Friday, July 05, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Rebranding of Canada

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper has been trying to rebrand Canada.

Rewrite its history, recast its traditional values, brainwash us into believing this country was born of war rather than compromise.

Replace the red and white of Canada with Con blue.

Bend and warp the truth to conform with his deranged views of what this country is and should be.

And now he's done it again. Now the Cons are "Canada's founding party." 

When your name is tarnished by a series of scandals and the public starts viewing you as a bunch of entitled ne’er–do–wells, there’s only one thing left to do: rebrand yourself!

That’s what the Conservative Party of Canada is apparently trying to do with its new slogan describing Stephen Harper and his merry gang of pranksters as “Canada’s founding party.”

And he's Big Daddy who would brainwash us like Big Brother.

The majority of the page is devoted to glorifying Stephen Harper and vilifying his political rivals — so, pretty much business as usual for the Tories. The biggest howler of all is when the party claims: “Since taking office, the Harper Conservative Government has replaced the old Liberal culture of entitlement with a new culture of achievement.”

Bombard us with propaganda and absurd slogans, reduce everything to a caricature, a game of winners and losers, and treat us like FOOLS.

When in fact the history of this country, and the history of the Conservative Party, is far more complicated. Starting with the name.

Everybody knows that confederation was the product of a grand coalition, the kind Harper despises. And the genius of Canada is to have made all parties involved feel like they were ALL winners. Even if the original inhabitants weren't invited.

And to have created a country through compromise when so many others were born in a blood bath.

But then of course, that's the most disturbing thing about the Con regime and its deranged leader. They really do believe if they repeat a Big Lie enough times, enough people will believe them...

For only he would dare suggest that him and his sellout Cons are more Canadian than the rest of us. And only they could turn their brutal assault on Environment Canada into a propaganda exercise. 

The Harper government included communications strategists in closed-door discussions that led to an estimated $60 million in cuts at Environment Canada in the 2012 federal budget, according to internal briefing documents obtained by Postmedia News.

Where illusion not only trumps reality, it SHAPES it. The truth is what they say it is. And their hollow slogans and obsession with rewriting history are straight out of Orwell's nightmares:

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Or Big Brothers's parallel universe:

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

And it should have been obvious where Stephen Harper would take us, when five years ago he set out to fix something that wasn't broken...

So he could have the pleasure of breaking it HIMSELF.

Which of course remains the main reason why him and his foul regime must be removed from power as soon as possible. For without the truth, and in the darkness of his madness, our country is truly lost.

And the good news? We will find our way to the light.

The truth will set us free.

We will not go where he would take us...

Because that's not OUR Canada eh?

And if he insists on trying to rebrand us. Or paint us blue.

Or peddle his sinister vision of Canada like a beer commercial.

I'd rather go with Joe.

And this version...

Because at least I can see myself in that one eh?

Especially after two beers.

Yup. Tell the "founding fathers" to read their history books, instead of their Bibles and their talking points.

Tell Big Daddy enough is ENOUGH.

And his time is almost OVER...

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Anonymous said...

Yea, Harper's coalition--aided and abetted by McKay's traitorous decision to sell us down the river, to the likes of American libertarians such as Tom Flanagan, and his Canadian, heartless groupies...

Anonymous said...

I don't believe they can rebrand something (Canada) that does't 'belong' to them, while the majority of it's citizens can't wait to see the arse-end of their entire crew. More like 'the retarding of Canada'...yea, that fits them exactly.

Steve said...

I would like you all to consider plugging for the Bees.

Please speak on behalf of Canadian Bees to your MP. The Federal Government is the only hope they have. While it’s not a 100% certain its more than probable the bee decline is caused by neonicotinoid pesticides. These were first introduced in 2004, and in 2006 the first mass decline began. The European Union has banned them already. In North America the chemical lobby is fighting hard against the ban. I guess they figure when there is no more food they can eat money.

A single phone call (just leave a message you want to save the bees, you do not even have to give your name) to your MP has the weight of 100,000 potential votes on a national scale; please use your power for good to fight this evil.
E Mails carry less weight and they leave a record, but they are spying on you anyway so why worry.

Would the National Geographic ring a false alarm! In a day a single bumblebee will pollinate 100,000 flowers. If we kill them off, who will do that job?

Rene said...

The article, Conservatives now billing themselves as ‘Canada’s founding party’,
you refer to carries a contribution in the discussion from one Patrick Ross, University of Alberta which defends Harper's misappropriation of the name and history of the Conservative Party of Canada and prompted the following responses:

"Patrick Ross Considering Harper and the Conservative Party are newly formed, not PCs and that they took over the PCs in order to form the new party. I would say it is intellectual fraud and revisionism to sanctify this, it is nothing but propaganda. "

"Patrick Ross: Harper's party is the "New Conservative Party" not the "Progressive Conservative Party." The New Conservative Party had nothing to do with confederation, Diefenbaker, or even Mulroney. Harper is attempting to trade on the glory of those he once despised when his politics were Reform and Alliance. Harper is a hypocrite."

"Patrick Ross you are a lone sycophant on this board to the conservatives, if you want to believe the selfish traitorous ways of stephen harper you must be living high on the hog and benefiting greatly from his policies while other canadians starve,go without jobs,etc and we gather more and more debt in the quest to make alberta rich."

Presumably the above named individual is the same one being sought, whereabouts unknown, by Canadian Cynic and Dr. Dawg pertaining to an unresolved defamation lawsuit.