Sunday, July 07, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Palace of Denial

When I look at some of the pictures of Great Musical Leader the Con propaganda machine regularly hands out, I must admit I sometimes can't decide what is real and what isn't eh?

Does he look like the Phantom of the Opera Senate, and lie all the time, because he just can't help himself?

Or does he live in his own weird world, in the Palace of Denial, where reality never intrudes?

For consider the evidence: Last week he managed to go on and on about the floods in Alberta without ever mentioning the words "extreme weather event" or "climate change."

And today he was offering up prayers for the victims of this catastrophe. 

A fast-moving, driverless train hauling tankers of crude oil derailed and exploded into a sky-high fireball in the middle of a small Canadian town early on Saturday, destroying dozens of buildings and killing several people.

Without ever mentioning that if him and his friends at Big Oil and Big Rail have their way.

This is just a fleeting vision of OUR fiery future...

But of course he is going to have to hope that denial is contagious eh? If he wants more Canadians to believe this story. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sticking to his story in the Senate expense scandal, maintaining his former chief of staff acted alone in paying Mike Duffy's invalid expense claims. Harper repeated on Saturday that it was Nigel Wright's decision to give Duffy $90,000 out of his own pocket to reimburse the Senate and he must take the responsibility.

For as Tabatha Southey points out, it sounds a bit like a fairy tale.

The documents also allege that Mr. Wright has said that three other staff members within the PMO were aware of the $90,000 cheque, while Mr. Harper was kept in the dark. So what did they talk about around the office? How did this work? Did the Prime Minister think that they were planning a surprise party for him, because everyone stopped talking when he came through?

At what point should Mr. Harper have known? At what point does he become Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince in the first act, living in a palace, guarded by a great wall, a place where sorrow is not allowed to enter? “I never cared to ask what lay beyond it, everything about me was so beautiful,” the Prince said. The story is very sad.

Although I do believe Southey made a horrible mistake by comparing Great Ugly Leader to the Happy Prince. For Oscar Wilde's prince was a good man statue who tried to help the poor.

And although Harper also lives in a palace, he's no prince.

And he's definitely NOT happy...

No. I think she really should have compared him to another fairy tale in the same book, the story of The Remarkable Rocket.

This story concerns a firework, who is one of many to be let off at the wedding of a prince and princess. The rocket is extremely pompous and self-important, and denigrates all the other fireworks, eventually bursting into tears to demonstrate his "sensitivity". As this makes him wet, he fails to ignite, and, the next day, is thrown away into a ditch.

He still believes that he is destined for great public importance, and treats a frog, dragonfly, and duck that meet him with appropriate disdain. Two boys find him, and use him for fuel on their camp-fire. The rocket is finally lit and explodes, but nobody observes him - the only effect he has is to frighten a goose with his falling stick.

Because I'm sure we can all recognize that one...

The lies, the anger, the disdain, the fake sensitivity, the insanity, the delusions of grandeur. And of course, the way he first made a fool out of himself, and then blew himself up.

Along with what was left of the Con regime.

Given the gravity of all this, Harper had a duty to tell Parliament all that he knew or could reasonably have found out. He could have found out that the Conservative Fund was prepared to step in and help, but didn’t. He could have found out that Sen. Gerstein and three members of PMO knew of Wright’s offer. He could have tabled the bank draft. He didn’t have to float the fiction that Wright had only the taxpayer in mind. Instead, he stonewalled Parliament and misled the public.

It will take more than a cabinet shuffle to restore trust in this government.

Yup. So much for Great Fairy Tale Leader.

So much for Captain Awesome...

Gawd. That was so bad I could hardly look eh?

But I bet Stephen Harper really is jumping up and down like that and cursing loudly. Because he can't dodge the truth forever.

And remember, the RCMP fireworks show is coming soon.

And it should be REALLY something...

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Anonymous said...

Yes Simon, exactly like Harper & CO's response to the electoral fraud/crime commited BY the party with their CIMS, these new crimes commited BY the PM/PMO- AND aided and abetted by the conclownbrigade, did we ONCE hear any of them say "we must get to the bottom of this"...find the "root cause" if you will? Nah. See no evil, hear no evil...Cover-up, stonewall, and let's just move along here- "Dude, Where's My Gun?" starring the unholy hybrid of some Canadians (?) and some American Libertarians, Teapartiers, and other assorted opportunists...I for one, will never forget the McKay/Flanagan/Harper/Manning alliance...with the help of Finley and Brodie.

Edstock said...

Don't forget Porkela — Waddlin' Wallin has yet to weigh in with an account of her respect for Canadians.

Is Airshow going to keep his portfolio? If Stevie replaces him, the F-35 acquisition effort just went down the tubes, and those who gave $ to the CONS to promote it are gonna be pissed . . .

Rene said...

If you go to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's website, it indicates there are no job opportunities at this time, they have a staff of 220, and this is the agency charged with investigating air, marine and rail disasters such as the recent rail disaster in Lac Megantic.

And what exactly is the purpose of Harper's onsite tour of the disaster zone accompanied by an RCMP security detachment other than to gawk and pose for photos. He is not a qualified investigator and his presence will only impede the work of those who are. It would make as much sense to have Harper tour the crime scene of an ongoing homicide investigation, inasmuch as he is a declared adversary of all criminals other than those he appoints to office.

It is about time we put an end to such foolish posturing, and if government leaders are concerned with public safety, give the agencies entrusted with such responsibility the proper resources and budget to pursue their mandate...

Simon said...

hi Linda...yes they are quite an unholy hybrid gang aren't they? What a collection of losers and misfits. It's funny eh? I was reading about the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO hysteria. And when I thought about who those mysterious aliens were, all I could think was of course !!! That's where the Cons came from... ;)

Simon said...

Hi could I forget Porkela? Or the fate of the fishin' chopper guy.
I just want to keep them for a future episode of Con Tales so we can keep the outhouse bubbling all the way to the next election... ;)

Simon said...

hi Rene...I don't doubt that the Cons are making Canada a more dangerous place to live. Everything from food safety to air safety has been compromised by their neverending efforts to de-regulate everything. I can only hope that the Lac Megantic tragedy will focus attention on what they have allowed Big Rail to get away with. For the way they have been cutting staff, while inflating their profits, endangers Canadians all over the country. But sadly I know what the Cons will do. They will claim that the Megantic fireball only proves why we need to build more pipelines. They are absolutely insane, and we won't be safe until they are gone...

Steve said...

But the PMO office has grown from hundreds to thousands.

John B. said...

I agree with many others that this federal government has been manipulating the allocation and skillset requirements of human resources within the civil service so that we seem to be employing relatively more people in roles that have more to do with supporting the governing party than with providing service to the public. But in the case of the PMO, didn’t Prime Minister Paul Martin employ a slightly larger staff than Harper?