Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Incredible Hypocrisy of Jason Kenney

Ever since Justin Trudeau became Liberal leader, Jason Kenney has gone after him like a rabid hyena.

He has attacked him for missing votes in the House of Commons.

He has questioned his values,  suggested he is soft on terrorism.

After a British soldier was killed in Britain he couldn't even resist using that tragedy to bludgeon him again.

And when Trudeau addressed a meeting of the Islamic Society of North America last week, the Con flunkies at Sun News picked up where he left off.

Of the one million Muslims in Canada and the hundreds of community centres across the country, Justin Trudeau managed to choose a group listed as an "unindicted co-conspirator"in a terror funding trial, a group that receives money from Saudi Arabia, backs polygamy and sharia, and one that is involved in an internal financial scandal.

And he expects us Canadians to trust him as our prime minister? No sir, not until you grow a spine and stand up for our values with pride.

Only for it to be revealed today that not only did Jason Kenney address the same group, he is apparently trying to conceal the evidence. 

As it happens, former citizenship and immigration minister (and current employment and social development minister) Jason Kenney also spoke to the group in November 2008. Oddly, his speaking notes for the breakfast meeting seem to have been erased from Kenney’s website, and from the online archives of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Now ask yourself what kind of minister would try to do that, and why?

And then ask yourself could you ever trust a government with an Enemies List? One that would try to make the truth DISAPPEAR.

And I think the answer is obvious.

When we fire Stephen Harper.

Let's fire this sinister wingnut as well...

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Anonymous said...

SNN--Brian Liley--"stands for traditional Canadian values"...the values that Canada stood for when backing the Confederates in the US? When the SOUTH LOST??

Anonymous said...

I should have said 'some' Canadians. And, I don't need some anonycon fraud-backer to come along and tell me to cry my hippie tears somewhere else--"blessed are they who mourn for THEY shall be comforted". And how's that working out for the cold-hearted, souless CONS? If I wanted dialogue with ANY CON--I'd be over on the dark side. The art of persuasion only has a chance with people of conscience. Oh, and Mark Adler on P&P tonight? EPIC FAILURE. Dazed AND confused--the camera caught him a couple of times looking down at his talking points. At least P. Poilievre lies skillfully.

lagatta à montréal said...

Actually I have deep contempt for both of those people - the fanatical and repressed Con but also the entitled upper-class twit who claims to represent the interests of one of the poorest ridings within the Canadian State. They deserve one another.

high with the jankster said...

Jason Kenney is a dick

Unknown said...

If it's ok, I'd like to use this photo as a Profile picture for our Facebook group. It's called Boycott Royal Bank of Canada, (its initial name, and it has too many members to change it according to Facebook's rules) but it's against the massive expansion of the Temporary Foreign Worker program, and how it's being used to undermine wages and displace both citizens and immigrants at work.
If it's not, my email is; please put something in the subject line that isn't generic to make sure it isn't put in a junk folder by Google.
James Mallov

Simon said...

hi James...sure go ahead. It's just a photoshop I made from bits and pieces I found on the web, but you're welcome to use it. And good luck with your cause, because it's an important one...