Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Man Who Might Take Down Stephen Harper

It's one of my favourite photographs of all time.

The golden moment in when the RCMP raided Con headquarters, to seize documents in the so-called In- and-Out scandal.

Documents that were later used by Elections Canada to nail some top Con bosses in court.

And now the RCMP may be about to deliver another golden moment. Meet the man who might take down Stephen Harper.

On June 24, RCMP Corporal Greg Horton filed an affidavit in Ottawa. It is 28 pages of single-space text, his detailed reasons for requesting a "Production Order" that will give him the full story of Senator Mike Duffy's public life since late 2008. It is also the greatest threat that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have faced, a threat they may not survive.

The Corporal who has taken the Senate scandal to a whole new dimension. Widened the circle of suspects. Set the cat among the pigeons.

It's a tradition that political appointees will sometimes take the fall for misdeeds done in their bosses' names. Will Harper's people risk five years in jail for any crimes found to have been committed? Or will they save themselves by implicating their boss?

And who seems to have a VERY clear idea of where the buck stops:

Corporal Horton, in paragraph 33 of the affidavit, notes that Duffy's administrative assistant has said "it was possible that he is being blamed for her errors." But Horton goes on to say that Duffy himself signed his expense claims; "any errors on her part does not absolve him of responsibility."

As with Duffy, so with Harper. His personal responsibility becomes a crucial issue. Ministers are responsible for their departments and their staff; a serious error or misdemeanor by their people means their own resignation

One that could be FATAL to Great I Don't Know Nothing Leader.

Now I realize that a lot of progressives don't trust the RCMP, and with good reason. It's a troubled institution, its leadership has made one blunder after the other, and allowed itself to be tainted by allegations of partiality.

But we shouldn't forget that in the RCMP, as in other Canadian institutions, there are dedicated investigators who consider it their duty to try to uncover the truth. People like the kind of guy Corporal Horton seems to be.

Or Al Mathews, the Elections Canada investigator...

A man also known for his dogged determination, who despite every kind of roadblock thrown in his way painstakingly gathered the evidence that nailed the Cons in the In-and-Out scandal.

And who by filing charges against Michael Sona in the robocall scandal has also set the cat among the pigeons.

“We were told that that they weren’t telling us to go out and destroy the other guys signs, but if we did, the best thing to use was oven-cleaner. The guy said acetone would work just as well and we could get plenty of that from the printing company we were using. Then one of the top guys told us how to get around spending limits, which I thought was funny, since they were still tangled up in the In-and-Out thing.”

For who knows what damaging revelations might emerge from that case, or where the Senate scandal might now lead now that it's all over the PMO ?

And besides wouldn't it be great if Stephen Harper was taken down by a guy named HORTON?

After Great Donut Leader has tried so hard to make Tim Hortons his own brand, so he can pose as a man of the people...

Wouldn't that be ironic eh?

Hi, welcome to Greg Horton's !!!

What can I get you today?  A creamy Boston pie?

Or a pair of handcuffs?

And of course, wouldn't it be great if these words of Stephen Harper, uttered in 2005 and aimed at the Liberals:

"We witnessed a sad spectacle, a Prime Minister so burdened with corruption he can't do his job and lead the country"

Would eight years later become his own political epitaph.

Yup. Go Corporal go. Follow the truth wherever it may lead.

For it just might set us free, even before the next election.

And place this political thug where he belongs...

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