate their enemies? Will they use it to deny or delay benefits? Will they use their list to read their e-mails, or hack their computers?

For a group of Con fanatics that includes people who would try to steal an election is truly capable of ANYTHING.

Nobody is safe. Anyone who dares speak out is in terrible danger. And we should ALL be deeply concerned for ourselves and our democracy.

It’s precisely that black-and-white, loyalists-and-traitors worldview that has made enemies not just of particular public servants and parliamentarians, but also of public service and Parliament in general — of evidence and debate. The government’s enemies list is the consequence of the same attitude that led Nixon and so many leaders before him to transgress and then fall. If democracy itself had an enemies list, that attitude would be on it.

Gawd. I can't believe this is happening in Canada. I can't believe I'm reading and writing about stuff like this. It seem like a nightmare. Like this country has been taken over by an alien cult.

And it all reminds me of a famous Twilight Zone episode, where a seemingly innocuous list turns into something far more deadly...

Yup. You use what you can to try to get the message out.

But I wonder if Canadians will ever realize the terrible danger they are in? Or the real nature of the political aliens among us.

Or understand that the List of Enemies is really a Book of the Dead for a democracy like ours.

Or will so many still insist that it couldn't happen here? Not in Canada eh?


Remember what they did to poor gentle Rémy Beauregard. Enemy of the State.

Organize, unite, join forces to defeat those monstrous Cons and their depraved leader.

Before he eats our country...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I remember Simon. And I can't wait till they ALL slither back under the rocks from whence they came.

jump said...

Stevie has no imagination and just monkeys the corporate overlords behaviour. First beat them down, embarrass, harass and humiliate and then black ball them so they will never have a career again. Been there, done that.
How much can a person take? There's the rub.
Still plotting from the sidelines.