Thursday, December 05, 2019

The Con Media and the Fake Trudeau Trump Scandal

For more than two years the CBC program Power and Politics has been a television playground for Andrew Scheer and his foul Cons.

A place where Vassy Kapelos and her mostly right wing panellists use one fake scandal after the other to try to destroy Justin Trudeau, while allowing Scheer to corrupt our democracy with one big lie after the other.

Well now Gassy and her gang are at it again.

Trying to turn a gossipy 25 second video into a huge, or yuuuuuuge fake scandal.

With Kapelos trying to blow this nothingburger like a balloon until she was blue in the face, and others in the Con media like David Akin even suggesting that it could cost Trudeau the next election.

Trudeau has given Canadian voters yet another reason to think that he is not a serious player on the international stage.

And though it may be two or three years before voters are asked to render their second verdict on Trudeau’s time as prime minister, they, like Trump, may have long memories for slights.

Which is absolutely absurd, when Justin Trudeau did nothing but tell the other leaders what Trump had been up to, this fake scandal will be forgotten by the weekend.

And 80 percent of Canadians think of Trump this way...

So a leader who stands up to that brutish hog, or laughs at him, can only become more popular.

Which is something that Andrew Scheer doesn't seem to understand.

While addressing his caucus on Parliament Hill Wednesday, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer accused Prime Minister Trudeau of having "poor judgment" and a "love of drama." 

"At a time when Canada needs strong relationships more than ever, Justin Trudeau's poor judgment, lack of professionalism, and love of drama continues to weaken Canada’s position on the world stage. We saw this just yesterday at the NATO Summit," said Scheer.

For this pathetic propaganda can only make Canadians wonder who Scheer and his Cons are working for, Trump or the Russians?
And wonder again why does the Ugly American hate this country so much?

While Jagmeet Singh for his part has never looked and sounded more ridiculous...

Or more like a crass political opportunist.

When as Susan Delacourt points out, all decent Canadians should be congratulating Trudeau and the other leaders for standing up to the ghastly bully

Should fellow world leaders just tolerate Trump’s behaviour, and be rewarded for stoic, diplomatic silence no matter what he does or says? Do we want the entire world to behave like the silent, cowed Republicans in the United States, who are now too afraid of Trump’s fury to seriously look at the facts of the impeachment hearings?  

Maybe more people should be having a laugh or two, or at least be rolling their eyes, in the face of a president who is breaking all the rules of political diplomacy, at home and abroad — rule-breaking that goes well beyond a candid cocktail chat at Buckingham Palace.

Most of the Con media failed this country badly. Again.

They couldn't understand a simple story as even a cartoonist could, and they remain a clear and present threat to our democracy.

But this is the bottom line:

Without even trying, Justin Trudeau and the other leaders helped tame the bully. 

And made him look like a clown. Again.

And for that we should all be grateful... 


Jackie Blue said...

Trump doesn't even remember his own name, he's got impeachment and an impending election to be concerned about, and voters aren't going to give a shit about this over the holidays. This is another Con media gambit to get their preferred party's knife fighting out of the news and slag Trudeau on the eve of the throne speech. Akin is a useless Con hack who should have retired a long time ago, while Vichy looked like a total Fox News bimbo in her interview with Jens Stoltenberg, who clearly had no time for this petty bullshit because he wanted to talk about serious issues involving NATO. Andy and his tag team, Jag team partner are the worst of all. Voters sent a message about working together, and what do they do but pick up the same old neener-neener playground bully habits. The NDP really is the orange party. Two or three years? This parliament is going to be a disaster. I give it a year, 18 months max before Trudeau and the Liberals get fed up with the shit-flinging juvenile delinquents and engineer their own defeat to head back to the polls. About the only thing I'll ever agree with Mandarin Manson about is that the fake news lying media truly is the enemy of the people. What a pathetic disservice to democracy. The fourth estate is a fifth column. Cancel the bailout and defund the CBC.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau shitting on Trump makes me like him more.

More concern trolling from the Con-(cerned) idiot Media. The same weaklings who gave his dad a hard time during the October Crisis and who shrieked when he told them "Just watch me."

Anonymous said...

Between the Con media and Jagmeet Singh I don't know who is more useless. You'd think they were both working for Trump. Justin Trudeau didn't do anything wrong, but if he made Trump look like a clown good for him.

Jackie Blue said...

Singh is an absolute tire fire. Disrespecting the newly elected Speaker to score woke points and dunk on Trudeau is not a good look.

What an ass. I hope the Dippers lose party status next election and declare bankruptcy shortly thereafter. This guy sucks.

Sixth Estate said...

As I mentioned to a friend this morning, with this trend, I will be voting Liberal out of principle and not out of strategy for the first time in my life next election.

Growing up I was taught that never again meant we would never let it happen again. When I was an adult I remember mocking the UN's "strongly worded letters."

I see now I was mistaken. What the baby boomers meant by never again was "Never again shall we raise a peep of protest in the face of tyranny."

Anonymous said...

We knew it wouldn't last long before the Con MSM was serving up bullshit burgers and Scheer's tried and failed attack ads were nauseating us once again. This will most certainly backfire on them(Jagmeathead included) as they are siding with Trump and most Canadians see the orange taint for the corrupted, loathsome individual that he is. Justin didn't call him names, he had to endure that presser with Trump, who looked like he was having a 2 hour bowel movement while his awkward questions that should have been left behind closed doors, were clearly meant to make JT uncomfortable.
Well, I hope Trump can take comfort in the knowledge that if he didn't know it already, JT facilitated the fact that the orange bloat is a joke among democratically elected world leaders and to his murderous dictator buddies? He's just a useful idiot.
Justin shouldn't be villified for this, he deserves Canada's and the USA's highest military awards for his stealthiness in including the Dutch, French and British leaders complicity in exposing the toxic agent orange for what he is, for not apologising and especially for knocking Dear Leader down a few pegs.

ottlib said...

Some one should tell Mr. Akin that foreign policy is way down on the list of issues that decide elections in this country. To state things happening at a NATO Summit could actually impact an election at least 18 months away is asinine. Then again pot is legal...

Please let's remember that Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton tagged team the Liberals for the better part of a decade. There is a school of thought in both the Conservative Party and the NDP that if the Liberals could be eliminated as an electoral choice then their parties would be the beneficiaries. It is a pipe dream but they have believed it since the CPC was formed.

It has been apparent for some time that this train of thought is still there in the Conservative Party and recent events and statements by Mr. Singh seem to indicate that it is alive and well in the NDP as well.

For decades the NDP were the conscience of the House of Commons. They kept both the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives honest with regard to progressive issues, even when both had majority governments. I had a ton of respect for them for that. However, it is now clear that the Conservative Party and the NDP have become just the flip side of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Coyne will be clutching his pearls for at least a week over this "scandalette". Am I correct in understanding that it was a CBC reporter that started this whole thing rolling?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Scheer's has a nerve calling Justin Trudeau a fraud, when nobody is as fraudulent as Scheer. His broker's licence was fraudulent, he didn't tell us he was an American citizen, he won his Con leadership with votes that weren't counted properly, and then were immediately burned. And still Scheer dares say that Trudeau is only pretending to stand up for Canada? What a loser.

Jackie Blue said...

He sourced it from a pool of coverage that included none other than Russia's own Sputnik News. Something is seriously wrong here and the useless MSM is either compromised or asleep at the wheel. Harper is in D.C. today, and isn't BoJo an IDU guy?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this is what it felt like during the last days of the Roman Empire with Nero fiddling while Rome was burning. It seems progress has isolated us from the life and death reality our ancestors faced so that we can now spend our time watching political soap operas and cheering on our team. Tomorrows reality simply does not care about Trudeau's comment or Trumps quip but what we do to mitigate global warming and how we work with our neighbors and other nations just might. Its seems the more access to information we have the more divorced from the things that matter we become. Perhaps it was always like that, sometimes the crowd chose wisely and sometime choose a fool just to remind themselves the next time they should smarten up.... a self reinforcing improvement cycle based on the assumption there will always be a next time.


Janice said...

Instead of garbage Con media takes, I've been focusing on twitter (#TrumpIsALaughingStock, etc.) and panel discussions of Trump's humiliation on MSNBC. Best of all, the Trudeau video is the centrepiece of Biden's best campaign ad to date:

The CBC must be crushed that their attempt to derail Trudeau's second term has burnished his image south of the border.

Anonymous said...

The NDP position at least via Singh is disappointing. Empty words is not a reason to back the throne speech in principal. There's more in it for NDP causes than any in history. Plus mentions for the native/first nations. Isn't that in their platform as well? Admittedly I have a crush on our GG Julie Payette. I have her holiday greetings card and envelope stuffed with all the articles I find of her from various papers. Probably sent because my deceased father got the order of Canada. I'm not a monarchist by any means.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, we adore him, and not just because he's telegenic (although being a handsome Jedi certainly plays a big part, especially when our guy is Darth Cheddar the Hutt). No, we love it every time he kicks the traitor in the teeth. His name came up on Jimmy Fallon last night (J. Lo was the first guest), and in a positive way. (Seems everyone has all but forgotten about the Aladdin nonsense or just doesn't give a shit anymore.)

"Jennifer Lopez has been announced as the halftime performer...! [cheers] ...for Trump's impeachment hearings. [laughter] The opening act will be Justin Trudeau, doing a Yo' President So Dumb standup routine. [laughter, cheers and applause]"

I should add, he got a winning nod of approval from the Roots. Perhaps a Slow Jamming the News segment is to come in his future. Trudeau's got soul. Trump sold his to Putin.

Jackie Blue said...

More late night laughs here

Trump is a laughing stock. Trudeau is a rock star. (Again!)

Jackie Blue said...

So, on the first day of Andrew Scheer's Christmas, question period gave to me... more Con heckling and misogyny. This being the 30th anniversary of Polytech and what do they do but abuse and belittle female Liberal MPs. Tell me again how Justin is a fraudulent feminist.

(Translated) In the first question period, the v-p @cafreeland was the target of much heckling from the Conservatives. When she gets up: "Ooohhh, who is the real [liberal] leader?" Interrupted several times.

Andy walked out and so did almost the whole rest of his party when Trudeau was preparing a response to his bullshit. ENOUGH. Throw these troglodytes out of the chamber and let them go "cross the aisle" over the border to sit with their inbred GOP cousins in the impeachment hearings. Women are fed up and this ๐Ÿ‘ is ๐Ÿ‘ not ๐Ÿ‘ the ๐Ÿ‘ day.

brawnfire said...

Hi JD,
I'm pleased as punch and positively unapologetic for Justin's role in this big reveal/moment of truth on the International front. It's fortunate and therapeutic for us and the whole Western World and NATO member-nations that this SHARED intimacy and hilarity among leaders, led by ours, (and Princess Anne) was captured for us to witness, finally.
Like his Father, Justin, just being himself, engages his audience and allies--and actually only gets under the skin of his enemies.