Monday, July 22, 2013

The Anti-Harper Ad The CBC Doesn't Dare Run

It may seem hard to believe, but in a country where the government keeps an Enemy List, and rules by fear, the CBC has decided to muzzle itself. 

An ad campaign calling on the federal government to "free the CBC from political interference" rolls out Monday, but the public broadcaster itself won't run the advertisements, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, an "independent watchdog for Canadian programming," is lobbying against parts of the government's omnibus Bill C-60, passed in June, which give the Treasury Board a role in the CBC's contract negotiations.

Even though, as I have pointed out before, the Con regime is trying to compromise the corporation's editorial independence. 

And intimidate reporters from other news organizations, like CTV's Robert Fife.

Military police were used to investigate how CTV News obtained information Gen. Walt Natynczyk’s use of government VIP aircraft for trips to fundraising dinners, sporting events, and a Caribbean island, according to a report.

The reporter who exposed the Senate scandal.

Although I don't agree with the CBC's decision, I can understand why it is afraid. When several resolutions at the upcoming Con convention would gut the corporation or DESTROY it...

But there are times when you have to do the right and courageous thing no matter what it costs. And this is one of them. Especially since the CBC belongs to all Canadians, and an attack on it is an attack on all of them.

But then why should we be surprised eh?  When the CBC board is packed with Con appointees.

Eight of the eleven current members of the CBC's Board of Directors have contributed to the Conservative Party, including Rémi Racine, the Board chair, who gave the Conservative Party of Canada $1,200.00 last year while sitting on the Board.

Who no doubt dance to the tune of their master's fiddle.

Oh well. They can't muzzle all of us. Sign the petition here.

In a country where the lights are going out we have no other choice.

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let him win...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that signing another petition will do much good, I think, like Chris Hedges, that only non-political popular movements will drive political change.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes it's true a petition probably won't stop the Cons, but the more publicity we can give the ad, the better. It's something everyone can do right now, while we create a popular movement, or just UNITE, to defeat the Cons in the next election...

Anonymous said...

I agree that publicity is good, Simon, and I still sign the petitions even though I think the act is futile. I agree that Canadians must unite, but unite around what idea or which political party? Sure, we have to get rid of Stevie and the Harperites, but replace them with what? Another gang of corporatists ready to sell us out in a kinder, gentler fashion?

I think Canadians have to start thinking smarter and more long term.

Simon said...

hi you I believe that we need to get beyond our current corporatist mindset. Remember I may write for a wider audience but I am way to the left of the NDP. If I had a magic wand I'd wave it over the whole gang and make them disappear. However, I have come to realize that we are only going to get there in stages. First we get rid of the fascist regime, then we work on the more progressive government to get to where we want. Unfortunately, because I'm also VERY impatient, it's the only way it's going to work...

ThinkingManNeil said...

The decision to not run the ad speaks volumes. If I were the head of the CBC - and still had an independent journalistic bone in my body - and knew that the Harper junta had pulled out its long knives, I'd say "OK, boys and girls, this may be the end and we're going down, but we're going down kicking, screaming, and fighting all the way!" I'd send my reporters and doc producers out to dig up every last milligram of truth, scandal, and filth on every treasonous ratbastard in the PMO, Privy Council, Senate, House of Commons, Minister's office, the CPoC offices, senior bureaucrat appointees, Speaker of the House, the GG, every corporatist donor, and every party operative. Then I'd make sure that a single day, a single newscast, episode of The Fifth Estate, segment of Power and Politics, and broadcast on CBC Radio One didn't go by without having something to say about it. I want these skeevy, lying, rotten fucks to be held up to the light of day so that every Canadian can see them for the disease they are.