Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Will Pierre Poilievre Be The Next Con Leader?

He has been a professional politician for fifteen years, and is now one of the most right-wing members of a party more American than Canadian.

He is said to be worth about $9 million and counting, and must carry his bloated pension around in an armoured car.

He has offended the dignity of Parliament over and over again by yapping like an enraged hyena, and going after his opponents in the most disgusting manner

But still Pierre Poilievre isn't satisfied.

Now he wants to be Con leader. 

The list of contenders to replace Andrew Scheer is getting longer with Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre considering a run in the Conservative party’s upcoming leadership contest. Asked if he was not ruling out a leadership bid, Poilievre would only answer that “it’s too early to say” and that “lots of people” will put their names forward.

But is too sneaky or cowardly to admit it.

Poilievre refused to confirm Monday that Conservative activists are already making calls on his behalf, which would be the first step toward putting together a leadership bid. 

“I don’t have any campaign organization because I don’t have any campaign,” Poilievre told reporters outside the House of Commons.

He does have some powerful backers, like Jenni "The Beast" Byrne who helped elect Doug Ford and bring down Andrew Scheer.

But then Byrne was once his girlfriend...

So she's probably biased.

And all I can say is bring it on, because Skippy would be my dream candidate.

For after fifteen years in power progressives have enough dirt on Poilievre to bury him and his party.

So for example when he attacks Justin Trudeau for using brown face to portray Aladdin, we can bring up his offensive tar baby comment. 

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre came under fire in the Commons Friday for using the term "tar baby" to describe ex-Liberal leader Stephane Dion's carbon tax plan.

Or should the subject of terrorism come up, we can remind Canadians that he claimed he didn't believe in root causes.

Even though he knew he was lying. 

Despite rhetoric refusing to understand the “so-called root causes of radicalization,” internal documents show Stephen Harper’s senior bureaucrats actually believed mental health issues are “often” one of its underlying causes.

So the Great War on Terror became the Great War on Truth...

And ordinary Canadians became Harper and Poilievre's targets...

Then of course there's my personal favourite.

When he demands that the government eliminate the deficit, and return us to the politics of austerity that almost killed this country.

We can ask Poilievre whether he would suppress it, like he tried to suppress the vote...

All of this may seem a bit premature, since Andrew Scheer's body is still warm.

But a Con leadership vote could come as early as April, an election could come at any time after that.

And we must be ready to remind Canadians that Poilievre and all the other ghastly Cons tried to poison our democracy.

And must never be allowed to do so again....


  1. Might want to start digging up your old Rona Ambrose articles too, Simon. She's being pushed as the Cons' great unifier even more so than Potato Pete. Mostly because of the gender-politics angle. It also looks like Trudeau is not going to ship her off to the USA as he intimated in the CTV interview last night. I asked around on Reddit and they said that there's LOTS of baggage to remind people about St. Rona. Skippy is an annoying little pest who shouldn't require a lot of effort to flick off, but it's going to require a formidable effort to counteract the bad-faith "fake feminist" battle of the sexes BS and the complicated matter of her being a cohort with Freeland on the NAFTA file. Canada doesn't need their own combination of Margaret Thatcher and Phyllis Schlafly.

    1. Aaaaaaand that didn't take long. She's running. The Cons want a coronation. Get ready to fight the Trojan war.


    2. Hi Jackie....I'm still not convinced that Ambrose will run. But I've got more than two hundred files on her so I'll be ready if she does.....😉

  2. Is this the first time rats have been seen jumping onto a sinking ship ?

    1. Hi rumleyfips....I believe it would be a first. And I for one can't wait for the rat feeding frenzy...

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM

    We just got rid of one of Harper's top butt hygienists and now skippy thinks he can beat Justin? Which proves(using Skippy's logic), idiots cause idiocy, the deluded cause delusions and stupid is as stupid does.
    You point out endless ways to attack Skippy's sordid "career", Simon and that's great, but you left out the most accurate depiction(and my favorite) of what skippy truly is. It's time to bring out the papoose.

    1. Forget Skippy, or any of the other also-rans. We need to get ready to demolish Queen Drona, whatever it takes. Another wicked witch of the west who's being coronated as an Aunt Lydia and a Trojan unicorn to attack Trudeau on "feminism" and put a pretty face on the same old Con rot. Just like JWR, the old boy network hides behind a willing skirt. Handmaid of the patriarchy and not to be trusted in the least.

    2. Hi JD....I almost included Skippy as Harper's papoose, but the post was getting a bit long, and I didn't want to look as if I was having too much fun....😃

    3. Hi Jackie....I don't think Poilievre will be the final choice, but don't underestimate his popularity with the bestial rank and file. The ones supporting Ambrose want a more moderate party, but doing that will be an uphill battle....

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    As an ABC voter I really really really hope Skippy becomes the leader. It will ensure the CPC is unelectable.

  5. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Skippy is really the king of the vomitorium. Compared to Harper and Scheer the weaselly self assured polish really tops off the basic elements they all share. Would be an excellent choice to lead the Con party as no amount of lipstick could cover it up.


    1. Hi RT....King of the vomitorium is an excellent description. There are few Cons that irritate me as much as he does. But that's a good thing, because I'm sure I'm not the only one...

  6. I didn't even know Quebec had a Con caucus but this is interesting


    Compared to Pierre Poilievre and Gérard Deltell, Ms. Ambrose has a serious handicap: she does not speak French well enough to cross swords during a televised debate, a highlight of any election campaign. And Quebec Conservatives have promised to do everything they can to stop her if she decides to run.

    Drona isn't fluent in French and QC cons don't like her. Here's hoping they stop the Ro-mentum in Skippy's favor.

    1. Update: Hey Simon, whaddya think of Jean Charest making the Albertastanis blow a gasket?


      Jean Charest only mentioned the "difficulty in French" of Rona Ambrose, the Albertan who is said to have the decisive support of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney if she decided to run. However, several Conservative sources confide that Ms. Ambrose, Stephen Harper's former minister, has no intention of running [to replace] Andrew Scheer for family reasons.

      Hmm. So we may not have to worry about Drona after all? That'd be a relief! Because check this out:


      If he won the leadership, there is a risk – although probably only a small one – that the party could rupture into its Red Tory and Reform wings, with the Liberals guaranteed another decade in power.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Vive le Quebec!

  7. Hi Jackie....Ambrose's French is atrocious, and she would be laughed out of any debate. So I think those pushing her candidacy are just trying to hold off a red Tory challenge from the east.cAs they say only time will tell. Or time will hell....

  8. FYI: mark your calendars, the CPC Clown Party Convention to choose their new chief bozo is happening in November, not April as previously thought.