Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Fatal Enemy List

He's still lurking in the shadows. Still afraid to meet the media. Still hoping that Canadians will forget his Enemy List.

But it's just not working. And today thousands of them demanded to know who is on that sinister list. 

More than 200 public-interest and aid organizations are formally asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government to reveal who’s on the “enemy” lists given to new ministers in this month’s cabinet shuffle.

The desperate Con operatives in the PMO are of course stonewalling them.

When asked about the letter on Wednesday, PMO spokesperson Carl Vallee reiterated that the office wouldn’t be commenting on “internal” government communications.

“While we don’t comment on internal communications, we are collaborating with our ministers, especially new ministers, to ensure they are fully briefed so they can continue their work on behalf of Canadian taxpayers,” Vallee said.

And as I pointed out last night, this couldn't be BETTER for us, or more FATAL for him.

For while all those groups will wonder whether they are being punished for not supporting him, so will many ordinary Canadians. They'll blame his hidden hand when they lose their jobs, or their suitcases are searched at the airport, or when their kids are busted for smoking pot.

Paranoia will spread in a place like Harperland where it's a higher state of consciousness. He'll NEVER be able to repair his corrupted scary image.

Or escape the ghost of Richard Nixon...

Not when he has an enemies list even longer than Tricky Dicky had.

And ANYONE could be on it.

Not when he's accused of covering up the Senate scandal like Nixon did.

Not when it's so easy to compare the brooding creepy thug in the PMO, to the one in the White House.

And you know what happened him eh?

Just ask Michael Sona...

You know Sona, the only Con charged in the robocall scandal. Who was once Harper's friend, but is now his ENEMY.

Isn't that delicious? All I need is Pamela Wallin playing the fiddle, and I'm in seventh heaven.

And of course the BEST thing is that by stonewalling on both the Enemy List and the Senate scandal, Great Ugly Leader is only inviting Canadians to fill in the gaps themselves.

And when nobody trusts what he says, nothing can be more fatal than the power of the human imagination.

Which is why me and a group of friends/rebel artists/enemies of the state have decided to use this as the main theme of the attack ads we intend to launch in the fall...

Because we think that just about sums up everything that's wrong and dangerous about the corrupt Cons and their depraved leader.

And the way we figure it, what we don't know about his Enemy List might hurt us.

Because he is capable of ANYTHING.

But what Canadians don't know about the madness of Stephen Harper.

But can now be made to imagine.

Might in the end DESTROY him...

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Anonymous said...

Who leaked the Duffy scandal? Who leaked regarding, Harper's enemy list? Who has access to Harper's plots, scams and schemes? Are the leaks from Harper's own camp?

As we all know, Dictators are control freaks. Harper's team refused to send out, his hate ads against Trudeau. Harper has embarrassed his team because of his hate, spite and malice towards Trudeau. Justin had been in office a very short time, when Harper's hate attacks began. To me Harper's behavior is totally bizarre.

How can anyone with self respect, ethics and morals, support such as a monster as Harper?

daxieowner said...

If I'm not on his enemy list, I've clearly lost my ability to communicate!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... Good Answer... Good Answer... :D I would be honoured to be on his enemies list... LOL

Anonymous said...

stop harper,i am your nemisis