Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jason Kenney and the Two-Headed Monster

I always knew Jason Kenney was a man of many faces eh?

Some hidden and some not.

I always knew he was extremely vain and incredibly ambitious.

But who knew he was so inflated with his own sense of self importance, that he would steal another Minister's portfolio? 

Pity Tim Uppal. No sooner had he been officially sworn in as Canada's new Minister of State for Multiculturalism when his ostensible predecessor took to twitter to stress that he was still in charge of the file.

His assertion was bolstered by a PostMedia report the following day, in which unnamed 'senior officials' claimed that Uppal would be reporting to Kenney instead of newly minted citizenship minister Chris Alexander.

Or TWO minister's portfolios.

For if I can only imagine what Kenney's move says about Tim Uppal, who is regularly positioned like a mannequin to make the Cons look more diverse...

But when it comes to real power is clearly just a token ethnic in a party of old white men.

I hate to think what it says about Chris Alexander...

Who it turns out did sadly sell his soul for half a loaf of power. Only to be humiliated by Jason Kenney, who wants to keep his greasy grip on the immigrant file, to further his leadership ambitions.

And then of course, there's what it says about the dilapidated state of the Con regime. And Stephen's Harper's desperate attempt to put a fresh face on his tired and corrupt government.

With a new/nouveau cabinet shuffle...

Which now looks even more like a procession of yapping stooges.

And as fresh as ROAD KILL.

But still I can't help feeling sorry for Chris Alexander and Tim Uppal, who I dare say are better than most Cons.

For there they were working so hard to feather their new nests eh?

Only to have Jason Kenney fly in and steal it all away.

Like the nasty crow in this sad story...

OMG. How sad.

And how sad for Uppal and Alexander too eh?

They sold their soul to the mad king, and his New Old Reform Party.

And they got what they deserve....

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thwap said...

Chris Alexander is a scum-bag. He stupidly tried to smear Richard Colvin but it didn't work.