Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Great Con Halloween Drag Show

OMG. This is HUGE.

It's the Party of the Year !!!!

The Cons are going to hold their convention, and unveil their new look, on

The Conservative Party's national policy convention has been rescheduled to Oct. 31, according to party president John Walsh, who issued a written statement on Friday.

But although I LOVE Halloween parties, I fear this one may be a BUST.

I mean, Stephen Harper is sure to come as HIMSELF...

For what could be scarier than that eh?

But since he's been working on his Convention speech for six months, will it be seen by observers as NEW or NOUVEAU? Or just old and DESPERATE.

Or a case of really bad timing by a party so dilapidated by scandal it can't even get its dates right.

And what will their rabid religious base think about holding the Con convention on the Devil's Day?

Because it's being held in Calgary eh?  So they WILL be there, if they have to crawl there on their hands and knees.

And I bet so will Vic Toews, in his usual costume...

Because he's not stumbling back to his crypt until he gets what he wants.

But of course the whole idea is to try to press the reset  button.

With a major cabinet shuffle expected this summer, a fall convention will be a chance for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to showcase the fresh faces he is expected to add to his inner circle.

To try to put some lipstick on their tired old pig of a party. And show off  their new almost new stars like Chris Alexander and Michelle Rempel.

If they haven't been arrested before then...

For soliciting a cabinet position in such a shameless manner.

Along with Pierre Poilievre.

You know Dick Head...

For obvious reasons.

Which reminds me...the Con Halloween Convention is also supposed to be a chance for Jason Kenney to unveil his leadership ambitions.

To unveil the New/Nouveau Jason.

Or whatever....

And you know what?

I actually think that COULD work.

Because after a lifetime of chastity Jason is really rearing to go. He's horny for power. He's tired of being called Mr Boring or Mr Curry in a Hurry.

And he's desperate to show he can be TIM CURRY too eh?

And BLOW the convention away...

Now tell me, would you miss THAT drag show?

The New/Nouveau Conservatives...on Halloween?

Holy Satanic Mechanic. I'm shivering with ANTICI....PATION.

Is that the reset button or the panic button?


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rumleyfips said...

They won't be on their hands and knees, but their knuckles will be sore .

Rene said...

Roman historian Suetonius claims that mad emperor Caligula appointed his favorite horse, Incitatus, to a seat on the senate and attempted to appoint it to the position of consul, that senator Incitatus would also "invite" dignitaries to dine with him, and had a house with full complement of servants to entertain such guests.

Given Harper's recent appointment of his favourite RCMP bodyguard to the role of new Canadian ambassador to Jordan, one wonders what further diplomatic appointments await Harper's gardener and cook.