Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Afghanistan and the Big Blue Torpedo

I know it's an unfortunate coincidence. But on the day another Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan.

I bet Gen. Walter Natynczyk, Canada's Chief of Defence Staff, regrets having his picture taken at the Calgary Stampede.

Riding a big blue torpedo...

And yes the guy in the white hat is the American Caesar, Gen. David Petraeus. Who came to praise the Taliban, and bury our optimism.

The officer in charge of the United States Central Command is warning against premature optimism as thousands of American troops surge into Afghanistan's Helmand province.

As if we had any optimism left after six years of going nowhere.

It’s important not to understand. It’s important not to learn. In the total buggeration into which the world’s help for Afghanistan has now descended, it’s important not to know too much. Accept that somebody some day may understand, but it isn’t going to be you. Somebody some day may grab the Gordian knot and cut it, but it isn’t going to be us. Know only that. To know more is to know less.

So the fortunes of war are irrelevant. To save your sanity, your solvency and perhaps your life, it’s important not to grasp the detail, or it will bankrupt you, kill your sons and break your heart.

So take a look at the whole damn thing; see that occupying Afghanistan was a mistake; then close your mind to further argument or entreaty; because of argument and entreaty there will be no lack, but it will never be conclusive; and in the end we will have to decide. We must harden our hearts against this beautiful country and these handsome, noble, crazy people; and all the rest is noise.

It's a brutal argument. Maybe too brutal. Because we can't just abandon the poor suffering Afghan people. But if you had to sum up this NATO mission from the very beginning total buggeration ain't bad.

Which doesn't negate the bravery and sacrifice of our soldiers. Just makes their deaths even sadder.

And I guess explains why something about that picture bothers me.

Generals shouldn't be seen to be having so much fun, while the war is going so badly.

And BTW didn't they see the movie?

Gawd. Now I'm wondering whether the General was trying to send a message.

The war may be total buggeration.

But the worst is still to come....


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    That photo is reminiscent of Slim Pickens riding the bomb in Dr. Strangelove.

    That's probably where he got the idea. The pose is interchangeable with the Strangelove/Pickens picture.

  2. Hi Torontonian...yes...that's why I included the video.
    I wanted to include the final clip when Peter Seller arises from his wheelchair and says "My Fuhrer I can walk!!!!"
    But you can't have everything... :)