Thursday, August 15, 2019

Why The Fake Scandal Will Still Not Go Anywhere

In my last post I looked at how Justin Trudeau's poll numbers had finally recovered from the so-called fake scandal.

And I expressed the fond hope that I would never have to hear from the two Connies Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott again. 

Then this happened. 

And to my horror the fake scandal was back !!!

But although history did repeat itself, this time it looks a lot less like tragedy and a lot more like farce.

For while our shabby bought media went wild, again. 

And the Cons, the NDP, and the Kinsella Greens lined up to try to milk the scandal cow. Again...

And Con supporters did their best to contribute to the hysteria with contributions like this one...

And by getting the hashtag #TrudeauMustGo or #TrudeauMustResign to trend on Twitter.

It wasn't long before those hashtags were driven from the top spot by another: 

Blown away by a torrent of support for Trudeau, which although it was impressive shouldn't be surprising. 

For the fake scandal was always a fake scandal. Nothing ever happened to change the course of SNC's legal troubles.

Despite Jody Wilson-Raybould's attempts to make herself look good instead of hopelessly incompetent, her answer to this burning question was always NO...

And if Trudeau tried to save thousands of good Canadian jobs, he was only doing what any Prime Minister should do.

Polls show that most Canadians believe he was doing the right thing, protecting and growing the economy.   

As only he can.

So if it wasn't a real scandal then, I very much doubt it will be a real scandal now.

For most decent Canadians have had more than enough of this sappy soap opera. And they have made the two Connies know exactly how they feel.

In the riding of Vancouver Granville that Wilson-Raybould won easily in 2015 she's now fighting for her life...

And as for Jane Philpott in Markham-Stouffville, it looks like she'll be soon looking for another job.... 

So who will be surprised if their little adventure should end badly?

Most decent Canadians understand that the election is about more than Wilson-Raybould's hurt feelings at being removed from a job she was clearly unfit to perform.

They understand it's about keeping the ghastly Cons from raping our country and its values.

As I pointed out on Twitter...

And with the media, the NDP, and the Kinsella Greens all siding with the ghastly Cons, I wouldn't be surprised if the attempt to bring back the fake scandal makes Trudeau even more popular, especially in Quebec.

And contributes mightily to another majority...

So suck on that one Cons, or this one.

Most decent Canadians want a real Canadian leader.

And they will settle for nothing less....


  1. Is it true that Slithery Steve called awkward andy his sqeaker, because he is more mouse than man.?

    1. Hi rumleyfips....I don't know if that's true, but it sounds reasonable to me. I also can't tell whether Scheer is a very large mouse, or a small rat. But one thing is for sure, with a tail like this the squeaker can never be Prime Minister....🐀

  2. More like #BotsMustGo. Better a mistake made with the best of intentions than a concerted effort to "pressure" the duly elected PM out of his job. Like I said, another Jim Comey outburst. Justin's Emails. Crooked Justin. Now Sheriff Andy has called in the cavalry again and we're back to "Lock Him Up." (Wouldn't have gotten to this point without Deputy Fife.) What more could be expected from the GOP North and their tag team partners Jagmeet Sanders and Elizabeth Stein?

    Meanwhile, Star editorial board says Dion may have misread the key section out of overreach and Trudeau should not be excoriated for disagreeing with some of the findings. They make a very credible comparison of saving jobs at the company that dare not speak its name, to the bailout of GM intended to save auto workers. Dion, Dipper purists and cynical Con hypocrites would rather read it as the despised bailout of the banks, intended to benefit Goldman Sachs' C-suite and corrupt politicians rather than the janitors, doormen and entry-level clerks. It galls me that he went with JWR's take hook, line and sinker. Another absolutist just like her who doesn't allow for mitigating circumstances. But in yet another American similarity, I read somewhere that Dion is apparently a Harper crony (or Blue Lib sympathizer at the very least). Comey, meanwhile, is a Republican. Same old Yankee Doo-doo shit.

    Ultimately this whole mess is going to come down to whose "truth" do you believe. A Rashomon scandal if there ever was one. As for me, I was #StrongerTogether #StillWithHer in 2016 and I #StandWithTrudeau now. Whatever mistakes were made pale in comparison to the threat of Nazis around the corner.

    Oh, and did I mention? #JodyMustGo. #LetHerSTFU.

    1. Hi Jackie...Yes, I think Dion's report is seriously flawed. I've only had a chance to skim through that report but I may write something about it. As I've said before though, I honestly believe that most Canadians are sick of the fake scandal, and if the Cons keep beating that hollow drum all they are going to do is irritate them further...

  3. At what point do you admit it's not a fake scandal, he broke the law as judged by the ethics comminioner and the RCMP is investigating him.

    He will still likely win a minority tjanks to Doug Ford only.

    1. Because he "broke the law" during National Lampoon's Aga Khan Vacation and when he got a sunglasses gift too. Anything can be described as a "scandal" and at some point it amounts to media oversaturation and crying wolf. Did you see Nate Silver's tweet about what a joke this first-world problem shit is compared to the five-alarm fire in Trumpistan? Contrast with Kinsella's latest unhinged outburst that Dion's anti-Trudeau screed is worse than the goddamn Mueller report! Proof positive the Trudeau haters have scandal envy and were aiming to put together a pathetic imitation of what's going on south of the 49th. So desperate for a Trump to report on they made up a caricature from whole cloth.

      As a certain fat cat who shall remain nameless used to say, "Let me be clear." The list of Canadian political scandals on Wikipedia covers everything from tainted tuna to bumping into somebody with an elbow. Point is, perspective. This is a controversy, a kerfuffle, whatever you want to call it. A fuddle-duddle. It's not nothing but it's not really a something. In the grander scheme of things, it's a volcano made out of a mole hill. Look at the bigger picture. Ford's policies are killing people. He stacked the provincial police and his government with cronies. Kenney is up to $100K+ in fines for fraud. Did Trudeau kill anybody? Stain a blue dress? "I did not have socks with that woman, Ms Wilson-Raybould!" No. He and/or his inner circle stepped over the line with the intent of saving jobs, and violated workplace protocol in the process. It's a speeding ticket, not Watergate. We wouldn't even know about this red herring if JWR wasn't hell-bent on getting revenge against her boss over her "dream job" and a battle over the reconciliation file. What's more important? Here's what's more important. Trudeau could shoot Hillary's email server on Fifth Avenue and Faith Goldy's fascist cuddlebug still wouldn't deserve anyone's vote. Calling the cops with intent of dragging Trudeau out in handcuffs is way overkill considering the real criminals here. Con projection at its worst.

    2. Hi Gyor....I believe it's a fake scandal because nothing ever happened. I think Dion made a serious error by essentially dismissing arguments that a DPA was in the public interest. And please remember that JWR only started complaining after she was shuffled out of a job where she was both incompetent and out of control. There is nothing for the RCMP to investigate, and as I told Jackie, I think that the Cons will in the end be the ones who will be hurt by the attempt to revive a dead scandal...

  4. ...Will you fucking stop, please? Even the goddamn National Post has called bullshit.

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Read it again. The article refers to Scheer's over the top accusation against Mr. Trudeau. It found Scheer's contention "mostly accurate." That's hardly the National Post calling "bullshit" on this story.

    2. Why thank you for reaffirming the NP's downplaying of what you yourself call an "over-the-top" characterization. The point isn't merely about Scheer's ridiculous hyperbole, it's about the overplaying of this tempest in a teapot more generally.

    3. Hi Fozzy....Thank you for pointing out that Scheer has once again failed the baloney test. He exaggerates, he lies, he has no class, and in October he will be defeated...

  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Loving the level of denial here. The "climate change deniers" are amateurs compared to you, Simon...

    1. And again, even the National Post, one of the country's most rightwing papers, has called bullshit.

    2. Dion fucked up. Read the analysis. Called it already. Jim Comey.

      "There seems to have been a serious misinterpretation of his own act and his jurisdiction by the ethics commissioner," Errol Mendes says of Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion's report on the SNC-Lavalin affair.

    3. ...Wonderful. Muddying the water to force further discussion to keep the issue in the headlines. Just wonderful.

    4. Hi anon....Having a Con compare me to a (Con) climate change denier is a first for me. But I can understand why you and the other members of the Scheer/Harper cult are sounding so desperate. You're all terrified by the way Trudeau has closed the polling gap, and you believe that regurgitating the fake scandal will drag him down again. Good luck, as I said in my post, I believe those new/old attacks will help Trudeau win another majority...

  6. why we cant have good goverment, normal people go all power mad

  7. Are we not talking about a Canadian Corporation wanting to enact a law that would defer its prosecution?
    And getting the Prime Minister to press
    his Solicitor General for it.
    Now that is chutzpah at its finest.
    Long live the rule of corporate law!

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Yes we are talking about a Canadian corporation that bribed a corrupt government to build infrastructure in Libya. Then a Canadian Con led allies bombed everything in the country and cried invading horrors when people fled to other countries. Now they are trying to elevate a relatively minor effort to keep some Canadian jobs far beyond the atrocities they committed on behalf of Canadians. Cons are really good at distraction and false equivalency but actual good government not so much. The only outcome the Cons have to offer is that eventually what goes around comes around!


    2. Sorry bub. It's still better than Scheeria Law or Marshall Law. Try telling me Weak Andy wouldn't be lobbied by Big Guns, Big Oil or Big Religion. I'd rather see someone do what he can to stick up for innocent people's jobs than stick up for the merchants of murder and the preacher class. At least he said verbatim, he disagreed with some of the findings but takes responsibility and the buck stops with him. A Con would never take responsibility at all, and let's be honest here, Jagoff and Dizzy Lizzy are too clueless for us to even speculate about them having a PMO in the first place. How many governments have the tankies ever formed? But you do you, lament that Justin isn't really Castro Jr and see where that gets you. Hillary would have had us at war right now, right? Both parties are the same!

      BTW, Pocahontas won't be PM. POTUS maybe, but the good professor actually has morals and isn't a self-serving narcissist like your pinup crush.

      Worse comes to worse, I hope Bronfman buys Bell Island and sets up Justin to run a sanctuary fiefdom for Liberal-minded refugees far from the madding crowd. Been thinking about this a lot lately ever since I saw this 60 Minutes report. Call it Kanata Island, a tropical Monaco for regular folks with the House of Trudeau as head of state. Hey, if you can fantasize about replacing Liz Windsor as Canada's monarch with Princess Jody of the Spoiled Brat tribe, I can write fanfic about JT and Sophie as Albert and Grace.

      ...and Freeland as head of government, hahahaha.

    3. The "relatively minor effort"
      is the crux of the matter.
      SNC rejected a trial by jury and wanted a deferred prosecution agreement, not yet legal in Canada, but legal elsewhere in the world, so as to avoid losing out on federal contracts for 10 years.
      They literally wanted a new law to protect themselves against losing 10 years of profits and, oh yes, the " Canadian jobs."!
      Going along with this corporate lobbying and trying to influence the AG to bring in a new law is the problem.
      Not "direct" but even by merely suggesting is corrupt.
      Or perhaps not in a smug Canadian way.
      This corporate crap is common to both the Cons and Liberals. The reason why 80% of the world's mining companies are Canadian.
      The foreign policy and laws favouring Canadian mining companies abroad, turbocharged by Harper, continues unabated under Chrystia Freeland.
      Is Mr Trudeau unaware of this?
      Most Canadians are!
      Look at the actions of Canadian mining companies in Honduras.
      Rule of law country...?

    4. Hi hinofan...I'm glad you have finally mentioned all those jobs Justin Trudeau was trying to save. People in Alberta are always wailing about the jobs that are being lost in their province, but when the jobs are in a place like Quebec they don't care a damn. Which just happens to be how I feel about the tripe you are writing these days. Have a nice day...

    5. Hi RT....Thank you for that excellent summation. Hopefully hinofan will write your comment on the back of his hand so he,can know what he's talking about. He doesn't seem to realize that in October the choice will be between Trudeau and Scheer. And he's making it only too clear which side he is on....

    6. Noddy,
      The choice between Trudeau and Scheer is no choice for corporate canada.
      They own them both!
      We vote.
      They don't!

    7. There's just no convincing the purity voters, is there.

      If the worst should come to pass this fall, Canadians will hold your kind responsible for American nukes being stored in Canada. And launched into Tehran from their silo in Oilbertastan to bring about the rapture. But his SNC emails, right? How dare she give speeches to Goldman Sachs! How dare Obama bail out the banks and GM! Both parties are the same! Hey comrade, tell Susan Sarandon her revolution is going just great, mkay? Untold numbers of refugee children in cages owe you the utmost gratitude!

      As for me, if Trump buys Greenland, I'm high tailing it to the future Principality of Freeland. Now I'm a Trudeau monarchist, tankie, does that make your head explode?

    8. I'm no Jodie fan, but calling her Pocahontas is racist. But then, I'm just a "purity voter". Funny, here I thought I was a lifelong left activist...

    9. Hinofan....That last comment reflects the state of your mental deterioration. I'm sorry but I don't have the time or the energy to explain the difference between Trudeau and Scheer. But one is a fascist and the other is not. And for that, and your abusive behaviour, you are hereby banned from this blog.. Have a nice life...

  8. Scheer is pathetic. He's miserable. And a stalker. He just used the Acadian Day parade for another political stunt. PMJT shook his hand in good faith and Scheer called him a liar. Paging Julian Porter.

    I hope NB voters see that he was #Insinscheer about showing up to support the Acadian people, while PMJT was. He just wanted to catch PMJT in a "gotcha" video to shitpost on Twitter. What a POS.

    1. Update: New Scheer fail (besides yet another awkward handshake, this time with JT).

      Really big news as the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, came out today.

      Every major party leader congratulated him -- except one. (Note I said major party leader. Max just congratulates himself for being Max.)

      What does this tell you about Weak Andy the bigot. The mayor of the nation's capital makes a courageous announcement that he's gay, and a man (or pathetic imitation of a man) aspiring to be prime minister can't bother to even acknowledge him. Instead he goes out on a "family boat trip" and forgets to put life jackets on his kids while Hamish's bot farm shitposts all day about Crooked Justin.

      What a POS is Andrew Scheer. This is the bigger scandal. Could anyone seriously imagine this guy with a President Buttigieg???

  9. Anonymous10:29 AM

    The scandal that was not will be remembered as JT trying to save jobs while Con heads exploded in a cacophony of hypocritical bullshit. It's not like he directed his right hand man to bribe someone to cover his own ass. And therein lies the difference between a Con and Liberal government. Con leaders surround themselves with subservient lapdogs while Liberals, for better and worse, allow their flock to speak their minds and make arbitrary decisions. Even though those decisions, as in the case of JWR, are nonsensical and oozing with the incompetence of someone who should have never been given such a vaunted position in the first place. That's the only apology JT owes us.

    1. I hope he overcomes this and pulls off at the very least a minority government, and learns to drop the IDPOL bullshit that only ends up being used against him in bad faith. (Funny that, it's working against the NDP too, particularly in Quebec, and now they're looking to Angry Tom to save the furniture. Projection much or are they playing the long game? If Trudeau wins, will he run against Harper and Mulcair next time because it's 2015 -- er, 2021?)

      But speaking of "because it's 2015," looking back on that clip now makes me cringe. JT tried too hard to cover bases on the all-important representational front because he really believed it in his heart of hearts. It only ended up backfiring on him. Aaron Wherry's book excerpts have been very revealing. JT really seems to regret hiring her though doesn't say so verbatim: "We didn't hire Jody to be a symbol. We hired her to be a great justice minister." She ended up being neither. A weapon instead.

      She has exploited her "intersectional" status as a cudgel and the GreenDipperCon alliance is only too happy to amplify it in their self-serving, multi-front war against JT. She obviously doesn't care what a potential Con government would do to her people as long as she can tag the blame on JT. Some have also speculated that JT even brought her aboard in hopes of smoothing over longstanding tensions between the two families (cf. Bill's joust with Pierre in 1983 when, I'm guessing, both Jody and Justin would have been about the same age). I guess some grudges will never be healed.

      Well, no more of this crap. Affirmative action and IDPOL is a nice idea in theory and I do support it to an extent, but have seen how it can go too far. OJ Simpson being a classic example. "Allegedly" kills his wife, and gets off on a number of technicalities because the L.A. riots were still fresh in people's memories and the LAPD revealed themselves to be racist fucks who tainted the case. JWR and her media sycophants have successfully portrayed JT as a modern-day Mark Fuhrman, which couldn't be further from THE truth.

      I never thought I'd say it either. Lametti might be a stale pale male but at least he's competent and knows his job. Dion is also a stale pale male, and credible lawyers are remarking that he botched his pathetic imitation of the Mueller report. But JWR sucks and I wouldn't want her defending me for so much as a jaywalking violation. Wouldn't want her prosecuting me for it either considering her support for Harper's mandatory minimums. 20 years of hard labor for chewing gum in public. Ask Glen Assoun about JWR's take on the "rule of law." Funny that her "truth" was reported by Bob Fife, who also had a hand in ruining the life of an(other) innocent man. I'm sure Maher Arar has some choice words about the media bias that Coyne, Akin and others of their ilk are dismissing as hysterical Liberal screeching. Pathetic.

      Her being an indigenous female has SFA to do with her performance review and everything to do with her public outburst. She's just a toxic person who can't tolerate any disagreement whatsoever and was promoted to the level of her own incompetence. The facts of this case don't matter. She has charmed the media with her "narrative" of Canada's original sin. Well, Clarence "Uncle" Thomas is a shit SCOTUS Justice and Ezra Levant is a Nazi sympathizer. Every group has its kapos who put self above the greater good. Trudeau's apology from now on should come in the form of hiring upon merit alone.

    2. Hi JD....yes, the only mistake Trudeau made was appointing JWR to a job she was clearly not capable of doing. As Jackie says, affirmative action is good but only for the competent. And as you point out ,Trudeau had no financial interest in the SNC affair, all he was trying to do was save Canadian jobs as all prime ministers should. So what are the corrupt Cons going on about?

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I almost think Dion was put up to this, in order to draw out all the Con stooges, who reveal their far too well crafted messages, along the lines of "they're all the same", or "I normally vote Liberal but this is too much for me", or "the PM is a criminal". They try to claim that the messy business of democracy where disagreements are on full display is somehow bad, and wouldn't it be so much better to have a "strong" leader surrounded by lackeys. The sanctimonious parsing of the ethics rules is laughable. These rules are intended to stop people like Ford hiring his friends and giving lucrative contracts to his business to make stickers that others are forced to buy. Saving large numbers of jobs by making a company submit to micro management and scrutiny instead of destroying their business is somehow being construed as personal enrichment by these Con attempts at vote suppression and splitting.

    The fact remains that the purpose of government is to govern, and we have elections so that the leaders cannot become too entrenched. But the buck really does stop with the PM. He was elected and his party was elected with the expectation that he would in fact be the PM. JWR was elected only as an MP, there was nothing in the campaign that she would be in Cabinet let alone Attorney General. She decided that she is a power unto herself but complete immunity from being pressured and eventually replaced would make her unaccountable.

    I did not agree with Harper's policies, but had no problem with him running his government as he saw fit. I thought of it as laziness to surround himself with lackeys who would not only do as he required but would wait for his orders. The Trudeau way gets a lot more different ideas to the fore and we see messy disagreements, and officials can go farther off script before being reigned in, but like it was with Harper, he is the final arbiter of his government's actions.

    The Harper way was based around maintaining an appearance of unity, and conformity to the ideas of one over diverse opinions hopefully reaching consensus. The Trudeau way is based around letting everyone have their say and increasing the possibility of better ideas being floated. In both cases the buck stops with the leader, but perhaps the Trudeau way provides more insight into any debate for the leader and should result in better decisions overall.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. American style tactics imported from the IDU member GOP. Where have we seen this script before. I've said it, "Because It's 2016"

      I almost think Dion was put up to this, in order to draw out all the Con stooges

      Harper's former public integrity commissioner and a spectacularly incompetent one at that -- who replaced another incompetent, Christine Ouimet.

      Note that James Comey, Mr. October Surprise himself, is a lifelong Republican.

      their far too well crafted messages, along the lines of "they're all the same", or "I normally vote Liberal but this is too much for me", or "the PM is a criminal".

      "Crooked Hillary Trudeau" "Lock him up" "Trudeau for prison" etc. SNC = Hillary's Emails. Breathless coverage by corporate media and Internet astroturf amplification, wearing down the public in the lead-up to a close election campaign.

      They try to claim that the messy business of democracy where disagreements are on full display is somehow bad, and wouldn't it be so much better to have a "strong" leader surrounded by lackeys.

      "Drain the swamp... only I can fix it"

      These rules are intended to stop people like Ford hiring his friends and giving lucrative contracts to his business to make stickers that others are forced to buy.

      More like the Trump hotel empire even though it's being portrayed as "Hillary/Obama bailed out the banks". Populism 101.

      Con attempts at vote suppression and splitting

      Cui bono? So far, Elizabeth Stein and (to a lesser extent) Jagmeet Sanders. Note that Lizzy is literally a Con with a composter known for JWR style tactics herself.

      The Trudeau way gets a lot more different ideas to the fore and we see messy disagreements ... The Trudeau way is based around letting everyone have their say and increasing the possibility of better ideas being floated.

      Apparently voters don't like to see how the sausage gets made. One can only hope they forget about it over the next two months and focus on more important things. Assuming of course that the media lets it die down by Labor Day and there won't be yet another October surprise. Then again... JWR timed her book release for the same date (Sept. 20) as SNC goes to trial. Right in the middle of the campaign. Timing really is everything.

      More about the Republicanization and Kochification of Harper's Northern GOP and why and how they've adopted these tactics.

      Worth noting: JWR is married to the son of a co-founder at Koch mouthpiece, Fraser Institute (part of the Atlas Network of Koch "think tanks"). Tim Raybould is the son of John Raybould.

      Worth a follow: @sunnshiiny on Twitter, a Metis activist who's been sounding the alarm about this Koordinated Koch Kudatah to take down Trudeau.

      This is an attempt at regime change from within.

    3. Anonymous1:13 AM

      Sheesh, hinofan. I wasn't even thinking of you though you do qualify as "Con stooge". Your pretending I am complimenting you is straight out of the Con playbook. It would be like someone saying "Junior's just not ready", then me saying "Yes, you are correct, Doug Ford Jr. is just not ready". This despite the fact the even though Ford really is "junior" because he has his father's first name, we all know "junior" is the Con code word for Trudeau when they aren't calling him dauphin, a nice slam that combines French bashing with the fact he has the same job as his father once did.

      Another standard con stooge indicator is the tired routine calling other posters by names other than the ones they provide. "Noddy and Langley?" Seriously? Are we still in elementary school? You have the same curious tongue tying that somehow prevents Scheer from using the word "Muslim". Unlike Jackie Blue, I welcome your spreading baloney here since it is laughable watching you defend the indefensible. My only concern is becoming complacent and thinking this is the best the Con war room can come up with.

      Finally, stating your opinion and calling it fact is yet another indicator. "Facts matter" and whining "so be it if stating facts makes me a stooge". No, it is the claiming that your views are facts is what makes you a stooge. And the bonus is the sneering apology for "bursting your bubbles". Fear not, you have not burst any bubbles, so no apology is necessary. And I'll be able deal with my own burst sides from laughing on my own, thanks.

      To your point, the Attorny General appointed (and unelected) Director of Public Prosecutions declining to use a Deferred Prosecution Agreement is hardly settled law. The fact that the AG is allowed to overrule the DPP, and the fact that the PM can replace a non-compliant AG shows the supremacy of democracy and those we elect. The PM is the only one who can be seen as actually elected to the job he holds since JWR did not win her seat on the basis that she would become AG. I don't recall the DPP's reasons ever being made public. I don't have a problem with it not being public, just as I have no problem with the PMO pressuring the AG and that not being public. There is only the requirement that if the AG does overrule the DPP, that fact is to be made public. But JWR has her own ambitions and so decided to cry foul at being asked to work with, instead of against, those who put her where she was.

      As for your support for the "ethics guy" that is not surprising since he was appointed Public Sector Integrity Commissioner by the previous government and his opinion of wrong doing (oops "breaking the law") rests entirely on a novel interpretation of private gain being the reason for the PM's pressure. You can stretch private personal gain to the point where it is a personal benefit when we don't have to walk down the street stepping over sick and dying people because we have a public health care system, and therefore supporting health care would be unethical. in this case, there was a clear public interest in not destroying SNC, and instead putting them under high levels of intrusive supervision after the specific people who did the bribes have been fired and prosecuted.

      However, I think you should report to the basement of the Con war room for remedial waterboarding. You see, you committed a serious transgression when you forgot to provide the false equivalence with Huawei, and why are they not offered a DPA too. I suspect they would be offered one in the US, where they are charged, but like with SNC that would only be after the specific fraud artist from the company (Ms. Meng) is fired and prosecuted.

  11. @Hinofan would you STFU and quit spreading your negative, false equivalency, vote-suppressing/vote-splitting disinfo all over this comments page. Your purity pony bullshit only aids and abets fascists, so knock it the fuck off. People's lives are at stake and no one benefits from your both-sides crap. Go hang out at Mound's heckler blog or the Tyee if you want to bitch and moan about "neoliberal shills." Sick and tired of you perfectionists sabotaging good government because it's not "good enough" for you.

    1. Hi Jackie....I have banned hinofan from ever commenting on my blog. I don't mind differences of opinion but he is making no sense, and has started abusing myself and you and other commenters. In my professional opinion he is suffering from fairly advanced dementia, where a person makes very little sense, but starts insulting friends and neighbours. I could tolerate that in normal times, but at a time when we are trying to prevent a fascist takeover, I will not allow such Con behaviour...

  12. I am not kidding I shook hands with Lisa Raitt yesterday. I was very polite, told her I thought she was normal and that I would be voting Justin. It was Canadiana.

  13. Weird Andy's latest photo op continues to incite cringe and serious red flags about his psychological well-being.

    This assassination-obsessed social maladroit stalks the prime minister at public events and has now terrified his own daughter with a fish crying blood out of its dislocated eyeball. OK Andy, now do burning insects with a magnifying glass. Brundlefly.

    Somewhere in the great beyond, Bob Stanfield is lamenting a more innocent time when Conservative photo fails merely involved fumbling a football. But this -- this is... borderline CPS material, not even counting the missing lifejackets. Very fine people. Father of the year.

    1. I think not wearing life jackets while at sea is far more dangerous and unethical than trying to get your justice minister to see the big picture.

  14. Simon, read this post and watch this video. I think I may have figured out why JWR blew up the government and wanted to punish Trudeau and SNC. It has to do with the Site-C project in B.C. SNC is apparently one of the primary contractors if not the main one. If she had such a problem with this, she should have recused herself from the file and resigned instead of pitching her tantrum. Talk about conflict of interest. It was never about her "truth" it was always about her "agenda" and making herself look good. Does she really think Scheer would stop the project or does she not care because she's just fixated on punishing Trudeau?

    "Forgetting the human factor" -- a letter from a concerned Canadian

    Video: JWR protested the Site-C project in 2012

    Appointing this radical absolutist was a big mistake for JT. :(

  15. I guess Harper was right---no one gives a &%$* about ethics violations
    I am baffled about some of the comments on this blog, things have taken a swing ---not sure why---russians?
    anyhow JWR stood up, spoke out, and lost her job
    maybe she didnt do it fast enough for some, but that doesnt make what Trudeau did any sunnier:P

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Hi Deb....No Harper wasn't right. And JWR is no ethical model. She was a terrible AG and Justice Minister and if she wasn't aboriginal she would have been fired long before she shuffled out of those departments and then RESIGNED. i.e. Was NOT fired. And if a lot of people are angry at her is because her ego trip is only helping the Cons who would inflict unimaginable suffering on the most vulnerable people in Canada...