Saturday, December 07, 2019

How Justin Trudeau Helped Make Trump A Laughing Stock

Well just as I predicted, the Trudeau Trump fake scandal went nowhere in Canada, and expired shortly after it was born.

Despite the frantic efforts of Vassy Kapelos, and other CBC minions, who blew that teeny tiny fluffy story until their faces turned blue, to try to bring it back to life.

But although the Trudeau Trump story was a bust in Canada, in the U.S. it went viral.

With millions of Americans using what happened at the NATO summit, to laugh at Trump and call him a clown.

Or the laughing stock of the world.

Which as Trump himself once said, is the worst thing that can happen to a president.

So needless to say this is his worst nightmare. 

For someone who has spent much of his life obsessed with the idea of being laughed at, desperate to gain acceptance from the elites he simultaneously scorns and seeks approval from, whether it’s Manhattan’s moneyed establishment, Ivy League intellectuals or the leaders of other countries, it must have cut him to the bone.     

Trump’s preoccupation with the idea of being laughed at borders on the pathological. It was his primary theme as a candidate whenever he discussed foreign affairs or international trade: China is laughing at us, Europe is laughing at us, the Taliban is laughing at us, OPEC is laughing at us, the world is laughing at us. But once he became president, he promised, the laughter would stop. And so he has asserted many times since taking office. “We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be,” he said.

Yet now, there is literally not a single person on Earth who gets laughed at more than Donald Trump.

And having the hated Joe Biden turn his humiliation it into an attack ad, must be more than Trump can bear...

An all out assault on his inferiority complex...

But just what he deserves.

But while the late night comedians in the U.S. have been having a ball laughing at Trump.

Here at home the cowardly Cons with their enlarged fear glands have been screaming hysterically that Trudeau is endangering the country, and warning that the wounded Trump could do terrible things to us.


But most Canadians are not afraid, and are laughing along with Trudeau and billions of others all over the world.

And I'm not worried because I'm sure Trudeau can handle him.

And that can only make him more popular in a country where so many hate Trump.

So while it may still be a small fluffy story.

All that laughter and the holiday cheer has softened me up.

And now I'm enjoying it immensely...


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    And the laughter and ridicule continues today at the latest evidence of Trump's deteriorating mind.

    Trump: "Right now in a number of states the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the ninth month. It is wrong, it has to change."

    1. Merkel gave a somber address at Auschwitz.
      Trudeau gave a somber address at Polytechnique.
      Trump gave a somber address at Pearl Harbor.

      Wait, no he didn't -- he held a meeting to talk about toilets.

      And people are surprised the entire world is laughing at him?

    2. HI anon...I saw that Trump statement, and I had no idea what he was talking about. It can only be even more evidence that his mind is deteriorating. He has always said crazy things, but his dementia like episodes are coming more frequently, and the impeachment hearings may drive him over the deep end. Which could mean war with Venezuela or Iran....

  2. It's not over quite yet, but admittedly it doesn't have much more air to pump now that the government is in session and the holiday break is around the corner. But they are trying to tie in the jobs report to the NATO non-scandal or to use it as his comeuppance. Noted genetic defective Donald Jr., and skeevy Jeff Ballingall impersonator Brad Parscale, were doing a pathetic Nelson Muntz ha-ha act on Twitter, to the delight of such luminaries as Brett Wilson and Lorrie Goldstein. Even though those US jobs are mostly seasonal hires and the losses in Canada are primarily Ford and Kenney's doing. But I was surprised and disappointed to find that even Chantal Hébert had drunk the Kool-Aid of calling it a blunder or gaffe, and suggesting that it's part of a "pattern" of Trudeau "flubs" that could cost him his leadership or even the government. She's been really pessimistic with her hot takes as of late. Did the Star editorial board decide to set up a good cop/bad cop dynamic with Susan Delacourt?

    I hope the holiday break and the new year brings a reset, because I feel like there's a coordinated effort to set him up to fail. Shame on these, mostly male pundits and Con partisans who want the country to suffer, and who cheer on a tyrant and sympathize with his "feelings" just because Justin Trudeau merely existing, let alone doing their jobs better than they ever could and laughing at their manbaby idol, makes their mushrooms feel small.

    1. Hi Jackie....The Cons and people like Chantal are out of it. Trudeau did nothing wrong, and laughing at Trump is not a crime. If it has any effect on Canadians it will only make Trudeau more popular. The Cons are like people in a boat rowing away from the Titanic and shouting "take that iceberg!!!!! 🚣🚣🚣

  3. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Hopefully Hannity, Giuliani and others will manage to keep Trump in his delusionary world until its all over. Based on comments and threatened responses over the past few years it is likely he views nuking some hapless aggressor of the day as the ultimate demonstration of his power. Perhaps its marginally ok for the others to mock the narcissist-in-Chief but if there is any indication his base is joining the crowd it could turn deadly.

    In Canada it seems Scheer has received the 'its all about the tarry oil' message. Rather than admit that Alberta is burning the equivalent of .5 to 1 million barrels of oil a day to export 3 million the strategy is to throw maximum Trudeau distraction at the wall and see what sticks. The energy required to extract oil from tar sand is approximately the same as the energy consumed by all of Canada's transportation requirements. Yes public transport, bicycles, electric cars, are part of the solution but when it comes to green house gas emissions the mega sized elephant in the Canadian room is the tar sands if we want to reduce instead of increase ghg emissions in the short to intermediate terms. The irony is that Trudeau is Alberta's best bet in convincing all Canadians to contribute what they can to reduce emissions rather than just stick a pin in the elephant, declare Paris accord victory and go back to an economy based on consumer excess!


    1. Hi RT...Sorry for taking so long to reply to this comment, but it's been like a jungle out there and I was just about to answer when I was called away. I have given up trying to predict what might happen in the U.S. Trump in my professional opinion is suffering some kind of brain disease probably early onset dementia just like his father. But at least he has an excuse, unlike Scheer who is also acting like a maniac, and doing his best to convince people that he has no intention of changing the behaviour that cost him the election. It could be his religious fanaticism that prevents him from changing the script, or it could be that he has trapped himself. He can't win a leadership review without maintaining a hardline on carbon taxes etc etc. But unless the Cons change they cannot win an election. The next three years will decide whether the world can be saved...

  4. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Trump is someone worthy of scorn.

    I've suspected that this is more the Cons inner fear coming out. It has always amused me when Cons portray themselves as the tough unflinching brave stoic types, but behave like frightened ninnies when things actually get rough or even the appearance of rough. Fear of the other. Fear of difference. Fear of terrorism. Fear of change. Fear of anyone who questions the social status quo. Fear of insignificant actions of desperate people. Fear of science. Fear of the unknown. Fear of who they actually are. Fear of being afraid. You name it they're frightened of it.

    Every time I hear a right winger calling us left leaning types wimps, I realize now it is more likely based on psychological projection. I have my wimpy moments and yes I am afraid of things, too, but I am not so frightened that I avoid facing them.

    If I listened to advice of such wimps as these then I'd never have faced bullies at school, work and life. I would have let my fear turn me into a broken human being.

    Yeah I paid a price, but it was a small price compared to losing my self respect and mental health.

    1. Hi's a scientific fact that Cons tend to have larger fear glands than normal people, so a lot of their violent tendencies are their way of coping with that fear. So good for you for not giving in to bullies because that only encourages them. You can be proud of yourself....

  5. So finally we get an actual SNL-Laugh In Affair. Squaring the circle at last, Jimmy Fallon played Trudeau on Saturday Night Live last night, with Paul Rudd as Macron and James Corden as BoJo. I've been waiting years to see Fallon as Trudeau, as they both share the same youthful, playful personality. But I thought Fallon's impression could have been better had he just been himself, instead of laying on the "soory" "aboot" stereotypical accent on so thick. He's French-Canadian, why not say "bonjour" to Macron? And no fancy socks? No blue suit with brown shoes? He needs to watch more "pool footage" of Trudeau if he's going to nail the impression. It sounded more like Mike Myers. And I take exception to how the writers treated poor Romania and Latvia. Guys, these are victims of Putin's bullying and not the countries you should be laughing at. The real Trudeau would have said, "you can sit with us." Grade: B+.

    But all that aside, the fact that it aired on Trump's favorite "hate watch" show should be enough to stick in his craw and maybe push him to such a point where he just picks up his (lost) marbles and "you're fired" himself out of the White House if he wants to spare himself any further humiliation. I bet Obama and Hillary tuned in... dare I say the real Trudeau might show up as a cameo (or a hosting gig) in the future?

    1. It's easy to imagine the SNL-obsessed toddler-in-chief being triggered by that cold open into blowing up USMCA/NAFTA. But no doubt he'll resist the temptation if only because doing so would severely damage his re-election prospects.

      Canadian link to the cold open for those geoblocked on YouTube:

      B+ sounds about right and Fallon's Trudeau definitely needs more work. In all likelihood it's a one-off.

    2. Hi Jackie....I thought the SNL skit was pretty lame, and I was annoyed that the Con media decided they were spoofing Trudeau rather than Trump. But I agree with you, being laughed at probably hurts Trump more than all the Congressional hearings put together. So more more....

  6. We live in a world where its so hard for the truth to speak to power, because most of the time its power speaking to power pretending to be the truth. Some truth s exists.

  7. Hi Janice....I wasn.'t worried about Trump blowing up the free trade agreement because at this point he needs it more than we do. He used to threaten us but as soon as the Democrats took over the House he folded like a cheap suit....

  8. Holy crap, this place will be difficult for discussion but here goes. I see what is in thread and memes and see you depicting Trump as the clown and I'm trying to see the anger towards his policies which has made USA the strongest economically it has been ever, a 50% increase compared to Canada, his release act that has let 3400 people out of jail so far, 90% of them are black, how his act to make animal cruelty a felony ( where Trudeau wants it legal for sex with animals, think islam)so terrible. How do you see Trudeau as better? Let me ask you this, if it was alright for Trudeau to coat his shin with black paint and was forgiven, will you forgive everyone else? I'm thinking not, look what you did to Don Cherry ( you really got upset over something he has been saying for 30 years) . Please someone give me proof of something good that can happen by Trudeau dividing country like this, none of this angst was around until him, he calls people racist at the drop of a hat, yet is the worst one around, he has shut down one of the cleanest resource sectors in the world down and is running up massive debt, also recessions usually come around every 8 to 10 years, how will Canada get through it piling up massive debt. So if this is possible can someone with truth not opinion that Trudeau is actually doing any good for Canada and I mean All of Canada. Peace